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«The Earth Is My Dantian (Web Novel) - Chapter 882: The celestial eradication sword formation

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Chapter 882: The celestial eradication sword formation

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Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Old Xuanwu looked down on the sword formation.

The Sword Formation knew many embarrassing things about it. Moreover, the last time Ye Sheng entered the weapon burial valley, the sword formation did not give him any face at all and told him everything. This made old Xuanwu bear a grudge in his heart.

However, Ye Sheng insisted on seeing the sword formation now. Old Xuanwu could only lead ye Sheng in with a sullen face.

The weapon burial valley was very dark. It could not see the sun. There were many mountains. Some were too high to be climbed, some were like swords, some were like knives, and some were like halberds…

There were white bones on the ground, and there were many broken weapons. They used to be the divine weapons of important figures, but as time passed, they all lost their spirituality.

Other than these, Ye Sheng also saw that the foul air here was completely gone.

The last time he came, the Weapons Burial Valley’s internal medicine department was filled with foul air. Many of the weapons inside were still killing each other, but this time was different. It became quiet inside, and each weapon was doing its own thing.

Old Xuanwu brought ye sheng inside and said, “Ever since that ancient weapon transcended, everyone has consciously started to cultivate and comprehend the ultimate profundity of the Magic Treasure. Now, the weapon burial valley is a little quieter.”

Ye Sheng nodded. This was not difficult to understand. Previously, the weapon burial valley was very chaotic because there was no hope. Everyone was a weapon. If they were destroyed, then so be it.

However, things were different now. The ancient weapons had proven that even weapons could transcend. Once they transcended, they could break away from their status as weapons and become a new life.

The weapons in the weapon burial valley saw a hope and were now working hard for it.

Ye Sheng and the old Xuanwu walked inside and soon arrived at the core area of the outer perimeter.

A battle spear was inserted into the mountainside of a mountain peak, cultivating silently.

Ye Sheng remembered it. The last time he came to retrieve the five elders’corpses, this battle spear had made a move. It was very irritable, but now it had become passionate about cultivation, constantly indulging in it.

There was also a battle hammer, also cultivating.

Ye Sheng also met an old friend.

Miss Ah Qing.

This was the weapon spirit of a sword, which had turned into a girl. She was very powerful and named herself Ah Qing.

She was also cultivating. She only cast a glance at Ye Sheng and old Xuanwu before ignoring them.

Ye Sheng and old Xuanwu passed through a group of weapons and arrived in front of the sword array.

If it was before, it would have been impossible for the two of them not to fight a few rounds.

But now, you were looking for weapons to fight in the weapon burial valley, and they didn’t even bother with you.

Therefore, Ye Sheng and old Xuanwu were happy to be idle.

The sword formation was snoring loudly.

All the weapons in the entire weapon burial valley were working hard to cultivate, but the sword formation was the only one sleeping. The breath that was spat out turned into a sword qi that was dozens of meters long, making a clanging sound. It was extremely terrifying.

This sword Qi made people’s hearts tremble. Fortunately, Ye Sheng had experienced it last time and was much calmer.

Old Xuanwu walked over, looked down, and said, “Broken Sword Formation, I’m already in front of you, why are you still pretending to be asleep?”

The sword formation was pretending to be asleep?

Ye Sheng watched curiously.


Old Xuanwu’s words made the sword formation open its eyes. Its mountain-like body swayed, and its voice was like sword qi, clanging loudly.

“It’s because you, this shameless gossip, came that I pretended to be asleep.”

Old Xuanwu’s face turned black. He did not want to say a word. He really wanted to leave with a flick of his sleeves and ignore this infuriating sword formation.

However, looking at Ye Sheng beside him, old Xuanwu still endured it and said, “Do you think that I want to look for you? I’m here for this little brother.”

