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«The City of Terror (Web Novel) - Chapter 629 - The Real World’s Effect on the Dust World

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Chapter 629 - The Real World’s Effect on the Dust World

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The resulting Soft Armors were flexible with tenacity and were able to reduce incoming damage by a great measure. They also had fire damage effects.

When attacking the armor wearer with a certain amount of strength, the body-fitting Soft Armors would shoot out flames in defense, damaging the enemy.

Such an unexpected result surprised Wei Xiao Bei a little, but he also felt that it was a pity, because such effects were doubtlessly a little like chicken ribs.

Note: “chicken ribs” is a slang used to describe things that are quite pointless or without value, but one cannot bear to throw away either.

The flames that shot out were not high-temperature flames. Although they were enough to deal with ordinary human beings, to the stronger monsters, it would at most result in some burns, which were merely a minor deterrent.

However, for Wei Xiao Bei, forging itself was an experimental process.

He could not forge any of the Magical Artifacts with the knowledge that Ao Yan passed down to him.

He could merely imitate their effects.

Moreover, each talisman might complement the different characteristics of the materials. As such, he would not know the effects of the items that he forged.

The Fire Crow was a weaker monster, which naturally resulted in a weaker flame effect on the Soft Armor.

Wei Xiao Bei thought about it and finally reluctantly decided to take out the Crimson Pheasant Egg from his storage bracelet and put it into the Dragon Fire Cauldron.

He had about 160 Fire Crow Eggs left, so it was not painful for him to waste some.

But the Crimson Pheasant Egg was different. He only had 11 of them. Initially, he intended to incubate these Crimson Pheasant Eggs to see if he could hatch some little Crimson Pheasants.

Now, to make breakthroughs in forging, he had to reluctantly let go of them.

What came next did not need much explanation. He just needed to melt the materials to increase their purity. However, the Crimson Pheasant Egg did not need to be melted. He only needed to add in the egg when the Soft Armor took form.

The final product had a bump on the chest area, which was a little unsightly.

This was also because Wei Xiao Bei was not good at forging, so he could not merge the Crimson Pheasant Egg and the Soft Armor completely.

However, the Soft Armor had an extra ignition effect.

Simply put, it was to activate the Crimson Pheasant Egg at times of crisis to set the enemy aflame.

Of course, this could only be used once. Once it was used, the life force within the Crimson Pheasant Egg would be siphoned out. The egg itself would then crack on its own.

Yet because of this, the Soft Armor had one more life-saving ability.

He counted the number of his disciples and realized that he had to endure the pain of sacrificing 3 more Crimson Pheasant Eggs to add this effect to other Soft Armors.

Wei Xiao Bei then distributed the 4 Soft Armors with the ignition effect to Zhu Xin Yi, Huang Kun, Che Mei Han, and Zhang Zhi Long, respectively.

This equaled the position they had in Wei Xiao Bei’s heart. Xiao Bai Ling, Andre, and the others were less important to him, so they received the normal Soft Armors.

Even so, these people jumped in joy when they received the Soft Armors.

Even these ordinary Soft Armors could provide decent defensive power after all. They could at least protect vital organs like the heart.

After a month of forging, Wei Xiao Bei still intended to forge more things. However, all of a sudden, he felt a throb in his heart, as though something big was about to happen.

However, when Wei Xiao Bei called everyone close to him, there wasn’t anything unusual.

Even the core disciples who Huang Kun brought into the Dust World were doing fine.

Instead, the Great Curved-Blades received good comments among the core disciples unilaterally.

Especially those who entered into the Dust World before. They loved the great blades.

Previously, when they entered the Dust World, the most they had was a horrible metal rod as a weapon, which they picked up from the ruins. Compared to the metal rods, the Great Blades were other-worldly.

But this made Wei Xiao Bei a little confused.

What could be the problem?

After some thought, Wei Xiao Bei bit his teeth and activated [Budging the Universe].

As [Budging the Universe] was activated, 1,000 Evolution Points were quickly depleted.

In the next moment, a vision that was a little blurry appeared in Wei Xiao Bei’s mind.

He knew about this process the previous time he activated this power.

Such a vision was formed by countless visions of the future. Simply put, WDQK was somewhat related to foretelling.

The [Gods and Ghosts at Work] that was derived from the intuition attribute was also considered a foretelling ability, but it had much more instability. Wei Xiao Bei did not know when this ability would be activated too.

Of course, when he was about to encounter extreme danger, it would be activated automatically.

As he concentrated on the vision, it gradually became clearer.

[Budging the Universe]’s effect was, when evaluating the future, present, and past events, the user would neglect the impact of secondary details from the big picture. As such, it had higher accuracy in determining future events, pointing the user to the core of the thing or the event itself!

At the same time, it could slightly affect the destiny of the thing or event.

