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«The City of Terror (Web Novel) - Chapter 635 - Emperor Liquid

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Chapter 635 - Emperor Liquid

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After communicating with the Mutated Dock, it appeared to have become slightly attached to Wei Xiao Bei.

This was something that Wei Xiao Bei could understand.

First, Wei Xiao Bei must have been the first living creature that it encountered or at least the first creature that didn’t attack it.

Second, the Mutated Dock was constructed in the Wei Family Island in the real world. It was something that he had used money to build and could be considered to be his asset. Even its body had the crest of his house.

In short, for some mysterious reason, it was easy for the Mutated Dock to be attached to him.

Naturally, this kind of attachment was pure. It was like a human feeding a fish for a long time, causing the fish to float up whenever it sensed the human coming.

According to Ao Yan, there were still at least 3 more years before his transformation would finish.

With that said, a True Dragon was truly different from other creatures.

From Wei Xiao Bei’s point of view, a True Dragon’s transformation was different from a molting snake.

How long was a normal snake’s molting?

It would only be 1-2 hours, right? At most, it would only be 5-6 hours.

Ao Yan actually needed three years. This was simply too much.

However, this had made things convenient for him. This gave him enough time to study the Mutated Dock.

Even if he used up months of time, he believed that it was worth it.

Wei Xiao Bei continuously stayed beside the Mutated Dock. After three days, the Mutated Dock did not resist Wei Xiao Bei’s touch anymore. Moreover, its fondness of him increased by the day to the point that Wei Xiao Bei could feel that it had a good impression of him.

However, this favorable impression had reached a bottleneck after two days.

This did not discourage Wei Xiao Bei. Although he had fought many times with the Mutated Farmer’s Market, this was the first time he touched a mutated construct at such close proximity. Thus, this kind of mutated construct was very strange and required more study and touching.

After pondering for a while, Wei Xiao Bei took out the Mutated Farmer’s Market’s core from his storage bracelet. The Mutated Dock became a bit excited like a child that had seen its favorite food.

Naturally, Wei Xiao Bei would not just throw the core to the Mutated Dock.

Leaving aside how he had not yet completely subdued it, he did not know what might happen to the Mutated Dock if it combined with the core. Thus, he grabbed the core and opened a hole in it.

Luckily, no matter how tough the core’s outer skin was, it was still soft like meat. Wei Xiao Bei effortlessly took out a fragment of it.

With a piece the size of an inch, Wei Xiao Bei tried to put it near the Mutated Dock.

Following the approach of the fragment, the Mutated Dock appeared to have become more and more excited. When the fragment landed on its body, it reached the peak excitement.

At this time, Wei Xiao Bei could clearly see that the fragment that fell on the Mutated Dock’s body appeared to have become butter that was melting in a pan. It gradually melted and was absorbed by the Mutated Dock.

In less than five minutes, the fragment disappeared.

On the other hand, the Mutated Dock appeared to have fallen asleep. Soon, the Mutated Dock’s ash-gray body appeared to have changed and became a bit glossy.

After a few seconds, the Mutated Dock returned to its original state.

There was no doubt that feeding it once increased its good opinion of Wei Xiao Bei.

It really works!

Wei Xiao Bei could not help but feel secretly happy.

It was only a matter of time before he would subdue the Mutated Dock.

In the next period of time, Wei Xiao Bei would feed it once every hour. Moreover, he continued to touch it.

The moves that he had been doing were something that he had seen from the internet on how to train dogs. After a few alterations, he used it on the Mutated Dock.

However, it was a miracle that it had worked.

After three days, the Mutated Dock’s fondness of Wei Xiao Bei had reached the peak of a creature that did not have any intelligence. Moreover, its cement body could not slowly wriggle.

This wriggling was probably at the same speed of movement as a caterpillar.

However, this could be considered a breakthrough.

At this point, Wei Xiao Bei felt a headache. He wanted to know how to awaken its intelligence.

It might appear that he only needed to throw a Dust World Stone at it, but Wei Xiao Bei faintly sensed that it was effective but troublesome.

After thinking for a long time to no avail, Wei Xiao Bei returned to Ao Yan.

Perhaps sensing Wei Xiao Bei’s return, Ao Yan moved slightly, causing a lot of Dragon Scales to fall from his body. He gradually opened his drowsy eyes and looked at Wei Xiao Bei, asking in a flat tone, “What’s wrong? Is there a problem?”

