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«The City of Terror (Web Novel) - Chapter 634 - Mutated….Dock???

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Chapter 634 - Mutated…Dock???

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The distance to the sea was not far for Ao Yan.

Wei Xiao Bei thought that he would have a feeling of unfamiliarity when he reached the sea, but he never imagined that the things he saw would make him dumbstruck.

Golden beaches were quite ordinary. Although there weren’t many beaches like this, they still existed.

However, there was a dock on the beach stretching out to the sea, which made it quite abnormal.

The dock was extremely similar to the dock back at the Wei Family Island. Wei Xiao Bei even saw that there was a crest on the dock that was a big ‘Wei’ character.

This crest was the crest that he used after he was promoted to a baron in Lucenia.

It did not really matter if Lords did not have a crest, but according to Lucenia’s laws, once a person became a baron, they were required to have a crest to distinguish nobles from the commoners.

As a result, the crest would then be used in various family utensils and constructs as long as they were the family’s assets.

After the dock appeared, Wei Xiao Bei did not think it was too strange. It might have just been a coincidence that the place where Ao Yan had decided to hide aligned with the Wei Family Island in the real world.

The problem here was that the real world was truly different from the Dust World.

This was not because the real world was an island and the Dust World was a desert.

In a normal situation, an island in the real world would mean an island in the Dust World, so it might just be a desert island.

However, from Wei Xiao Bei’s point of view, the area of dry land in the Dust World far exceeded the Wei Family Island.

This puzzled him a lot.

However, this was only a small matter. The problem was that the dock was strange.

In simpler terms, it was alive.

It was continuously expanding toward the sea. Although it could not be seen with the naked eye, it was definitely expanding.

Every 10 minutes, the dock would expand one-thousandth of a centimeter.

Just this alone was proof that it was not a normal construct.

Activate Enlightenment!

Wei Xiao Bei opened his eyes and his gaze landed on the dock that bore his family’s crest.

Name: Mutated Dock

Race: Mutated Construct

Gender: None

Age: 0.2

Creature Rank: 2-Star Elite

Description: This creature is the projection of a concrete dock from the real world into the Dust World. Because thousands of people had placed their hopes on this dock in the real world, it had caused a mutation in the Dust World. Because it had only been alive for a short time, this creature had not yet gained intelligence.

Status: Blocked

Skills: Hard

Special Skills: Growth, Corrosion Resistance

Evolution Points: X (Unable to accumulate Evolution Points)

Items on Hand: None


When he saw the Mutated Dock’s information, Wei Xiao Bei felt that it was rather familiar.

He immediately understood what it was.

The Mutated Dock was very similar to the Mutated Farmer’s Market.

They were both constructs that were projected into the Dust World and had mutated.

Luckily, this Mutated Dock had not yet gained intelligence and could only grow. It could not even move its own body.

Wei Xiao Bei’s gaze was slightly dull, but he was thinking about many things. He felt as if something had left him and he faintly felt that the dock was beneficial to him.

After a long while, Wei Xiao Bei let out a long sigh. The disorder in his eyes immediately cleared away. His expression had brightened up a lot.

He finally recalled that he had a broken Dust World Stone in his storage bracelet.

The Mutated Farmer’s Market had also gained intelligence thanks to the Dust World Stone. From then on, it had gotten stronger.

In Wei Xiao Bei’s impression, the most abnormal creatures in the Dust World were mutated constructs and fire-type monsters.

There was not much to say about fire-type monsters. These monsters that could innately produce fire had a great advantage in battle.

After all, the majority of creatures in the same rank would be afraid of fire. Moreover, fire was quite powerful. For example, the Scarlet Pheasant would only need to charge at you before your entire body would burst into flames.

Just the scalding and burning injuries as well as the effect on one’s strength would be enough to give fire-type creatures an advantage.

On the other hand, mutated constructs were incredibly tenacious. In addition, they had almost no weaknesses.

Just recalling the fights with the Mutated Farmer’s Market should have made this clear.

When the Mutated Farmer’s Market had fought with the mysterious house, the mysterious house had largely destroyed the Mutated Farmer’s Market.

