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«The City of Terror (Web Novel) - Chapter 637 - Long Beard Prawn Demon

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Chapter 637 - Long Beard Prawn Demon

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Flame Immunity (High, Evolving): Host is completely immune to damage from flames below 2,000 degrees Celsius. Host resists 90% damage from flames under 3,500 degrees Celsius. Host resists 50% damage from flames above 3,500 degrees Celsius. To level up this skill, host needs to bathe in the blood of monsters with a higher rank. Note: Because of intervention from a mysterious power, this skill is currently evolving.

After looking at the skill’s description, Wei Xiao Bei could not help but calculate.

Having a complete immunity of temperature below 2,000 degrees Celcius meant that the majority of flames could not hurt him.

He was pleasantly surprised that his skill was evolving due to the mysterious power.

Wei Xiao Bei could guess that this mysterious power was from the pearl in his dantian.

However, he simply did not understand why Chi Song Zi, a respected ancient figure, would give him such a benefit.

Could it be because of the Shing Wong Border Patroller?

Don’t joke around, I am not a child.

Why give me such a treasure due to my meager relationship with the border patroller!

It must be known that things that he could not scan with his [Enlightenment] were not simple objects.

After thinking for a bit, Wei Xiao Bei still could not reach an answer, even if he activated [Deductive Reasoning ].

After shaking his head, he cast these thoughts aside.

Different situations called for different actions.

If he wanted to find an answer, it would just make trouble for himself.

With Chi Song Zi’s power and identity, it would be truly problematic if he could have easily found an answer.

Pop. Pop. Pop…

The speed of the waves hitting his body increased.


Although Wei Xiao Bei did not feel any danger, he felt that something was wrong. With the existence of the Dragon Soul and the Ba-Serpent aura, he could feel that something was approaching, so he became vigilant.

Wei Xiao Bei closed his eyes slightly. It seemed that making himself bait was about to go smoothly.

About 3 kilometers away, the depth of the water was around 10 meters. A human-sized prawn was moving quickly. Its two feelers excitedly swayed endlessly.


Its a human!

There is no mistake this is the smell of a human!

That delicious taste of human meat. It’s been so long, but I can still remember its taste. Unfortunately, it had been 100 years since the last one. Now there is actually another!

Found it!

After quickly swimming for a certain distance, the big prawn could now see his target, a human floating in the ocean.

Eh? Is something wrong?

When the big prawn was about to charge, he suddenly felt a strange aura. This aura gave the big prawn a bit of a fright, causing his body to turn around as he wanted to leave.

“Just this thing?”

A voice suddenly echoed. The big prawn was shocked to notice that the human had dived into the water and was swimming toward him at the same speed as a fish.

At the same time, he felt as if his soul had been peeped at.

“Wha-what is this?”

No matter!

The big prawn suddenly recalled the aura.

He recalled that he had once seen a big Jiao Dragon King and felt the same aura coming from the human.

The eyes of the big prawn almost fell from their stems. The aura of the Dragon King is actually coming from the human.

What did this mean?

It means it’s strong!! A powerhouse that is as strong as the Jiao Dragon King! Escape!

The big prawn’s reaction speed was not slow, but it was very slow at turning around.

In the next moment, the big prawn felt his pain in his head and he lost consciousness.

Name: Long Beard Prawn Demon

Description: This is a commonly seen demon in the open seas beyond the East Sea. It has a cowardly nature and is quite gluttonous. Its meat is incredibly delicious. Its outer shell is a bit tough…

Gender: Male

Age: 103

Creature Rank: 2-Star Elite

Status: (Omitted)

Skill: Swimming, Pincer Attack, Language

Special Skill: Demonic Qi

Evolution Points: X (Unable to accumulate evolution points)

Items on hand: None


It could be said that the Prawn Demon was a lot weaker than Wei Xiao Bei and only gave him 20 evolution points, but its entire body could be called a treasure. Its meat could be used to make dishes, and its shell could be refined into weapons and armor.

Wei Xiao Bei stored the dead prawn into his storage bracelet. Afterward, he took out 100 Red Crabs and more than 10 Fiendish Man Fish, crushing them to bits and spreading them into the sea.

After all, turning himself into bait was inefficient. Thus, he had thought of this new way to do it.

In terms of fishing, this was called spreading the bait.

This method was quite good actually.

Soon, Wei Xiao Bei expanded his [Response Pulse] and sensed that some objects were coming from 3,000 meters away.

It was a group of Long Beard Prawn Demons!

