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«The Earth Is My Dantian (Web Novel) - Chapter 863: One night in the vast sea 1

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Chapter 863: One night in the vast sea 1

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Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

“Since you’ve decided to do it, then get ready. You Go in first, find that person, and inform him of the plan. Tell him that we only want the origin river channel and nothing else. Ask him to contact those who are imprisoned by the primal chaos.”The indigo-robed senior sister pointed at Ye Sheng.

Ye sheng nodded and said, “I’ll go now.”

“Wait until the other party agrees, then let him bring you to the Origin River channel and start devouring. I’ll help you,”the indigo-robed senior continued.

Ye Sheng nodded with a serious expression. This was a very important matter. If he succeeded, he would gain a lot of benefits. If he failed, it was very likely that his life would be in danger.

However, since he had made his decision, he did not hesitate. Ye Sheng turned around and entered the spatial hole. His body fell down, and with a bang, he crashed into the vast sea.

“You’re here, Kid.”The extremely narcissistic old man was still there. He spoke almost instantly.

“Do you want to get out of here?”Ye Sheng did not hesitate and asked directly.

“Of course I want to. I’m trapped in this bird-like place all day long. There’s no daylight and no entertainment at all. I’m a handsome man with peerless beauty, and I’m forced to become an old man. How can I not want to go out?”The old man said without hesitation.

“If you want to go out, then let’s cooperate,”Ye Sheng said.

“No problem,”the old man agreed immediately.

“How many of you are imprisoned?”Ye Sheng asked curiously.

“About ten people,”the Old Man said uncertainly.

“What is the exact number?”Ye Sheng asked with a frown. He did not want an inaccurate number.

“Thirteen people. In private, we also tease ourselves that we are thirteen arhats or thirteen gangsters who are trapped here by the primal chaos.”The old man said immediately.

“Since there are thirteen of you, let’s Make a pact. I will devour the Origin River. Come out and help me block the experts of the primal chaos so that I can escape.”Ye Sheng looked at the empty surroundings, he said.

“I will inform them. I guarantee that they will agree.”The old man guaranteed.

“Go. I will wait for your good news here. It is best to be quick.”Ye Sheng said softly.

The old man disappeared. It didn’t take long before he reappeared three minutes later.

“Little friend, they all agreed. As long as you let us out, we’ll make a big mess of the primal chaos. I guarantee that we’ll give you enough time to escape.”The old man said excitedly.

“That’s right, little brother. You’ve destroyed the Origin River. We’ll be eternally grateful to you.”

“Little brother, as long as you destroy the river of origin, I’m willing to owe you a favor — murder and arson. Even if I have to kill that narcissistic old fellow, I’ll do my best.”

“That’s right, I’ll help you too.”

“I’ve long disliked this old fellow. The old tree is blossoming, and it’s getting more and more flirtatious. I’ve long wanted to beat him up.”

In an instant, seven or eight voices appeared. They were all assuring Ye Sheng to act quickly.

Ye Sheng looked at his surroundings. It was empty. He didn’t think that they could all appear.

The old man flew into a rage out of embarrassment and said, “Scram, scram, scram. I was the one who found little brother. What nonsense are you talking about? Don’t disturb little brother.”

Ye Sheng raised his hand and hurriedly said, “Don’t quarrel anymore. Bring me to the origin river channel now. I’ll start devouring. There’s not much time before and after. There’s only ten breaths of time. Once you guys come out, I’ll need you to help me stall for time.”

“No problem. Old Man, you are shameless. Bring little brother to the Origin River.”

“I Promise I will stall for time for little brother.”

“The current primal chaos is just a fake shell. We will definitely do our best.”

“Little brother, don’t worry about devouring. We will help you clean up the aftermath.”

These people started to make promises. Ye Sheng listened calmly. Even if some of them made false promises, he wasn’t afraid. After all, he had the green-robed senior sister supporting him from behind.

“Don’t say anymore. Rest Up and go find trouble with the primal chaos. I’ll bring little brother to the Origin River.”The extremely narcissistic old man interrupted them and then instructed ye Sheng to go to the origin river.

“Little brother, the Origin River is in the deep sea of the vast sea. If you dive down 80,000 miles, you will see a restriction. This restriction isn’t easy to break. It was set up by the primal chaos experts. But don’t worry, we will attack this restriction inside and let you enter smoothly.”The extremely narcissistic old man immediately said to Ye Sheng.

Ye Sheng nodded. Without a second word, he dived into the vast sea and continued to dive deeper.

The depths of the vast sea were 80,000 li. How terrifying was this depth? Ye Sheng would never have thought that there would be an underwater depth of 80,000 li. It was no wonder that the last time he dived for so long, there were still no traces.

It turned out that the last time, Ye Sheng was only diving on the surface.

As he continued to dive deeper, Ye Sheng quickly dived down under the guidance of the old man.

There weren’t any large-scale demon beasts, immortal beasts, divine beasts, and so on in the vast sea…

Ten Thousand Li!

I wenty thousand Li!

Thirty Thousand Li!

Forty thousand Li!

It wasn’t until eighty thousand li that Ye Sheng saw a restriction. It was shining brightly under the cold and lonely sea, giving him a target.

“We’re here, Little Brother. Wait for a moment. We’ll immediately start to attack this restriction. After that, you must quickly come in and absorb the origin river. Once you attack, the experts of the primal chaos race will sense it. When they rush over, you won’t be able to hold them off.”The old man warned in detail, he was no longer joking. This was a matter of whether they could escape or not.

After being trapped in the vast sea for so many years, none of the thirteen people did not want to come out. Now that they finally had a chance, how could they give it up so easily?

Ye sheng nodded and said, “Hurry up. The pressure here is very great. My Body Can’t stay here for a long time.”

The deep sea was 80,000 miles deep. The pressure was so great that it made ye Sheng feel even more laborious. Fortunately, his body was strong and had been tempered many times before he could temporarily endure it.

However, it was very obvious that his expression was serious. He could not endure it for a long time.


The old man shouted, “Little brother, we’re here.”

Along with this shout, 13 powerful auras smashed out with a bang. The light of the restriction immediately became incomparably resplendent. It exploded with waves of powerful might and suppressed down.

“Today, I will break out of this place and get my freedom. I will kill anyone who dares to block me.”The old man roared wildly. He used all his strength and the 13 of them attacked a place together.



A small gap opened up in the restriction. It was about the size of Ye Sheng’s thumb.

This was enough.

Ye Sheng didn’t hesitate. His body transformed and shrunk by dozens of times. Then, he rushed into the restriction.

A big river, a wide river, and a dense primitive law were all here.


Ye Sheng roared. His body turned into a black hole and rushed into the river.

A huge cauldron flew out of his body. Three groups of broken legs plunged into the origin river.


The black hole and the Pantheon pill furnace were absorbing the Origin River without mercy.

The higher-ups in the primal chaos ancestral land opened their eyes at this moment and were furious.

“Someone is destroying the restriction and absorbing the Origin River.”

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