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«The City of Terror (Web Novel) - Chapter 633 - Pessimistic Thought

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Chapter 633 - Pessimistic Thought

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From the White Dragon Horse, Ao Lie’s situation, it could be seen that the Dragon King of the West Sea regarded power as important.

This was also understandable. If the authorities over wind and rain of the four dragon king’s were stolen by someone, then what was their worth?

At most, they would only be tyrants in their own dragon palaces.

On the other hand, Ao Yan had the blood of an ancient Rain Master. There was no doubt that he could become the next generation Rain Master.

The matter after would be simpler. Ao Yan would be exiled and forever banned from going back to the Dragon Palace.

Hearing Ao Yan’s situation, Wei Xiao Bei felt that Ao Yan had been taking things quite easy.

Chi Song Zi was equivalent to the ancient Rain Master and held a high position among the gods, but there was nothing in ancient legends about a Fire Dragon.

The reason was that some of them were the offspring of the Dragon Kings who were all Water Dragons!

A slightly pessimistic thought was enough to deduce these matters.

For example, the relationship between the Fire Dragons and Water Dragons was poor. Water Dragons had relied on the power of the Jade Emperor to gain authority over the wind and rain. Using their power to annihilate the Fire Dragons would be an ordinary matter.

A change of sovereignty brought a change of ministers.

The reason why Ao Yan’s life was spared was that he was the son of the Dragon King of the West Sea.

Even if a tiger was cruel, it would not devour its young……Wait! Then, why was Ao Lie not his child? Could it be that his wife had turned him into a cuckold, so he killed her?

Then, Ao Lie was born a Water Dragon who was raised properly!

Wei Xiao Bei shivered at the thought of the result.

“How is your mother nowadays?”

Wei Xiao Bei thought for a bit and asked Ao Yan a question that might be misinterpreted as an insult.

“My mother?”

At this moment, Ao Yan recalled his memories. He did not speak for a while. When he finally answered, he became depressed, “I don’t know. Perhaps she was murdered.”

Ao Yan definitely had memories of that time, but he did not have the power to resist. It was also impossible for him to see what happened to his mother after as he was sent out of the Dragon palace quite early.

No matter what was said, once things continued and Ao Yan had finished his first transformation, then some things would occur.

Wei Xiao Bei frowned as he thought about this.

He wanted to help Ao Yan settle the dangers ahead.

Wei Xiao Bei knew that with his strength, he could not do anything.

If the Dragon King of the West Sea sent someone to kill Ao Yan, it was easy to imagine what kind of existence it would be.

At the very least, it needed to be someone stronger than Ao Yan.

There was a huge gap in power between Wei Xiao Bei and Ao Yan. What more would happen if it was between him and the person the Dragon King of the West Sea hired?

Although strategizing could solve some problems, the difference in strength was fixed. Even if a person was smart to the point of becoming a demon, they would still be helpless.

After thinking for a bit, Wei Xiao Bei thought that he might as well just tell Ao Yan his judgment.

After all, Ao Yan would definitely know more about how to settle these matters compared to him.

Hearing Wei Xiao Bei’s words, Ao Yan’s eyes dulled slightly and he sighed, “I had already guessed that my old man would deal with me like this. Otherwise, I would not have hidden here.”


Hearing his words, Wei Xiao Bei came to an understanding. Perhaps, the changes in the desert had something to do with Ao Yan.

Then, Ao Yan told him the actual situation.

It was indeed so. The reason why part of the desert had disappeared and been replaced with a fog was because of Ao Yan.

This was done in order to hide from the Dragon King of the West Sea’s eyes and ears. Moreover, there was an additional reason. Ao Yan did not say it, but he wanted to prevent Wei Xiao Bei from getting involved.

After all, from his point of view, Wei Xiao Bei was his first and only friend.

“Could it be that there really is no way?”

Wei Xiao Bei was quick to think. He attempted to find a way to get out of this situation.

Seeing Wei Xiao Bei care for him so much, Ao Yan gained a will to continue fighting. He thought for a bit and said, “Perhaps, the aura on your body might be useful.”

Originally, Ao Yan felt that there were three different auras coming from Wei Xiao Bei’s body. Among them, one was the ancient Rain Master, Chi Song Zi. The other was the Ba-Serpent’s aura. The last was the aura of a human being.

Hearing Ao Yan’s words, Wei Xiao Bei immediately came to a realization. If Ao Yan matched with him, then it was possible to frighten the men sent by the Dragon King of the West Sea.

Naturally, this was not a reliable method, but as long as Ao Yan’s transformation was successful and they delayed for some time, then it was possible for Ao Yan to regain his strength and cause the tide to turn.

“It might be good if you can get more helpers.”

At this time, Ao Yan was still not too hopeful about the situation and he sighed.


A light bulb lit up above Wei Xiao Bei’s head. He did have a helper.

His own brother Zhao Yun!

The only problem was that Zhao Yan was trapped in the Feng Tou Mountains and could not come out.

