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«The City of Terror (Web Novel) - Chapter 630 - Did Ao Yan Have A Real Father?

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Chapter 630 - Did Ao Yan Have A Real Father?

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At this moment, countless slashes cut through the courtyard wall and shuttled through the streets.

In an instant, it was as though apocalypse dawned upon the streets. There were extremely clean cracks from the slashes everywhere.

In truth, if Wei Xiao Bei escaped a little slower, he might have lost some body parts.

The White Mist Draconic Horse was extremely swift. In a short while, Wei Xiao Bei’s eyes refocused, and he showed expressions of disbelief.

Usually, after passing through the small alley beside the rental apartment that he used to live in, he would reach the edge of the desert.

But now, after he left the passed through the alley, only a stretch of grey plain appeared in front of him.

The dessert has disappeared? Could it be?


Wei Xiao Bei did not hesitate. He instructed the White Mist Draconic Horse to move ahead after determining the direction.

After the White Mist Draconic Horse traveled about two to three kilometers, a thick mist appeared in front of him.

Wei Xiao Bei was firm without any hesitation. The White Mist Draconic Horse, on the other hand, had no consciousness of itself, so it followed his commands naturally and charged into the thick mist.

After entering the thick mist, Wei Xiao Bei felt as though he lost his direction. Looking ahead, he could not get any information even with [Enlightening].

At this moment, time itself seemed to have stopped. No matter how the White Mist Draconic Horse galloped ahead, there seemed to be no end to the white mist. Moreover, with such a high speed, there was no wind at all. It was as though the entire world fell into nothingness.

However, Wei Xiao Bei did not have the slightest intention to give up. After entering this terrain, he felt the Dragon Soul on his forehead was emanating some heat. Moreover, the heat was intensifying as he moved forward.

It could be because the strand of the Dragon Soul was making contact with its original body.


Wei Xiao Bei did not know how long had passed, but suddenly he felt that everything in front of him brightened up. A golden and sparkling radiance entered his vision.

He was out!

Expressions of ecstasy appeared on his face.

There was no white mist behind him at all. It was merely a stretch of dessert. Moreover, he saw a tinge of dark blue and he could still smell the scent of seawater.

What was at the end of the dessert behind him was the ocean!

What the!

What is happening?

Wei Xiao Bei’s face became a little serious. Without a doubt, the mist was a little eccentric.

But at this moment, this was not the most important problem at hand.

Wei Xiao Bei tried to determine his direction by using the Dragon Soul before heading out quickly on the White Mist Draconic Horse.

The temperature continued to increase. It was about 37 degrees when he entered the desert, but after traveling for more than 10 kilometers, the temperature increased to over 100 degrees.

This means that, at such a temperature, water would boil immediately.

The dessert was not at such a high temperature previously. The temperature would only reach this extent near the Fiery Dragon Rocks on Ao Yan.

Wei Xiao Bei had already confirmed that Ao Yan was right ahead. With such an unusual temperature, he could be sure that Ao Yan ran into some trouble.

Wei Xiao Bei already knew Ao Yan for quite some time.

Although Ao Yan’s external temperature was very high and that the dessert terrain was caused, in some ways, by the outflowing of such power, he had good control over his flame power.

Or else, when he licked Wei Xiao Bei, he would have turned into ashes. His Dragon saliva was so hot that one could not resist even with Flame Immunity (Medium).

Wei Xiao Bei was a little shaken emotionally. The White Mist Draconic Horse felt it and began increasing its speed significantly.

However, such speed boost did not last long before the White Mist Draconic Horse could no longer maintain its form. Wei Xiao Bei felt the emptiness underneath him as the White Mist Draconic Horse turned into a white mist and returned to the White Mist Dragon Bow.

Wei Xiao Bei tumbled in the air and landed firmly on his feet, but he was looking ahead.

Far ahead, Wei Xiao Bei saw a string of red fire, which looked like the mountain range.

It was Ao Yan!

Wei Xiao Bei ran over quickly. After he could see clearly what was ahead, he was astonished to realize that Ao Yan was totally different from before.

Simply put, he became more ugly.

Well, no one would look good if they were lying on the ground whilst exhibiting full-body spasms.

But the flame on Ao Yan’s body was fanning outward, with him at the center. Everything within a radius of 200 meters was turned into a sea of flames. Magma was boiling underneath him, which looked very menacing.

“You are here. What a good friend!”

Wei Xiao Bei did not expect Ao Yan to say this when he was standing outside the sea of flames.

But from Ao Yan’s voice, Wei Xiao Bei could see that Ao Yan was rather weak now.

“What happened? Can I take a look?”

Wei Xiao Bei looked a little grave. Without a doubt, what appeared before him was a result of Ao Yan losing control over his power.

“I’m going to transform into a Jiao Dragon. Keep some distance, or you might get hurt.”

