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«The Earth Is My Dantian (Web Novel) - Chapter 861: Shameless Old Man

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Chapter 861: Shameless Old Man

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Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

“Senior, who are you? Why are you imprisoned here?”Ye Sheng asked in a deep voice.

In fact, he really wanted to escape immediately. This person could see him in the dark and communicate with him, but Ye Sheng couldn’t find him at all. This was a very terrifying thing.

If the other party had some evil intentions, Ye Sheng wouldn’t be able to fight back at all. He wouldn’t even know where the other party was.

“I don’t remember my name. As for why I’m imprisoned here, it’s probably because I’m too handsome and was envied by those ugly creatures of the primal chaos race.”Senior’s words were extremely narcissistic and arrogant, his tone was very arrogant.

Of course, he also had the ability to be arrogant. Being imprisoned here by the primal chaos race and not being killed, this was already very clear.

“Senior, this junior is only here to absorb some primitive laws. This junior doesn’t have any ability. My main body is still a black hole. You Aren’t interested, right?”Ye Sheng said with a trembling voice.

He had no choice but to be afraid. This old man had been imprisoned for God knows how long and had yet to die. His ability should also be sky-high. However, after being imprisoned for a long time, his personality would inevitably have problems. If he liked men, what would ye Sheng Do?

Of course, this was very difficult to happen, but what if he needed to devour flesh and blood to replenish himself?

What if he wanted to possess and be reborn?

Ye Sheng instantly thought of a lot of trouble. He secretly broke out in a sweat for himself. At the same time, he opened the time and space hole in his body to ensure that he could escape at the first possible moment.

Fortunately, this old senior did not have the messy things that Ye Sheng was thinking about. Instead, he said to Ye Sheng mysteriously, “Do you want to know the secret of the vast sea?”

Ye Sheng blinked his eyes and asked, “What secret?”

When his life was not threatened, Ye Sheng put down his fear and began to ask boldly.

“The vast sea is very special. It can give birth to primitive laws, but don’t you think that in such a vast sea, there are very few origin laws?”The old man’s voice was lowered, as if he was whispering in Ye Sheng’s ear.

Ye Sheng nodded as well. He had long felt this way.

The origin laws here were all wisps, and there were pitifully few origin laws within an area. It required ye Sheng to constantly move forward and change places to absorb them. This was also the reason why ye Sheng was discovered.

“Then do you know why?”The old man continued to ask.

“Please explain, senior,”Ye Sheng replied.

“You don’t doubt me now?”The old man said arrogantly.

“I still doubt you, but listen first. If it’s useful, then listen and learn. If it’s useless, then go in one ear and out the other,”Ye Sheng said truthfully.

“Not bad. You have the style I had when I was young,”the old man said in surprise.

“Senior, were you more handsome than me when you were young?”Ye Sheng asked, not convinced.

“Bullsh*T. back then, I was in high spirits and looked down on the entire era. I didn’t know how many young women wanted to warm my bed. I didn’t even like them. You, Kid, are far inferior to me.”The old man snorted in disdain and said.

Ye Sheng had an expression of disbelief and said perfunctorily, “Alright, I won’t discuss this with you. In My Heart, I am the most handsome in the world.”

“I think the same as you,”the old man said immediately.

Ye Sheng coughed and relaxed a little. He had followed the old man’s tone and said those words to test him. The old man’s performance made Ye Sheng feel more at ease.

At least this old man was not explosive and irritable, nor was he gloomy and disdainful. Instead, he was bickering with Ye Sheng, which meant that at least he would not hurt him now.

“Senior, if that’s the case, then you’re the most handsome person in your era, and I’m the most handsome person in my era. Is that okay?”Ye Sheng thought of a compromise.

The old man was pleasantly surprised. “That’s right. You’re right, Kid. I admire you very much. We’re both the most handsome people in our respective eras.”

“Then can you tell me what happened in the vast sea now, senior?”Ye Sheng asked.

“Kid, do you know where the primitive laws in the vast sea went?”The old man asked.

Ye Sheng shook his head. How could he know.

“Call me handsome, and I’ll tell you.”The old man said shamelessly.

Ye Sheng almost vomited blood. To be so cynical, he deserved to be imprisoned here by the primal chaos.

“Old Handsome!”Ye Sheng had no choice but to shout.

“If you call me handsome, then so be it. What’s with the ‘Old’Word?”The old man grumbled unhappily. Then, seeing that Ye Sheng couldn’t hold it in any longer, he immediately changed the topic.

“In the vast sea, there is a huge origin river channel. All the primitive origins are wandering in this river channel. Only the origin that is emitted is absorbed by you people. But you have to know that these are only things that the origin river channel doesn’t want,”the old man explained in detail.

Ye Sheng looked around in surprise and asked, “Where is the Origin River?”

“What? How could you possibly find it like this? The Origin River is naturally in a hidden place,”the old man mocked.

Ye Sheng rolled his eyes and said, “Old handsome, what is your purpose for telling me all this?”

“There isn’t any purpose. I just like you and wanted to tell you so that you wouldn’t have to work so hard to absorb these origin laws that are filled with impurities,”the old man said in a tone that said, “I’m doing you a favor.”.

However, Ye Sheng’s eyes lit up and he said, “Is the origin river the key to freeing you from your imprisonment?”

The old man didn’t say anything.

Ye Sheng smiled. He had guessed correctly. The Origin River was the thing that suppressed this old man. He told Ye Sheng that his original intention was for Ye Sheng to destroy the origin river.

“You are one-tenth as smart as I was back then.”After a while, the old man smacked his lips and admitted it.

Ye Sheng could not help but want to spit at him. This was too shameless. He could even say such words.

The old man was extremely narcissistic and capable. Even the chaos clansmen could not kill him and could only imprison him.

“Kid, are you in? The laws in the Origin River are the purest. As long as you absorb a portion, your strength will increase greatly.”The old man enticed Ye Sheng.

“The river of Origin’s laws are good, but what about the danger?”Ye Sheng asked back.

He didn’t believe that this matter wasn’t dangerous.

“Once you absorb the laws of the river of origin, the chaos clansmen will notice and rush over to chop you into pieces,”the old man said truthfully.

Ye Sheng’s face turned black, and he said snappily, “Then what are you saying? I just broke through to the immortal realm. I don’t want to be chopped up by the experts of the chaos clansmen.”

“What are you afraid of? I will protect you.”The old man patted his chest.

“Forget it. You Can’t even protect yourself, and you still want me to save you? You still want to protect me?”Ye Sheng refused to believe it.

“Kid, think about it carefully. If you absorb a mouthful of the laws of the Origin River, you will absorb more than ten years here. So as long as you are fast enough, I have calculated that there are only ten breaths. After ten breaths, the people of the primal chaos race will rush over. You must absorb one-tenth of the amount of the origin river within ten breaths.”The old man persuaded Ye Sheng.

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