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«The City of Terror (Web Novel) - Chapter 636 - Fengshui Paradise

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Chapter 636 - Fengshui Paradise

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Naturally, Wei Xiao Bei was only thinking about this in his mind. After all, things like the Emperor Liquid could only be discovered but not sought. Just because the sexagenary cycle came, it did not mean that he would be able to encounter it, let alone in this time where there was no order in the Dust World.

Luckily, Wei Xiao Bei was still able to gain some pointers from Ao Yan in the end.

Using blood as an offering! After he connected with the Mutated Dock, then no matter how one tried, it could not be driven away.

From Ao Yan’s point of view, this was the most inferior method. The best way would have been to refine the Mutated Dock so that it would be able to recognize an owner, but Wei Xiao Bei did not have the skills to do this

Ao Yan could do it, but if he did, it would become his and could not be given to others.

Naturally, Wei Xiao Bei believed that this blood offering suited him the best.

Since he could preserve the dock’s own special qualities, he would let it grow stronger continuously. He could also have it listen to his orders.

This blood offering initially required him to continuously paint a huge amount of fresh blood on the Mutated Dock’s body.

Ao Yan provided a place that could help him provide blood and that was the sea.

The sea in front was an open sea that was neighboring the East Sea. The so-called open sea was the region where the Dragon Kings did not manage much.

In this region, there were many kinds of monsters. The Dragon Kings commanded all in range of the four seas, but this open sea did not enter that range.

In Ao Yan’s words, this place was the same as the unregulated lands in the secular world.

Otherwise, Ao Yan would not have come to this place to go through his transformation.

Ao Yan’s meaning was very simple. He wanted Wei Xiao Bei to enter the sea and kill monsters to gather blood.

Naturally, Ao Yan also told him to gather some ingredients to make delicious food for him to eat after his transformation finished. That would be the best.

In truth, the so-called open sea gave Wei Xiao Bei a good feeling.

If it was the so-called East Sea or the West Sea, then he’d rather just go home.

If Wei Xiao Bei had gone down and kill monsters while there was a system in place, then soon shrimp soldiers and crab generals would have surrounded him in a net.

As for the mountain range behind, Ao Yan was not too clear about it either. After all, he had randomly searched for a place, but he did not propose Wei Xiao Bei to go there as there was indeed a bit of danger.

After parting with Ao yan, Wei Xiao Bei hurried to the sea.

However, when he saw the Mutated Dock from afar, he felt that something was different.

Did the Mutated Dock change colors?

The Mutated Dock’s body that was stretched out to sea appeared to be stained red.

When Wei Xiao Bei approached and saw things clearly, his back became numb.

It was not a stain at all, but a dense group of small red crabs. Although Wei Xiao Bei did not have agoraphobia, these small red crabs were the size of half a palm and there were too many to count. They had all piled up on the Mutated Dock’s body and waved their claws as they dug a cave.

There was no doubt that the crabs had treated the unmoving Mutated Dock as their reef.

Wei Xiao Bei could faintly tell that the Mutated Dock was in pain and did not dare slow down. He quickly moved forward, extended his hand, and turned a few crabs into meat paste.

However, there were simply too many crabs. With only Wei Xiao Bei’s two hands, it would be hard to eliminate them all before the Mutated Dock became riddled with holes.

After thinking about it, Wei Xiao Bei retreated a few steps and activated [Enlightenment].

After looking at the crabs, Wei Xiao Bei sighed.

These small crabs were only 1-Star Elite Creatures called Red Crabs.

Obviously, their name was self-explanatory. Although they were very weak, they were a very good cooking ingredient.

Thus, Wei Xiao Bei simply extended his left hand, causing tendrils to shoot out, creating 20 meatballs. These meatballs quickly burst open and High-Temperature Birds came out.

After eating the outer shells, they happily began their attack on the crabs.

Initially, the crabs had brandished their claws with the intent of resisting but were no match for the High-Temperature Birds.

The High-Temperature Birds were more than half a meter large. As their beaks continuously pecked down, the High-Temperature Birds began devouring the crabs.

As for the crabs that tried to attack the birds’ legs, they were sent flying by the birds’ wide wings. They were simply no match.

Moreover, these birds emitted a temperature of more than 200 degrees Celcius. Although they were inferior to the Scarlet Pheasant, the crabs were still unable to endure it. With 20 High-Temperature Birds gathered together, the heatwave rolled. They did not even need to move as the crabs would quickly stop moving and die.