How much Ao Yan trusted Wei Xiao Bei was beyond his imagination.

When a Hui Dragon transformed into a Jiao Dragon, he would be at his weakest. Wei Xiao Bei knew about this even if he was a dolt.

The behavior of this Dragon was like that of a snake in many ways.

“Anything that I can help with?”

Wei Xiao Bei was not very sure what would happen next but Ao Yan was his friend, after all, so he could not just stand and watch. Moreover, he already came, if he just stood aside like a dumbass, it would be a waste.

“Help? Forget it. If you have nothing to do, you can smelt your body with the magma. This is personal, no one else can help me.”

Although Ao Yan thought of Wei Xiao Bei as his friend, he did not think of Wei Xiao Bei as his equal, because the difference in their prowess was too great.

Imagine if your pet mouse confidently told you that it would solve a difficult problem for you.

Wei Xiao Bei closed his eyes and felt that Ao Yan was not in great danger.

Just as Ao Yan said, he was of no help at the moment. Why not smelt himself in the magma to increase his fire resistance.

At the thought of this, he jumped into the magma.

As his body was submerged in the magma, an intensive heat penetrated his skin and entered his body.


He almost jumped out of the magma.

Although the magma was merely crimson, it was much hotter than magma in the real world. It was even hotter than those in the Fire Dragon Excrement Lake.

Fortunately, his fire resistance was already raised to medium. He could barely endure such heat.

Of course, even so, his skin was turning white rapidly, before becoming charred.

As his skin was burned, Wei Xiao Bei’s strong regeneration ability kicked in. His skin and connective tissues began regenerating continuously.

Such a level of pain was not bearable for an ordinary person.

Wei Xiao Bei felt that it was not good enough to just dip his body inside, so he submerged his head into the magma as well.

Immediately, the burning hot magma flowed through his tender airway and entered his body.

This was totally a new kind of pain.

Fortunately, all kind of pain was a marker of continuous growth in power for him. Such thought made him fearless to pain.

Anyway, the most that the magma could do was to cook up his airway. With his regenerative capability, he could recover in a short while.

“Are you okay?”

Ao Yan’s voice came through the magma even before two minutes passed.

Now, Wei Xiao Bei’s ears were scorching, how could they still hear anything?

But since he had perception as high as 43, any sound that was within the range of his [Response Pulse] could still enter his mind directly, as long as he was willing to listen.

Even if all his auditory nerves were destroyed, it would not affect his [Response Pulse], let alone his ear being cooked.

“I’m okay.”

Wei Xiao Bei popped his head out of the magma, his head was already bald. Although his hair was even harder than steel wire, it still could not last long in the magma. It was weaker compared to his skin.

After seeing Wei Xiao Bei’s appearance, Ao Yan laughed immediately. Although his voice was unpleasant to hear, he was laughing indeed.

“If you have nothing to do, have a chat with me. This transformation is tough to bear.”

Ao Yan complained as he gritted his fangs.

Wei Xiao Bei would not reject him. Anyway, he was just dipping himself in the magma, his fire resistance would not increase that quickly.

Once they began their conversation, Wei Xiao Bei realized that Ao Yan had become a complainer.

He kept on grumbling.

He grumbled about his mother, his father, even his own siblings.

Gradually, Wei Xiao Bei learned a few things from Ao Yan’s words.

Honestly, he was quite confused the first time he met Ao Yan.

Why the hell does Ao Yan stay here alone?

As mentioned before, calculating based on the age of a true Dragon, Ao Yan was likely an 8-year-old kid.

His mother was a Fire Jiao Dragon, Wei Xiao Bei did not know much about Fire Jiao Dragons. However, Wei Xiao Bei was very familiar with Ao Yan’s father, Dragon King of the West Sea.

Yes, of course, the familiarity comes from Journey to the West.

A teacher’s journey to the West together with his 3 disciples and a horse to fetch some scriptures. Wei Xiao Bei was very familiar with the story.

That horse was the son of the Dragon King of the West Sea, Ao Lie!

This guy destroyed the pearl that the Jade Emperor gave him with fire because he was so enraged that his wife had an affair with the Nine-Headed Hydra. As a result, his father reported it to the Heavenly Court and accused him of rebellion.

As such, the Jaded Emperor was extremely furious. He sent soldiers to capture Ao Lie. If it were not for the merciful intercession of Guan In Bodhisattva, he would have been executed.

Finally, Ao Lie became the White Dragon horse and was converted to Buddhism. He carried Tang San Zang to get the true scriptures and was granted the title of Ba Bu Tian Long Guang Li Boddhisattva.

Not questioning whether he was right to vent his anger on his treasures because his wife had an extra-marital affair, it was apparent that the Dragon King of the West Sea was on very bad terms with his son.

It was easy to see. His own daughter-in-law had an extra-marital affair, but he sent his own son to be executed instead. What father does that?

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