Before that battle, no creature was able to live and get away after fighting with the mysterious house, but the Mutated Farmer’s Market had destroyed that precedent.

Afterward, it had fought with the Dojo. The Sword Qi that the Flying Sword fired could not be blocked and everywhere it passed, the things were cut into pieces. Although the Mutated Farmer’s Market had been cut many times, it had still recovered after devouring the buildings as it escaped.

What shocked him the most was its battle with the spirits in Cui Hu University.

The spirits could not defeat the Mutated Farmer’s Market. However, because of their special properties, the Mutated Farmer’s Market could only weaken them and not kill them.

Afterward, the spirits flew into a rage and cursed the Mutated Farmer’s Market.

Wei Xiao Bei was also hit by it before when he was passing by.

However, the Mutated Farmer’s Market had almost killed them, making the curse on it even stronger.

On the other hand, the curse’s effects immediately showed itself.

A Citizen of Long Bo that had been passing by laid its eyes on it.

Who knew what came to the mind of the Citizen of Long Bo? Perhaps, it might have wanted to eliminate something that did not please it.

This had caused the Mutated Farmer’s Market to suffer a step from it.

On the other hand, when the Citizen of Long Bo stepped on it, the central portion of its body was immediately crushed, left unable to heal. Its body had weakened substantially.

However, it was still able to stay strong in the end.

Naturally, it had been too greedy in the end. As it tried to devour the mountain on Ao Yan’s back, it received a fatal counter-attack.

It had been instantly submerged in the volcano.

However, even if that was so, it had not truly died yet.

Its core was still preserved inside the lava. Although its intelligence had been annihilated, Wei Xiao Bei believed that if he left it alone, then it would once again gain intelligence and move.

Luckily, he had used the Life Altar to devour its divinity.

With that said, the core of the Mutated Farmer’s Market still had life in it.

From time to time, Wei Xiao Bei would take out the softened core to study it when he had time, attempting to find out the best way to use it.

This could not be helped.

He had tried tossing it into the Dragon Fire Cauldron, but the Dragon Fire could not do anything to the core at all.

Now that another mutated construct was in front of him, Wei Xiao Bei’s mind was stirred up.

From its description, it could be seen how abnormal this mutated construct was.

Just the fact that it could expand its body was already bad. Just imagine, a structure that was more than a million tons was smashing toward you. The terror that it brought was enough to make a lot of creatures run for their lives.

After thinking about it, Wei Xiao Bei walked to the dock.

At this time, Wei Xiao Bei noticed that something had changed at the dock when he approached. In simpler terms, the dock appeared to be slowly trembling.

There was no mistake. It was trembling as if it was afraid of him.

Although the Mutated Dock did not have any intelligence, since it was a living object, it had base instincts.

What were the base instincts of a living object?

First, the instinct to live!

Second, the instinct to reproduce, expand, or multiply.

Whether it was in the Dust World of the real world, many creatures could not escape these two instincts.

As for whether the Mutated Doc could reproduce or not, no one knew.

However, it definitely had an instinct to survive, otherwise, it wouldn’t be a living object.

Wei Xiao Bei was a 4-Star Creature who had Ba-Serpent aura and Fire Dragon Aura. A weak creature like the Mutated Dock could naturally feel his might.

However, the Mutated Dock could not move at all, so it could not escape Wei Xiao Bei’s clutches. The only thing it could do was tremble in fear.

Wei Xiao Bei thought for a bit and extended his right hand to touch the Mutated Dock.

What surprised him was that when he touched the part that was ashore, the Mutated Dock trembled once more as if it was shocked by electricity.

However, this was the limit of its struggle.

Wei Xiao Bei immediately released his goodwill as if he was training a pet and tried to communicate with it.

It could be said that this was one of the greatest benefits of having a high awareness attribute.

He was able to quickly interpret its state of mind: fear, dread, anxiety, and even a trace of hope.

After communicating with it for a while, he came to an understanding.

The Mutated Dock could be called a child that had just been born. It did not have any independent intelligence but had possessed the characteristics of a child.

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