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«The Earth Is My Dantian (Web Novel) - Chapter 875: Adding trash

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Chapter 875: Adding trash

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Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

“Who the hell are you?”The severed-hand immortal King roared in anger, struggling with all his might. He was extremely angry and had a guilty conscience.

He was an immortal king after all, yet he was actually lifted up by someone and couldn’t move at all. It was as though he was dealing with someone who was several levels weaker than him.

The only one stronger than an immortal king was an emperor.

This simple-looking old man was an emperor?

The broken-armed immortal King felt a chill in his heart when he thought of this. No matter what, he wasn’t a match for an immortal king.

Ye Sheng, who was watching from within the immortal court, also fell into a state of shock.

Wasn’t this old man too fierce?

“You talk too much. Trash doesn’t need to speak. The only use is to be used as wood for a fire. But from the looks of it, you aren’t very strong and are still lacking by a lot. I reckon you aren’t strong enough. You should continue catching a few more.”The old man clicked his tongue, he sized up the immortal king with his broken hand, as though he was looking at a piece of goods. He wasn’t very satisfied.

The moment these words were spoken, the remaining immortal kings of the primal chaos race couldn’t help but turn pale with fright. They hurriedly retreated, afraid that they would be implicated.

But the old man didn’t care. Since he said that he would catch a few more, he had to catch them.

Cover the sky and cover the earth!

The old man spread out his large hand and ruthlessly grabbed. In an instant, the Sun, Moon, and stars, everything in the universe were shrinking, turning into something in the old man’s hand.

“Not good, run away quickly.”The Immortal Kings roared in anger, afraid that they would be affected.

But now, the situation had already affected them.

Usually, when they took a step forward, the distance between the galaxies was under their feet. It was very fast.

But today, they continued to use their teleportation abilities, but the universe was still the same universe, the galaxy was still the same galaxy, the Immortal Court was still the same immortal court, and the old man was still the same old man.

But they were no longer the same as before.


The old man’s palm closed, and the few immortal kings were held in his hand. There wasn’t a hint of awe at all, just like how humans dealt with ants. Would you be shocked by the strength of the Ants?

The remaining primal chaos clansmen were so frightened that their livers trembled. They looked at the few immortal kings in the old man’s hand with complicated expressions.

These were immortal kings. If the Emperor didn’t appear, the King would be respected.

But now, these few kings had been thoroughly dealt with.

The old man didn’t linger. After capturing these immortal kings, he quickly returned to the immortal court.

“My Sword is still being forged. I can’t be careless.”The old man muttered. He rushed to the furnace and threw the broken immortal king into it.


The Immortal King screamed in pain. The Flames could actually burn his body directly. It was unbelievable. He originally thought that he could roll in the flames, but now that he was thrown in, he immediately felt like he was going to die.

In a moment, an immortal king was reduced to ashes while screaming in pain. Not a single bit was left behind.

And because the furnace was replenished with energy, the flames burned fiercely, exceeding ye Sheng’s expectations.

Ye Sheng looked on in astonishment. Could this old man be an old monster from the Immortal Court?

“Help me look after these few pieces of trash. Once the flames in the furnace are lowered, throw one down.”The old man threw the remaining immortal kings to Ye Sheng, immersing himself in forging and hammering continuously, continuously creating, continuously constructing.

Only Ye Sheng and the other immortal kings looked at each other in dismay.

“Ye Sheng, let this king go. Otherwise, I will let you know what cruelty is.”An Immortal King glared at Ye Sheng and commanded. He was an immortal King and Ye Sheng was only an immortal. This was the suppression of strength.


Ye Sheng didn’t waste any time and directly slapped him on the face.

This slap was extremely light and loud. After it landed, this arrogant immortal king was stunned for a moment before he flew into a rage.

“You dare to hit me? You know that I’m an immortal king. I can easily kill you.”


Another slap. Ye Sheng coldly stared at him. He raised his hand and spoke, “What nonsense are you spouting? One Slap, I don’t mind you saying a few more words.”

“You…”the arrogant immortal king glared at Ye Sheng. His eyes were like copper bells and were filled with blood. His expression was malevolent, as though he wanted to devour someone.

On the other hand, Ye Sheng was very cold. He raised his hand and slapped the immortal King’s face again.

After a few consecutive slaps, the immortal king woke up. Only then did he realize that the times had changed.

This place was no longer the primal chaos tribe and they were no longer the same as before.

The old man sealed the immortal King’s power and threw it to Ye Sheng. Now That Ye Sheng was stronger than them, if he really angered Ye Sheng, he could throw him into the furnace right now.

Only this arrogant immortal king thought that nothing had changed and continued to scold Ye Sheng. After being slapped by Ye Sheng a few times, he finally recovered.

“Scum, if I didn’t hit you, you would really think that I pampered you. Right now, you are not an immortal king, you are just a bunch of trash. If you really angered me, I will throw all of you into the furnace right now.”Ye Sheng sneered.

The few immortal kings were angered, but when they thought of the scene where the severed-hand immortal king died so quickly, they felt an inexplicable fear.

Immortal kings were also afraid of death.

In reality, the higher the cultivation level, the more afraid they were of death.

Otherwise, why would many peak-stage emperor realm experts refuse to transcend even though they could?

Because once they transcended, they would either succeed or fail. There was no third choice, it was too extreme.

Many of them had painstakingly cultivated to become emperors. Once they transcended, the result of failure would be that their past lives would be in vain.

Ye Sheng stared at the furnace and at them, he felt as though a lifetime had passed. Just before this, because he was afraid of them, he hid in the immortal court. But who would have thought that under his gaze, these immortal kings were all trembling, uneasy?

The situation had reversed so quickly that Ye Sheng was a little confused.

He did not go to the books of the immortal court. He had his Earth clone and Ancient God clone go. He was here watching this mysterious old man.

Who Was this old man?

Why was he so powerful?

He was forging a sword. What sword was he forging?

Was the divine weapon outside the immortal court this old man’s?

Was it his magic treasure, or was it forged by him?

These were all questions that Ye Sheng could not figure out. He could only wait until the old man stopped to answer his questions.

Ye Sheng only looked at him and did not speak.

The Immortal Kings looked at each other and saw the forbearance in their eyes. They had previously informed the experts of the chaos race that once they arrived, there was still hope. Now, they needed to endure.

Therefore, in this forging room, only the sound of the old man knocking could be heard. Clanging clanging clanging, the embryonic form of a long sword appeared.

A smile appeared on the Old Man’s face. It was obvious that he was satisfied. Then, Ye Sheng saw him begin to repair the long sword. Finally, he casually threw the long sword out.


The long sword flew out and left the immortal court. It floated to the side and protected the immortal court just like the previous sword.

Ye Sheng’s guess was right. The divine weapon in front of the immortal court was forged by the old man.

“Doesn’t that mean that this is another divine weapon?”Ye Sheng looked at the old man in surprise. Was It so powerful? The divine weapon was casually forged.

“Adding trash, the fire isn’t strong enough.”The old man didn’t even turn his head. He continued to throw all kinds of treasures into the furnace and said with a frown.

Ye Sheng immediately looked at the immortal kings and revealed a gloating smile.

The immortal kings trembled and looked frightened. They looked like prisoners waiting for their execution, begging ye Sheng.

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