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«The City of Terror (Web Novel) - Chapter 627 - Spending Money Like Running Water

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Chapter 627 - Spending Money Like Running Water

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Because Wei Xiao Bei had previously given his instructions, the Wei Family Island’s construction was left to a Chinese construction company.

If it was a construction company from abroad, then the price would probably double.

500 meters away from the dock was an area for villas. This area’s construction was a lot cheaper compared to the dock.

From there until the west side of the island were construction workers busily flattening the land and spreading soil that was taken from mainland China.

This could not be helped. Although the Wei Family Island was partially covered in soil, there was no water supply, making the soil quality inferior and unusable.

If the soil was taken from China, then it would not cost a lot of money, but the country was full of islands. Taking soil from anywhere there would cost more money compared to China.

The original budget for this work was only 20 million USD, but as the work progressed, the price kept on increasing.

This could not be helped. The Wei Family Island’s area was no less than 23 square kilometers. As for the area that was to be covered up in soil, it was initially only the villa area.

After all, the architect considered that only the villa needed some soil to plant some flowers and plants.

However, Zhu Xin Yi knew that the Wei Family Island was going to be used as a place of refuge and immediately let the architect redraw the plans, making the soil cover the entire island. It could be said that other than the beach, the rest of the land should be covered in soil.

Just like that, the area covered by soil expanded significantly.

The thickness of the covered soil was to be more than 1 inch, making the density of the soil 2.6 grams per cubic centimeter.

In simpler terms, the total weight of soil required was around 10,000 tons.

On the other hand, using a large ship to deliver 10,000 tons of soil and the workforce was a total of 110 million USD.

Additionally, although the main soil used was taken from mountains and forests, making it cheaper, the digging, as well as transportation of the soil from the port, required money too. Adding everything together came to an estimate of 200 million USD.

However, this was all worth it. With this soil, trees could be planted on the Wei Family Island. Only then could it become an island habitable by people.

Calculating everything including the miscellaneous costs came to around 400 million USD.

With that said, Shan Bing had exerted a lot of force. He had introduced construction companies to Wei Xiao Bei. Naturally, the workers were mostly from the Hua Yang Group.

Call the devil and he comes.

Wei Xiao Bei had not been on the island for a long time when a speed boat approached the island. Shan Bing jumped down from the speed boat and happily charged toward Wei Xiao Bei upon seeing him.

“Why is he here?”

When Wei Xiao Bei asked the question, Shan Bing explained the situation.

It appeared that Shan Bing had come to Lucenia to buy an island for the Hua Yang Group. Moreover, the company had already settled the particulars of the purchase.

Wei Xiao Bei also came to an understanding.

After the disappearance case at the Wild Doors, Hua Yang Group was in a struggling state. Although Wei Xiao Bei had mostly settled the situation, the Hua Yang Group had also paid a lot of settlement money and compensation, let alone the situation where assassins were sent to kill Shan Bing.

Perhaps guessing that Wei Xiao Bei was using the island as an escape route, Shan bing also followed suit.

Other countries simply could not compare.

The most important point was that Wei Xiao Bei was there!

“You are quite clever.”

Wei Xiao Bei shook his head. He did not rebuke Shan Bing’s actions as Shan Bing only wanted an escape route.

At nightfall, Wei Xiao Bei attended Tamasla’s banquet and told him that he planned to buy the nearby islands.

Toward his request, Tamasla nodded his head, expressing that he would tell his father.

After all, out of the surrounding islands, only one of them belonged to Tamasla while the other four were the King’s properties.

In the next period of time, Wei Xiao Bei attended many banquets. There were those with the King’s invitation, some from the Crown Prince, there were even some from the Queen and Cabinet Ministers.

This made the process of buying the islands smoother. The price was not low, costing him a total of 600 million USD.

With that said, the total area of these 5 islands was not even a third of the Wei Family Island, but the area was not the only thing to be considered when buying the islands, there were also territorial waters and other aspects.

When Wei Xiao Bei left Lucenia, his bank account was reduced by 1.1 billion USD.