The gradual clarity of the vision was the manifestation of such a process of determination.

Soon, Wei Xiao Bei realized that in the vision, there was a Fire Dragon, a lightning strike that came from the sky, then the silhouette of a person stormed out from behind the Fire Dragon… then, the vision faded away.

Other than this scene, nothing else appeared.

It pointed to the core of the event!

As the vision slowly faded away, Wei Xiao Bei immediately understood that the sudden throbbing of his heart was somewhat related to the Fire Dragon, Ao Yan.

Based on the vision, something could be happening to Ao Yan.

At the thought of this, Wei Xiao Bei no longer felt like forging. He immediately summoned Huang Kun and passed the items he forged over to him. After he gave some instructions, he returned to his room. He shut his doors, took out some white wine, and began gulping down the wine.

As Wei Xiao Bei regained consciousness and saw the worn out room, he could help but sigh.

If he had the choice, he did not want to enter into the Dust World inside the Dojo.

Previously, he had already offended Flying Double-Edged Sword deeply when he attracted the Mutated Farmer’s Market here. This trip might end up causing big trouble for him again.

But Wei Xiao Bei knew that by the time he reached apartment street to enter the Dust World, it would be too late.

Of course, the best way was to exit the Dojo and enter the Dust World in the small alley.

But there might be people who would see his transparent body and begin taking pictures with their phones out of horror.

The internet space was so advanced that he heard that one could upload photos onto Weibo at any time.

If that happened, Wei Xiao Bei would become famous immediately.

As such thoughts continue to run wild in his mind, Wei Xiao Bei stepped out of the house and walked along the corridor briskly.

After coming to the end of the corridor, the wooden training dummies were already respawned in full number on the practice ground outside. Among the more than 200 wooden training dummies, some stood without moving, some were loitering around. There were even those that moved away when Wei Xiao Bei drew closer.


After he saw this, he was a little surprised.

For Wei Xiao Bei, whose eyes were open, everything he saw was a scene of numbers. He was already used to it.

What made Wei Xiao Bei surprised was that the wooden training dummies were different from before.

Their bodies were entirely made of wooden previously, but now they had a thin metal plate on their knees, wrists, and other joint areas. Moreover, the facial features on their heads became much clearer.

Such a transformation led to another change. The wooden training dummy was a 2-Star Elite originally, but now they became 2-Star Terrors.

After this transformation, Wei Xiao Bei immediately had many thoughts.

Doubtlessly, the transformation of these wooden training dummies was not without a cause.

After going through everything that happened in his thought, he suddenly realized the likely cause of this transformation.

Remember previously, when Huang Kun leveled up to 2-Star Terrors, he accidentally broke a wooden training dummy when he was training. Considering that those in the Dojo were no longer ordinary people, the training dummies needed a revamp as well. So, Wei Xiao Bei gave instructions to coat the dummies with metal plates.

This was unexpected for Wei Xiao Bei. When the dummies in the real world were coated with metal plates, the wooden training dummies in the Dust World were covered with metal plates too. Also, their power was increased.

But the extent of the real world’s effect on the Dust World was so significant?

How come the famous movie in Cui Hu City, ‘Jing Ke’s Assassination of the Qin Emperor’ was not shown in the Dust World?

He had to admit that, although he caught some principles of the real world’s effect on the Dust World, he still felt that something was amiss.

Countless thoughts were going through his mind, but only moments had passed.

Forget it. Don’t overthink it. It’s making my mind messy.

Wei Xiao Bei sighed quietly as he stepped out into the practice ground. He jumped onto the wooden training dummies that were gathering around him. As his right hand grasped, a Great Spear appeared. After streams of silver light circled around him, the Great Spear transformed into a Great Bow!

Even the Great Bow was not something that the wooden training dummy could deal with.

As he swung the Great Bow about, the hair-thin bowstring cut through the necks of the wooden training dummies.

Without making a sound, the wooden training dummies were decapitated. Their heads flung out.

Within 10 breaths time, the more than 30 wooden training dummies were cut into pieces of wood by the bowstring. The hearts of the dummies that were the size of a thumb even appeared on some wood fragments.


As Wei Xiao Bei’s hand swept past the wood fragments, the fragments, along with the hearts, disappeared into his storage bracelet.

In the silence, a massive stone gate appeared. Wei Xiao Bei charged over and entered the stone gate without hesitation.

At this moment, the wooden door of the inner practice ground opened slowly. A red beam of light shot out and penetrated the stone gate that was disappearing and struck the ground, leaving a crater behind.

At this moment, Wei Xiao Bei had already appeared outside the dojo walls and moved quickly away from the Dojo. At the same time, he summoned the White Mist Draconic Horse and jumped onto it. The horse then transformed into a beam of light and disappeared from the street.

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