Hearing Wei Xiao Bei’s words, Ao Yan became a bit interested. He urged Wei Xiao Bei to retell his experience.

It must be said that the first Bi Fang that appeared in the mountains was a female and only a 4-Star Elite Creature.

However, the one that came after it was definitely a 4-Star Terror Creature.

As a Fire Dragon, Ao Yan naturally understood many things about fire-type creatures.

The 4-Star Terror Bi Fang must have definitely been a male and not a normal creature. Ao Yan had already encountered it once in close combat and almost died.

Now, 200 years had passed, so his strength was very different.

However, Ao Yan wanted to know if a person could heavily injure a Bi Fang in just one move.

Hearing Wei Xiao Bei speak of the problem, Ao Yan laughed. At that time, a Dragon Scale had coincidentally fallen down. Ao Yan took it and spat on it.

The interaction between the Dragon Scale and the spit was like a spark lighting up a bucket of gasoline. A loud boom echoed and caused raging flames.

Afterward, Ao Yan continued spiting on it, causing the flames to rise to 100 meters in an instant.

The flames disappeared after 10 minutes. The Dragon Scale had shrunk to the size of a palm and was thrown to Wei Xiao Bei.

Wei Xiao Bei caught it and looked at it. The scale was still fiery red, but there were some runes that caused dizziness.

Activate enlightenment!

Name: Guiding Scale (Rare Quality)

Description: This object was refined by Ao Yan using his own Dragon Scale and spit. After activating, it can bring three people to breakthrough space to a distance within 1000 meters of Ao Yan.

What good stuff! It might not be useful normally, but it was a good thing to have now.

Naturally, this object could only be used once. Otherwise, Ao Yan would not have been able to easily refine it.

According to Ao Yan, there was still time before his transformation. Thus, Wei Xiao Bei did not need to rush.

After sorting out their worries, Wei Xiao Bei and Ao Yan relaxed a bit and engaged in idle talk.

Although it might have been idle talk, Wei Xiao Bei needed to know some matters about Ao Yan.

It must be said that the main reason Ao Yan had entered the transformation stage was ultimately due to Wei Xiao Bei.

This 500-year transformation from a Hui Dragon to a Jiao Dragon was a big transformation.

According to Ao Yan’s age, there should have still been 50 more years before the transformation.

However, after Ao Yan ate the Gas of Appealing Food, it increased his ability to absorb the essence of food. In simpler terms, apart from absorbing the essence of food eaten, the Gas of Appealing Food had continuously absorbed the energy in the air and land. If there was any creature in its surroundings, it would take energy in as well.

Although this process was slow, it had quickly increased Ao Yan’s growth.

In simpler terms, the effect would continue forever.

According to Ao Yan’s calculation, even the 1,000-year transformation into a True Dragon would take only around 200 years.

In other words, Ao Yan’s strength would increase a lot more compared to other True Dragons.

After all, True Dragons were exotic creatures. Their growth in strength was not the same as a human, like Wei Xiao Bei. They only needed to wait for some time to become a True Dragon and for their strength to increase.

This made Wei Xiao Bei envious upon hearing it.

Being able to gain power while sleeping was truly something to be envious about.

Additionally, the Gas of Appealing Food was something similar to Wei Xiao Bei’s status panel.

The status panel allowed him to gain evolution points from killing monsters. Moreover, he had guessed that the evolution points came from monsters’ essence.

Naturally, the Gas of Appealing Food was still inferior to his status panel.

After chatting, Ao Yan’s spirit could not endure anymore and he hung down his massive head.

During the period of transformation, being able to sleep was something that was incredibly difficult to do.

The feeling of transformation was similar to being a human and being continuously pricked by 200 needles.

It was also because of this that Wei Xiao Bei felt heartache at seeing Ao Yan’s signs of falling asleep. Thus, he immediately shut up and quietly stood up, moving to Ao Yan’s back.

He didn’t have bad intentions, but he simply wanted to see if the lake of Fire Dragon excrement was still there.

When he reached the place, he was disappointed.

The lake had disappeared.

It was normal when one thought about it. Ao Yan had already changed his hiding spot and so the excrement lake would not be able to follow him.

Unfortunately, this meant that he would no be able to collect the Dragon Excrement Rocks.

Because of Ao Yan’s existence, there was no other creature within the 10-kilometer radius. Even the Fire Crows, Scarlet Pheasants, and Fei Yis had disappeared to who knows where.

After circling the surroundings once, Wei Xiao Bei noticed that far behind Ao Yan was a continuous chain of mountains that blocked the view.

Wei Xiao Bei did not dare simply go there. With his intuition, he felt that there was great danger hidden within. When he looked at it, he felt as if he was facing a fierce monster.

Now that Ao Yan’s matter had not been settled, Wei Xiao Bei did not need to go adventuring.

After making two rounds, Wei Xiao Bei decided to go to the sea to take a look and determine what kind of place it was. He also wanted to see if there were any monsters that could give him evolution points as well as materials.

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