At this time, Wei Xiao Bei’s hands were moving fast as he captured these Red Crabs.

After tasting some of their meat, Wei Xiao Bei knew that the top-class ingredient written on the status panel was not baseless.

Thus, before these crabs completely retreated, he wanted to catch more of them.

Previously, Wei Xiao Bei was short on ingredients. He could only make very few types of dishes.

In the end, after the High-Temperature Birds completely scared away the crabs, Wei Xiao Beo had collected no less than 5 tons of Red Crabs.

Because these crabs did not possess any intelligence, they could be directly placed into his storage bracelet. As long they were not stored for too long, they would still stay alive. There was no doubt that this increased the number of dishes in his repertoire.

After all, dishes like drunken crab, stewed crab, etc., all required fresh crab as the main ingredient.

Naturally, those crabs that had been cooked by the birds were not wasted either. He let the Life Altar take all of them in to increase the flesh storage.

Additionally, he had also gained 800 Evolution Points for killing them.

Because of the difference in strength, as well as using bred creatures to kill them, every crab only gave him 0.1 Evolution Point.

However, he was around their level, then the crabs would be able to give him 3 Evolution Points!

Three Evolution Points per crab might sound like a small number, but to begin with, they were weak creatures.

Even a normal human could crush them underfoot. If weapons were brought in, for example, a big shovel, then a single slap would have been able to give dozens of evolution points.

This place was truly a Fengshui Paradise! This place was the most suitable for training new recruits.

At the very least, it was safe onshore at present since Ao Yan was lying down close by, preventing stronger monsters from coming up.

Wei Xiao Bei clearly understood what a True Dragon symbolized for these sea creatures.

However, he did not know if this place was truly connected to the Wei Family Island.

Naturally, because of the existence of the Mutated Dock, the possibility of this was more than 90%.

After all, entering from the fog was a lot more problematic then entering from the island.

Ao Yan had used some mysterious power to create the fog. It had the power of misdirection. Perhaps creatures that were weaker could not even come out of the fog.

Wei Xiao Bei opened his eyes and glanced at the beach.

Law intimidation!

Following this, an invisible force spread out with Wei Xiao Bei at the center of it. The peaceful shore immediately boiled.

The use of the term boil was no mistake. Protrusions came out from the beach and afterward different sized crabs came out of the sand. They frantically ran around in confusion. Some of them were even lying down on the sand, trembling.

There were a lot of crabs here. Other than Red Crabs, there were also different kinds such as Hermit Crabs, Giant Mud Crabs, and many others.

Wei Xiao Bei nodded his head in satisfaction without even feeling the slightest shame in disturbing the life of these crabs.

From his point of view, these crabs would contribute to him.

After looking at them, he let the High-Temperature Birds guard the Mutated Dock, preventing the crabs from hollowing it out. Then, he stepped into the water.

When he looked at the bubbling seawater as he stepped in, he felt a bit helpless.

This was the residual effect of drawing support from the pearl to recreate his body.

Perhaps because the pearl laid in his dantian, the Dragon Fire in his dantian kept swallowing his Internal Qi. At the same time, it had turned the passing qi into fiery red color.

Naturally, it was not only his qi that was filled with fire energy, even his bones, internal organs, muscles, and many body parts were filled with fire energy. This was the residual effect of turning the heat energy from the lava into nutrition.

In short, Wei Xiao Bei had become a flaming man.

Luckily, compared to Wei Xiao Bei’s initial body temperature that exceeded 300 degrees, it had now decreased by around 20 to 30 degrees. It seemed that his body temperature would gradually return to normal…

When the seawater reached his waist as he walked deeper, he dived into the water.

Because of the Ba-Serpent aura in him, Wei Xiao Bei had an innate talent for swimming. His swimming speed was quite fast.

The seawater close to the shore was very clear, unlike the polluted and trash-filled water in the real world.

After entering the water, the first thing Wei Xiao Bei did was take a bath. This could not be helped. After his body had regrown, it had become very dirty.

Afterward, Wei Xiao Bei floated back up with his eyes closed. He let the waves slap his body, causing steam to rise up. On the other hand, he was focusing on his status panel.

Until now, Wei Xiao Bei had not carefully paid attention to his status panel.

His status panel had indeed changed. His [Flame Immunity (Medium)] had turned into [Flame Immunity (High, Evolving)].

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