The Sword Formation opened its eyes. Its pupils were filled with the secret texts of the Sword Formation. They were densely interwoven, forming bright and terrifying pupils. It stared at Ye Sheng…, it said coldly, “This isn’t the kid who took away the five elders last time. A hundred thousand years have passed, and you’re still so weak. It’s embarrassing.”

Ye Sheng was speechless. A hundred thousand years ago was your time. I only went because of the DAO College’s trial.

“You lousy sword formation, don’t make it sound so easy. He’s different from us.”Old Xuanwu still explained for Ye Sheng.

The sword array snorted and said, “Why are you looking for me?”

The old Xuanwu immediately looked at Ye Sheng. It also wanted to know.

Ye Sheng didn’t say anything and directly pulled out a sword.


The Sword Qi traversed three thousand miles, and the sword light was as cold as the nineteen prefectures.

At this moment, the old Xuanwu and the broken sword array were all attracted by this sword.

The difference was that the old Xuanwu was full of doubts and didn’t understand what this sword was.

As for the broken sword array, it stared blankly, its eyes wide, its mouth trembling, unable to say a single word.

How could it not recognize a part of itself?

Ye Sheng pulled out the peerless immortal sword. The Sword Qi was cold and sharp, flickering in the air, startling the surrounding magic treasures.

Ah Qing looked up, her entire being in a daze.

Zhan ge muttered, “What Sword is this? I actually feel flustered.”

The other Magic Treasures were also watching, not knowing what had happened.

But the sword formation’s body was trembling. Suddenly, it stared at Ye Sheng, its eyes blazing. “Where did you get this sword?”

Ye Sheng did not say. Instead, he asked, “Do you recognize it?”

“It was shattered long ago.”The sword formation had an incredulous expression as it said bitterly.

In that battle back then, the celestial eradication sword formation was completely famous. Four swords had killed many experts of the chaos race. That was truly a river of blood, with corpses all over the ground.

But later on, the four swords were shattered and the Sword Master died. The Sword Formation fled in a panic and stumbled. Finally, it came to the weapon burial valley. It had been hiding here and did not dare to go out.

The Sword Formation had always had its own consciousness. It clearly remembered that battle back then, which was why it was so excited.

This sword strike was so terrifying that it made people tremble.

But it broke the heart of the sword formation.

The Longsword and the sword formation were one entity. Without any of them, it would be incomplete.

Even if the four swords reappeared in the human world, without the formation map, it would be impossible to replicate the battle results back then.

Without the four swords, the sword formation could only hide in the weapon burial valley, muddleheaded for millions of years.

“Someone has forged them all,”ye Sheng said in a deep voice. Suddenly, he pulled out three swords from his body.

Clang, Clang, Clang!

Four sharp swords floated in the air in all directions, north, south, east, west, and north. Each sword carried a terrifying aura, scaring the weapons in the weapons burial valley. Everyone stared blankly.

“What kind of treasure sword is this?”

“It feels like an amazing magic treasure.”

“What is this? Staying in the weapons burial valley for a long time?”

“It should be. Staying in the weapons burial valley for a long time? Is he discussing with the sword formation boss?”

All the weapons were discussing, and the powerful ones were watching.

They found that the sword formation boss’s mood was very unstable.

“Immortal Slayer Sword, Ultimate Immortal Sword, Immortal Slayer Sword, Immortal Trap Sword.”The Sword Formation looked at the four swords with infatuation, as if it was looking at a peerless beauty. It couldn’t hide its tears at all.

After millions of years, the fighting spirit, heroism, and pride in the Sword Formation’s heart had not been erased. When it saw the four swords, its blood boiled.

It remembered the battle that year.

“Not copper, not iron, not steel, once hidden under Mount Meru.

Without the reverse of yin and yang, how could there be no water and fire to sharpen the edge?

The immortal-slaying sword, the immortal-slaying sword, and the immortal-trapping sword glowed red everywhere.

The immortal-slaying sword formation revolved around the four swords, singing the battle song that once belonged to them.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

The battle song sounded, and the four swords began to respond.

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