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«The Earth Is My Dantian (Web Novel) - Chapter 838: The arrival of Chu Xiangyu

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Chapter 838: The arrival of Chu Xiangyu

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Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

The giant watched coldly as the halo of the Great Dao surrounded him. It was incomparably resplendent as it descended like a god or a demon. Facing Ye Sheng, it was as if a giant elephant was crushing an ant. It was extremely terrifying.

He opened his hand and divine power surged. It was incomparably surging. One day and one month appeared behind him, dazzling and dazzling.

Then, the Sun and moon moved. It was like a dragon’s roar from the nine heavens. It was a dazzling scene that broke through the darkness of the universe. It was really like the sun and moon soaring in the sky.

This kind of power and pressure came at a rapid speed. Even Qian Yuan couldn’t help but change his expression. Even at her peak, she wouldn’t be able to withstand such an attack, let alone now that she was injured.

“Uncle Mound, I’ll send you away.”Qian Yuan immediately made a decision. She wanted to send Ye Sheng away and block this attack herself. Even if she was injured or even dead, she would help ye Sheng block it.

Back then, Ye Sheng had saved her several times. Gan Yuan had always wanted to repay him. Now that she had the chance, she was naturally willing.

However, Ye Sheng grabbed her hand and shook his head firmly. “Don’t worry. Nothing will happen. Let’s leave together.”

“But…”Gan Yuan said anxiously. This could not be delayed. If it was delayed, it would be a waste of the last hope of escaping.

The attack of the four horsemen was not a joke.

However, Ye Sheng still firmly believed in Chu Xiangyu, just like how Chu Xiangyu had chosen to nurture him in the vast sea of people.

Chu Xiangyu would definitely appear.

This was Ye Sheng’s final stubbornness. If Chu Xiangyu did not appear, he would most likely die.

Qian Yuan was stunned. He did not understand why ye Sheng was so persistent. However, there was no other way. She could only protect Ye Sheng behind her and look forward with a determined expression.

Day after day, month after month, they entangled with each other and exploded in an instant, directly bombarding Qian Yuan.

Their speed was extremely fast.

Their last chance to escape had been lost. Now, Ye Sheng and Qian Yuan had nowhere to run. They had to welcome them.

“If you want to hurt Uncle Mound, cross over my corpse,”said the little girl firmly.


A pagoda appeared above Qian Yuan’s head. It was more than a meter tall and had nine floors in total. No one knew what material it was made of, but it could suppress all things.

The pagoda appeared and immediately, Buddhist light shone. Ten Thousand Buddhas appeared in the Void. All of them had solemn faces and were chanting Buddhist scriptures. It was extremely terrifying.

This was the Dharma artifact of a Buddhist Venerable. He had used his life to nurture it and was extremely noble. After Qian Yuan obtained it, he used it as a protective dharma treasure and took it out at a critical moment.

“The Buddhist bald donkey’s Dharma artifact does have some appearance. Unfortunately, in my eyes, it is still weak.”The giant said coldly. The Sun and Moon rushed over and crashed into the pagoda.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

This was an extremely shocking scene. Ten Thousand Buddhist venerables appeared in the universe. Facing the Great Sun and the bright moon, they formed a protective barrier.


The Sun and moon crashed into the pagoda and immediately annihilated thousands of monks. Then, with each breath, the three thousand Buddhist monks collapsed. In just three breaths, the ten thousand Buddhist venerables were completely defeated.

Countless cracks appeared on the pagoda at this moment. Then, under the continuous impact of the sun and moon, it directly exploded, causing Qian Yuan to spit out another mouthful of blood.

The Sun and Moon were still there, and their power was still the same. The dignity of the four knights suppressed the entire universe at this moment. Countless living beings had solemn expressions and were extremely worried.

Could they win this fight?

Qian Yuan watched in despair. Her defensive magic treasure had been forced out and even completely destroyed, but it still couldn’t withstand such an attack.

It was simply hopeless.

But what was even more hopeless was that the sun and moon were attacking. She had to take it head-on. If she didn’t take it, Ye Sheng would be in trouble.

Qian Yuan couldn’t let anything happen to Ye Sheng.

So she planned to take it head-on.

But Ye Sheng stopped her and smiled. “I’ll do it. You’re an emperor, and your combat strength is formidable. I’m just an immortal.”

“No!”Qian Yuan directly rejected Ye Sheng.

Ye Sheng wanted to argue, but a figure stopped him.

Right in front of them, when the sun and moon arrived, Chu Xiangyu appeared with a mighty power and a terrifying scene. It was as if he was in a desperate situation.

He was dressed in red, and his long hair fell over his shoulders. He was tall and straight, and looked a bit thin. However, he still had a very powerful aura, and he looked at Ye Sheng with a smile.

“You’ve done well. I’m proud of you. Leave the rest to us,”Chu Xiangyu praised.

Ye Sheng nodded and did not say a word. He was indeed under a lot of pressure and had been persevering because he chose to believe in Chu Xiangyu.

Chu Xiangyu did not let ye Sheng die. He still came. Although it was not the beginning, it was not too late.

The following high-level battle was not something ye Sheng could participate in. He grabbed Qian Yuan and quickly fled, completely ignoring the threat of the sun and moon behind him.


In front of Chu Xiangyu, the sun and moon were as fragile as a piece of paper. They could not withstand a single blow and were directly defeated. They had no ability to resist at all.

And Chu Xiangyu did not make a move from the beginning to the end. He placed his hands behind his back and faced his opponent. With just a shake of his aura, the sun and moon automatically shattered.

Chu Xiangyu’s appearance made everything complicated.

Originally, it was just a scene of the four horsemen slaughtering ye Sheng and Qian Yuan. But now, an unknown expert had appeared. This expert was so terrifying that it gave people hope to fight against the Four Horsemen.

On the firmament star, everyone watched anxiously. They wished that they could personally help ye Sheng and had been waiting.

At this moment, a crack appeared in the sky. It was the teleportation array that led to the battlefield.

Chi Hun’s eyes brightened. He immediately flew up and shook with force. His aura permeated the sky. It was incomparably terrifying. He was actually at the immortal king level.

Chi Hun, who had been hiding his true strength, was an immortal king. He didn’t reveal the little bit of strength that he had.

“Five thousand years of hiding, just for a moment of glory. Come On!”Chi Hun shouted coldly.

“Fight! Fight! Fight!”

“Fight! Fight! Fight!”

“Fight! Fight! Fight!”

In an instant, an army of one million soldiers appeared on the Sky Dome Planet. Each of them was not weaker than a half-immortal. They were well-trained and all of them were valiant.

This was Chi Hun’s own achievement. For thousands of years, he had been training his army. Batch after batch, he had accumulated a million-strong army. Normally, no one would know about it.

These people had long known about their mission and had been waiting. When the battle began, they rushed to the battlefield with their powerful army.

Below, du Qingyi’s blood was boiling. She immediately flew up and shouted, “Start the battle! Start the battle! Start the battle!”

Zhuge Xiaoming and the Red Army also flew up to support Ye Sheng.

Even Beauty Zhou, who was not good at fighting, felt her blood boiling. She wanted to go to the battlefield, but she knew that she was not strong enough and did not take action.

However, she did not take action. Ye Yun ‘er could not help it. She excitedly followed Zhuge Xiaoming and the others and rushed into the teleportation formation.

“Father is a hero, I can not be weaker than others.”Ye Yun ‘er was very high-spirited.

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