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«The City of Terror (Web Novel) - Chapter 628 - – A Horde of Great Curved-blade Soldiers

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Chapter 628 - - A Horde of Great Curved-blade Soldiers

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Everyone burst into a commotion. A trainer who was very agile quickly caught the metal ball.

After that, the group of people went to surround it.

They stretched their hands to touch it. It was a metal ball!

Although it looked rather ugly, it was a real metal ball, and it was massive. The handprint that Wei Xiao Bei left when he was crushing it was still visible. This ruled out the possibility of a mere trick of illusion.

That was not the end. Wei Xiao Bei pressed his hands on a table. Once he exerted strength, the wooden table sank into the cement floor two inches deep!

Previously, when Wei Xiao Bei crushed the metal pole and rolled it into a ball, they could still explain it by saying that he had innate super strength. But this was not something that could be done by mere strength.

Martial Arts Grand Scholar!

The trainers who were more learned in terms of martial arts looked at Wei Xiao Bei with respect and excitement immediately.

Someone even could not hold it and cried out.

“Brother Jun, what is a Martial Arts Grand Scholar?”

In such chaotic excitement, it was natural for some ignorant but curious person to ask those who knew.


“You don’t know about Martial Arts Grand Scholars?

“You should at least know Martial Arts Scholar?”

Those who knew reprimanded impatiently.

Martial Art Scholars were much more widely known. After all, training martial arts was not the only thing they did in the training camp. During breaks, the trainers would also help the trainees to learn more about martial art and other rumors.

“I know, I know. Someone powerful with Neutral Jing!

“Every movement can be made into a weapon!”

“Martial Arts Grand scholars are more powerful than Neutral Jing. He is at the level of Cosmic Jing!”

“He breaths out Sword Qi!”

“He can emanate Qi externally.”

At once, the trainers who knew about Martial Arts Grand Scholars began sharing their knowledge with the rest.

After learning about what a Martial Arts Grand Scholar was, some people raised their hands very boldly.

Wei Xiao Bei was relieved after he saw how excited those trainers were. It was his first time recruiting people, after all. It would be shameful if he merely recruited a few. So, he smiled and asked after seeing hands raised, “Yes?”

“Dojo owner, I heard that you are a Martial Arts Grand Scholar. Could you show us shooting Sword Qi from your mouth?”

This guy was clearly not that bright. His action and speech did not go through his brain first.

In an instant, the idiot was dragged away by those around him.

“Are you stupid enough to speak to the Martial Arts Grand Scholar like that?”

Indeed, if it was anyone else, no matter how forgiving they were, he would at least feel somewhat uncomfortable being treated as a mere performer at some festival.

However, at this moment, the more awed they were, the better it would be for recruiting later on.

As such, Wei Xiao Bei was not angry but nodded with a smile. He pointed to a chandelier above them and said, “Look carefully.”

The luxurious chandelier that hung from the ceiling was at least two meters in radius.

Those who were quick in thinking could more or less guess what Wei Xiao Bei was about to do.

But the slower ones were still looking sheepishly at the chandelier and did not understand what he was about to do.

“Whoosh! Pfftt!”

Wei Xiao Bei took a light breath, and the inner Qi in his body channeled with increasing speed.

His chest expanded slightly in an instant, and the next moment, he let out a small cry. Then a stream of white air took shape and was shot out from his mouth, hitting the chandelier in the blink of an eye.


A loud noise of glass breaking resounded through the hall. The chandelier exploded in the blink of an eye because of the white air. Fragments of glasses shot in all directions, dispersing the group of people underneath it who ran out of fear.

Finally, the chandelier swayed a few times before felling straight down and crashed into pieces on to the floor.

At this moment, everyone looked at Wei Xiao Bei with burning passion in their eyes. He must be a living legend!

Wei Xiao Bei only spoke with a smile after everyone had calmed down, “Are you willing to follow me?”


“We are willing!”

The dolt who spoke just now was the first to jump out with a face full of exhilaration, which made Wei Xiao Bei think that this person was someone he had previously arranged for a show.

However, Wei Xiao Bei knew that neither he nor Wei Xing Wu planned this beforehand.

Once there was the first, the second followed, but not all had such enthusiasm.

So, the next step was to throw out his big weapon, which was the terms of treatment.

All who were willing to follow him, be it trainees or trainers, would receive an overseas bungalow each!

Also, salaries and rewards will be given based on their capabilities.

Doubtlessly, this removed the doubts of those who hesitated.

Moreover, Wei Xiao Bei spoke to them about the Dust World. Of course, among these people, some could enter the Dust World, but many did not know about its existence.

However, those who had some brain would understand the Dust World and the strange things that were happening.

Although many did not think that the world would turn chaotic, following Wei Xiao Bei had more assurance in all aspects, regardless of whether the world was thriving or in chaos.

The first batch of people, 57 in total, were all his.