Wei Xiao Bei’s relationship with Ao Yan could now be considered as a close friend. Thus, he did not avoid Ao Yan. He immediately told him about the Mutated Dock and even told him how he wanted to subdue it.

What Wei Xiao Bei never imagined was that Ao Yan’s interest in the Mutated Dock had exceeded his imagination.

“You have such a fun toy yet you did not tell me. How unfriend-like.”

Saying this, Ao Yan prepared to go and take a look.

Seeing Ao Yan’s impulsiveness, Wei Xiao Bei could not help but hold his forehead and quickly tried to stop Ao Yan.

This was no joke. The Mutated Dock was only a 2-Star Elite Creature. If Ao Yan had gone over, leaving aside if he would burn it down, it would only become frightened of him, wasting all of Wei Xiao Bei’s efforts.

Hearing Wei Xiao Bei’s words, Ao Yan came to his senses.

It was indeed so. He was currently in a phase of transformation, making his control over his power worse than before. Just his previous slight movement had caused flames to burst out of his body.

“This so-called cement dock should be should be a toy that you humans created right?”

Wei Xiao Bei did not know what the true relationship of the Dust World and the real world was. It was clear that even if the Dust World had its own society, its technological advancement was from ancient times. Thus, Ao Yan did not know many things about modern society.

However, he understood a thing or two about mutated constructs.

According to Ao Yan, a mutated construct was when rocks became monsters.

“Rocks becoming monsters? Can’t only be done when a Spirit Stone absorbs energy from heaven and earth for many days?”

Wei Xiao Bei was slightly puzzled. In most of the legends that he had read and seen, most of the rocks that became monsters were of this kind. Those rocks would all have great origins. Moreover, they had to absorb energy for thousands of years. It was impossible for ordinary rocks to become monsters, let alone the cement dock.

Naturally, the Dust World was full of extraordinary things. Wei Xiao Bei was also used to pondering about it, but he had already felt that these things were normal. In the Dust World, let alone rocks becoming monsters, it wouldn’t be too hard for the air to become monsters.

“Pfft, ignorant, and inexperienced!”

Ao Yan’s looked down on Wei Xiao Bei, acting as if he did not know Wei Xiao Bei.

“Okay, okay, okay. I am ignorant and inexperienced. Now, tell me what this is about.”

Wei Xiao Bei had no choice but to admit defeat as he was the one asking for a favor. He quickly lowered himself and stopped Ao Yan from letting out his temper. If Ao Yan suddenly did not want to speak, things would become troublesome.

Seeing that Wei Xiao Bei was trying to curry favors, Ao Yan felt pleased and arrogantly asked like a teacher talking down on his students, “Have you heard of Emperor Liquid before?”

“Yup, yup. I heard that its something that drops every 60 years. If a monster eats it, it is equivalent to cultivating for 1,000 years.

With Wei Xiao Bei’s mind moving quickly, he immediately came to an understanding. He had completely overlooked the Emperor Liquid.

It was said that that Emperor Liquid was the essence of the moonlight.

Its uses and characteristics were described in the book ‘Do Not Speak While Reading’.

In summary, this thing appeared every 60 years of the sexagenary cycle during the Mid-autumn festival.

After calculating it, this year was that sexagenary cycle. However, the problem has arisen. Autumn had just begun and there were two months left before the Mid-autumn festival.

The dates didn’t match at all.

Puzzled, Wei Xiao Bei immediately asked Ao Yan.

Ao Yan let out a sigh and answered, “The sexagenary cycle is not accurate anymore. You have seen the situation of this place. The desolation of the lands is the main reason for it.”

Ao Yan’s words did not have a beginning or an end explanation, but Wei Xiao Bei was already used to it.

Ge Da Tian and the Ming Lun Envoy were also the same. As long as some secret question was asked, they would not speak. They would only say that Wei Xiao Bei would know when the time came.

There was definitely something big in it.

However, Wei Xiao Bei did not dare question too much. Knowing such a big matter was not necessarily a good thing.

No matter what was said, Wei Xiao Bei could pick up a few things from Ao Yan’s words.

To be more accurate, the Emperor Liquid’s dropping time was not accurate anymore. It might not be following the sexagenary cycle anymore.

This would explain the Mutated Dock’s appearance.

That said, Wei Xiao Bei had a sorrowful feeling facing these kinds of matters.

Why can’t these kinds of things appear before me?

Although many documents reported that only monsters could absorb the Emperor Liquid and it was an object that was heaven’s compensation to all living things, he would gain many benefits if he had obtained it.

If his White Mist Dragon Spear had become a monster, how great would that be?

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