The Long Bear Prawn Demon had a certain description on its status panel: The Prawn Demons were mortal enemies with the Crab Demons. Whenever the two sides met, a life or death battle would ensue.

On the other hand, the Prawn Demons’ killing intent was coming his way. They were attracted to the crab juices.

Naturally, even the Prawn Demons knew about squeezing persimmons. Thus, their morale naturally increased when they sensed that their enemies had weakened. They had also increased their speed because of this.

There were more than 50 Prawn Demons.

This number was not much.

However, it was better than nothing. When the Prawn Demons approached, they did not see any Crab Demons. On the contrary, they only saw a human floating in the water which made them excited.

As previously said, Prawn Demons were gluttons. In their cookbooks, humans were considered a high-class ingredient.

Seeing the group of Long Beard Prawn Demons charging toward him, Wei Xiao Bei smiled as this had saved him some trouble.

The Great Spear appeared in his hands. With a flash, countless Prawn Demons weren’t even able to react as they lost their lives.

On the other hand, when the other Prawn Demons saw that those of the same tribe had been instantly killed, their innate cowardice rose up and they all turned around to escape.

However, in front of Wei Xiao Bei, these Prawn Demons had no chance.

In just a few minutes, there were less than 10 Prawn Demons left.

“Mercy! Mercy! Give mercy oh mighty king!”

Just when Wei Xiao Bei was prepared to end the rest of these prawns, something unexpected happened.

The remaining six prawn demons actually spoke underwater. Moreover, they all kowtowed toward him.

Wei Xiao Bei was stunned. His hand slowed down causing the Prawn Demons to shout louder.

In truth, if they did not put their words into action, Wei Xiao Bei did not understand what they were saying.

Their words were something like, “Spare us! Spare us! Please spare us, great king!”

After thinking for a bit, Wei Xiao Bei recalled that these demons had the [Language] skill.

However, these things were still demons. It was not that surprising if they could speak the human language. It was just that their tones were strange, stranger than foreigners speaking Chinese.

“All of you, come here!”

Wei Xiao Bei was not the same as those prawns that could speak underwater.

Seeing Wei Xiao Bei storing away the terrifying spear that stole the lives of their companions, they did not dare slow down. They moved their legs to float up. They did not dare act blindly without thinking, afraid of provoking this killer.

This was the first time Wei Xiao Bei encountered a talking demon, making him rather curious.

Naturally, Ao Yan did not count as he was a True Dragon and not a demon.

“What are your names?”

Wei Xiao Bei’s expression was chill as he asked these demons.

Hearing Wei Xiao Bei’s words, these demons were at a loss as if they could not understand, but their bodies trembled in fear.

Seeing this, Wei Xiao Bei let out a bitter smile. These Prawn Demons were not good at speaking the human language. How would it be possible for them to understand his words?

The next period of time became a lecture from Wei Xiao Bei.

Although these Prawn Demons were cowards, they were not stupid. After Wei Xiao Bei corrected them, they more or less understood his words, it was just that their words made him gnash his teeth.

Wei Xiao Bei had used up a lot of effort before being able to properly communicate with these Prawn Demons.

He had wasted around three hours just to obtain various information from these Prawn Demons.

The Prawn Demons had named the land beside him the Iron Encircled Mountain. The reason was that the land was surrounded by the Iron Mountains. For some reason, the Iron Mountains had disappeared one day, leaving behind the mountain ranges at the center.

On the other hand, the seas close to the land were in complete chaos. Various big and small Demon Kings had risen to the top. There would be occasional fights and occasional peace.

On the other hand, these Prawn Demons did not belong to any Demon King. These Demon Kings treated these aquatic demons as targets to rob and plunder, causing them to suffer.

At this time, Wei Xiao Bei came to an understanding as to why these demons quickly surrendered when he displayed his strength. They probably wanted someone to rely on.

It was indeed so. The seas of the region were similar to warring states. These weaker aquatic demons were simply meat that they could eat.

Perhaps, even if they relied on these Demon Kings, the Demon Kings did not even want them.

“Okay! As long as you stay loyal, then just announce this king’s name!”

Wei Xiao Bei did not take offense to the fact that his name was spreading in these seas. In truth, he agreed with the phrase: ‘when in Rome, do as Romans do’, when in the Dust World.

If he did not become a Demon King, then it might be easy for him to be attacked by groups.

As he looked at the sea region, Wei Xiao Bei became excited. This place was the private land that he chose, after all.

If those Demon Kings act tactfully, it would be great, otherwise, he would make them suffer.

Naturally, this matter was not something that could be settled overnight and needed to be arranged.

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