Yes, because there were not enough residences in the dojo, their special training was still located in the training camp eventually. But from now on, they had a different identity.

The head trainer of the special training was Zhao Guang, while the assistant trainer was Huang Kun. Those who were better were appointed as group leaders.

Finally, when it was ending, Wei Xiao Bei said something that left everyone in shock, “Later, go to the finance office to collect your settle-in allowance. Each person will receive 500,000. It would be best to bring all of your family members here to facilitate relocation to Wei Family Island.”

A settle-in allowance of 500,000?

Such generosity!

Twenty-seven million was handed out in a moment.

Instantly, many people’s loyalty grew toward Wei Xiao Bei.

Well, people were like this. No matter how much you spoke to them, money was always more important.

With this sum of money, the worries of many dissipated.

This was also the reason why Wei Xiao Bei asked Zhu Xin Yi to choose people who came from poor families as core disciples.

500,000 was a considerable sum of money to people from poor families. However, to those who came from wealthy families, it was merely a living allowance for a few months.

It was very reasonable that under the same welfare, those who came from poor families would be much more grateful toward him than those from wealthy families.

After giving some instructions about the special training to Huang Kun and Zhao Guang, Wei Xiao Bei left the training camp.

After returning to his Dojo, Wei Xiao Bei took out his Dragon Fire Cauldron and checked his storage bangle. This time, there wasn’t much space left in the storage bangle.

At the Wei Family Island, he took all the materials that Zhu Xin Yi and others collected in the Dust World. Here, he took all the materials from Huang Kun and the rest as well.

He had to admit that, because Zhu Xin Yi and Huang Kun were weaker than him, the materials they collected could not be compared to those he collected.

This time, Wei Xiao Bei intended to forge some weapons for the core disciples to use when they entered the Dust World. However, he did not have the time to collect low-level materials, so he could only take from his disciples.

“Giant black scorpion shell, wooden training dummy fragments, zombie canine tooth…”

After putting some of the materials into the Dragon Fire Cauldron, he lit the Dragon Fire.

Since the quality of the materials was too low, they melted into liquids of different colors once in contact with the Fire Dragon that the Dragon Fire transformed into. Slightly increasing the purity a few times gave them form. Then, he used the Fire Dragon to formulate a Sharpness Talisman and embed it into the weapons. Finally, the weapons were completed.

The first batch of weapons consisted of 12 Great Blades. Such weapons were suitable for melee combat. Compared to other weapons, they were much more suitable for the Dust World.

Few could master Great Spears, after all. It was much easier and quicker to train in blade-wielding.

There was a saying in the martial arts world, “A year for the curved-blade, a month for the staff, and a life-time for the spear!”

It was quickest to train staff-wielding, but compared to curved-blades, staff dealt much lesser damage.

As such, Wei Xiao Bei chose to forge Great Curved-Blades. And the Curved Blade had an advantage. By attaching a pole at the hilt of the Great Curved Blade, it would become a Guandao, which was the kind of Green Dragon Crescent Blade that people always spoke of. It would then be suitable for slashing at mid-range, increased attack range. In a group battle, its power was more than enough to defeat monsters that were equal or lower level.

Since the quality of the materials was lower, the Curved-Blade that was produced was only normal quality. But because a Sharpness Talisman was embedded to them, the Curved-Blades’ edges were much sharper than those that were made from metal alloys.

Wei Xiao Bei tested out the Curved-Blades with normal human strength. They could split a finger-thick iron rod into half.

This was considered good.

After this, Wei Xiao Bei forged weapons from the materials available. The following blades had different qualities.

Some were of high quality, some were normal. Even at the same level of quality, they still differed in some ways.

The best batch of Great Blades was made when he added Dragon Dung Stone, together with a little of the Sacred Beetle Shell, and some Fire Crow Feathers.

This batch of Giant Blades was the strongest. Even when they were used to slash the spears of the same batch as the Divine White Mist Great Spear, they did not chip. Moreover, they could inject Fire Poison in enemies hit with them. Once afflicted with the poison, the enemy’s body temperature would increase, thus weakening the enemy’s battle prowess.

The worst Great Blades would be given to the core disciples before they entered the Dust World. As for the best ones, they would be distributed based on their performance.

They had to submit all materials they collected each time they entered the Dust World. After a certain amount, they would receive items that Wei Xiao Bei forged.

Wei Xiao Bei did not plan to make it complicated. As Huang Kun said, it would be best to have a point system. Exchange points with materials, then exchange items with points.

However, Wei Xiao Bei felt that this was too troublesome. It would take all his time to assign different points to each material.

There were such a vast plethora of monsters in the Dust World, and so were the materials.

Wei Xiao Bei already spent much time forging the weapons. Other than the Great Curved-Blades, he also made some body-fitting soft armor.

These armors were made from Sacred Beetle Shell and Python Skins. During the trial forging period initially, Wei Xiao Bei intentionally put in some Dragon Dung Stones and 2 Fire Crow Feathers.

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