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«The Earth Is My Dantian (Web Novel) - Chapter 867: Recuperation

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Chapter 867: Recuperation

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Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

In the Space Cave, the ancestral dragon ship had returned to its ancient appearance. Ye Sheng and senior Qing Shan were sitting on it, floating in this strange space.

The countless space caves around them were flowing, dissipating, and transforming one after another. Meanwhile, Ye Sheng and senior Qing Shan seemed to be staying where they were, not moving at all.

However, no one knew that they were crossing over time every second. It could be decades, centuries, thousands of years, or even tens of thousands of years.

It was impossible for the primal chaos to find them. This was the power and greatness of the spacetime elder. He had comprehended the essence of time and space.

Ye Sheng spread out his hand, and the Pantheon Pill Furnace appeared in his palm. A bright light appeared, and it was filled with primitive laws. There were countless of them. If one were to calculate them according to the ‘strands’, it would be impossible to calculate them clearly.

Ye Sheng looked at the azure-robed senior sister and said, “Senior sister, take a portion of the primitive laws here.”

The azure-robed senior sister looked at Ye Sheng and shook her head. “Senior sister doesn’t need it. Don’t you know? The stronger the person, the harder it is to absorb the primitive laws. Otherwise, why would the experts of the primal chaos race not absorb them and have to painstakingly comprehend them?”

Only then did ye Sheng remember that there was such a thing.

“This is your opportunity, so it belongs to you. Senior sister is also very happy that you can use these origin laws to do something.”The green-robed senior sister said with a smile.

Ye Sheng couldn’t help but sigh. This was a person with a broad mind. The things he did were all extremely magnanimous.

“Senior sister, then do you know the origins of the thirteen people who were suppressed?”Ye Sheng suddenly asked. He wanted to know why the primal chaos race couldn’t kill them and insisted on suppressing them.

“I know a few of them, but I don’t know the others.”The indigo-robed senior sister thought for a moment and said.

Ye Sheng immediately listened attentively.

“Rather than saying that I know them, it would be better to say that I know them. These things were recorded in the Dao College. The more famous among them are the six path immortals,”the indigo-robed senior sister said.

“Six path immortals, what is his origin?”Ye Sheng asked curiously.

“Two aeons ago, there was a glorious organization, or faction, called the six paths of reincarnation. The creator of this six paths of reincarnation was six mighty figures, but when they were fighting against the primal chaos, the primal chaos crushed them to death. Immortal six paths inherited the legacy of the six mighty figures and began to rise to prominence. In addition, he cultivated the techniques of the six mighty figures and created an unprecedented technique, the six paths of Souls,”the azure-robed senior apprentice-sister said.

“Six-daos’souls?”Ye Sheng didn’t quite understand how powerful this technique was.

“Six-daos’souls represent six souls. After the six-daos were captured by a large number of chaos experts, the chaos experts killed him over a dozen times in a row, but each time, he used six-daos’souls to block them. It can be said that if the six-daos’souls weren’t destroyed, the six-daos wouldn’t have died. In the end, the chaos experts weren’t able to find the six-daos’souls and place them there. Up until today, they could only suppress them and not kill them,”the azure-robed senior apprentice-sister explained.

“Is he that powerful?”Ye Sheng asked in surprise.

He couldn’t kill him even after killing him more than ten times. This was a breakthrough in Ye Sheng’s worldview. was there anyone who couldn’t be killed?

Even the indigo-robed senior sister almost didn’t live out her second life after her first death. This was under the premise that an Emperor had lost all of his origin.

However, this six-path immortal couldn’t be killed even after being killed more than ten times. In the end, the primal chaos tribe had no choice but to suppress him.

The others were almost the same. Over the long period of time, they had all developed their own abilities. They just couldn’t be killed, but they couldn’t ignore it. That was why they suppressed them.

These people weren’t a match for the slumbering ancestors of the primal chaos race, but if they were released, it would be a disaster. Just like that, they were suppressed. After two or three eras, the primal chaos race had let down their guard. Finally, today…, they erupted

After Ye Sheng heard it, he couldn’t help but smile. Then, he asked curiously, “That Shameless Cang Shan, what’s his situation?”

“He’s a Holy Spirit, not an ordinary person. Holy Spirits are rare. After every Holy Spirit is born, they all possess an undying talent. This is the key.”The azure-robed senior sister said.

“Holy Spirit?”This was the first time Ye Sheng heard of this race.

“That is a race that is blessed by the heavens. It is extremely rare. It is impossible for one to be born in a single era. That is why it is so powerful. An undying race is known as the children of the origin. “It is a pity that this Cang Mountain is too miserable. It was imprisoned for a few eras and wasted a large amount of time. Otherwise, the current him would at least be able to transcend. You must know that the previous generations of Holy Spirits were all top experts,”the azure-robed senior said regretfully.

Ye Sheng did not expect this shameless Cang Mountain to have such a huge background. He was some child of the origin and was blessed by the heavens.

“Now that they have escaped, they will have more helpers to deal with the chaos race in the future.”Ye Sheng still felt very fortunate.

At least they had saved these people.

“Let’s see when the time comes. If they are willing to help, that would naturally be good.”The indigo-robed senior said.

The ancestral dragon ship wandered in the spatial cave and slowly left the place.

In the real world, Ye Sheng and the blue-robed senior walked out of the tall building in the DAO College.

The dao college turned dark once again. Under the cover of the Dark Curtain, it was a hazy scene. Ye Sheng stepped on the ground and walked out.

“I’ll leave first. You should rest in the DAO College for a period of time and digest the primitive laws you’ve obtained. This will be of great help to you,”said the blue-robed senior.

Ye Sheng nodded and memorized it in his heart.

“I’ll be leaving first. I still have to report this matter to the Vice Dean.”The senior in Indigo gown turned around and left in an elegant and calm manner.

Ye Sheng looked at the night sky and said with a sigh, “It’s a beautiful night. It’s a pity that Beauty Zhou is not by my side.”

Ye Sheng missed his wife. The monastery at night was very beautiful, like a poem or a painting. It was especially so in the depths of the universe. It was like the immortal world.

Ye Sheng felt that it was a loss not being able to appreciate such a beautiful scene with his wife.

In fact, Ye Sheng had always been thinking about whether he should bring beauty Zhou with him. He had the all gods pill furnace and could protect her well.

But every time he thought about it, he would always reject it.

Even if the all gods pill furnace was powerful, once ye Sheng encountered a great crisis and the all gods pill furnace could not save him, wouldn’t something happen to Beauty Zhou?

Ye Sheng was not worried about his comfort. He was worried about Beauty Zhou.

As long as there was even the slightest bit of danger, he was not willing to let Beauty Zhou follow him and wander the universe.

“I’ll temporarily place Beauty Zhou on Planet Tianqiong. This way, I still have a thought. From time to time, I’ll return to Planet Tianqiong. Actually, it doesn’t matter where my family is. As long as Beauty Zhou is here, anywhere can be my home,”Ye Sheng muttered.

Facing the beautiful scenery, Ye Sheng walked to a mountain range. Looking at the picturesque scene, he sat cross-legged on a mountain top and meditated. He closed his eyes and began his days of closed-door cultivation.

After absorbing so many primitive laws, Ye Sheng also needed to digest them.

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