Out of this, 600 million was used for the Wei Family Island while 200 million was allocated to Zhu Xin Yi for future use.

On the flight back to Cui Hu City, Wei Xiao Bei was looking at the island.

With his eyesight, he could see some things on the island and noted the problems on his tablet.

When the passenger plane landed, Wei Xiao Bei sent the problems to Zhu Xin Yi.

After obtaining them, Zhu Xin Yi made a call and admitted that it due to her own insufficiencies.

On the other hand, Wei Xiao Bei consoled her.

After all, Zhu Xin Yi did not have [Enlightenment] or other skills that Wei Xiao Bei had to do these kinds of detailed inspections.

As the Master, Wei Xiao Bei needed to help and point out some strange parts as a necessity.

Naturally, budget problems were not non-exist. The biggest problem was the unreached standard of quality.

Wei Xiao Bei did not mind spending some money, but the quality had to be up to his standard. He did not want problems to occur once his family and friends began living there.

As for those who dared to do sloppy work, Wei Xiao Bei left them to Zhu Xin Yi to deal with. It must be known that in order to guarantee smooth construction, he hired some lawyers of the Hua Yang Group.

These lawyers did not need to go to the island to earn their wages, but now was the time for them to make their move.

The first thing that Wei Xiao Bei did after leaving the island was not to return to the Dojo, but call Huang Kun and the others before directly going to the security company’s training grounds.

When Wei Xiao Bei reached the place, Wei Xing Wu, Huang Kun, Zhao Guang, and the others were already waiting. When they saw Wei Xiao Bei get out of his car, they all welcomed him.

During normal times, Huang Kun, Zhao Guang, and the others would come to the training grounds to teach some students.

“Let’s go to your office.”

Wei Xiao Bei patted Wei Xing Wu’s shoulder. In this period of time, Wei Xing Wu had become thinner, showing that he was dealing with quite a bit of pressure from work.

After entering Wei Xing Wu’s office, Wei Xing Wu knew what Wei Xiao Bei had come for. He opened the safe and took out a tablet computer.

This tablet computer-stored information on everyone who used the training grounds. Moreover, daily updates on their current situation were also recorded.

The reason Wei Xiao Bei came here was to pick out some core disciples.

From the start of the selection until now, two months had passed, and the core disciple selection was more or less formed.

In simpler terms, he needed to meet them, then bring them back to the Dojo for specialized training.

In Wei Xing Wu’s eyes, Wei Xiao Bei’s inspected so fast that he could not see Wei Xiao Bei’s finger moving back and forth.

Naturally, Wei Xiao Bei wasn’t even going his fastest, after all, the response of the computer needed to be taken into account.

From the material, the first batch of core disciples who Zhu Xin Yi chose was not bad. At least in terms of character, they barely passed.

“Xing Wu, lead the way. Let us go take a look.”

After passing back the tablet, he immediately got up and walked out.

On the other hand, Wei Xing Wu quickly placed the tablet back in the safe before catching up.

Because of Wei Xiao Bei’s investments, the training ground had been changed drastically. There were even many apparatuses at the ready.

The students were all separated according to strength.

Some of the students were in a square formation as they trained the basic movements of fighting. The higher leveled students were training techniques that were passed down to them.

After circling some of the training grounds, Wei Xiao Bei nodded his head at Wei Xing Wu. Wei Xing Wu immediately understood. He took out a few lists and passed them to the instructors.

Soon, the students listed were called up to the conference room at the top of the building.

These core disciple candidates did not know that they had been chosen. Thus, when they were called out, they were puzzled and wondered what was happening.

They all looked at each other. There were some original students of the dojo, some new students, and even some instructors. Moreover, these people were not considered the strongest among all the students.

When Wei Xiao Bei appeared, everyone stopped whispering.

In order to attract these people to become core disciples, Wei Xiao Bei had thought of many things, but chose the most direct method in the end.

After walking to the top of the platform, Wei Xiao Bei took out a thick iron rod. He used his hands to twist the iron rod into a pretzel.

Seeing this, everyone was stunned at the mighty display of power!

Afterward, Wei Xiao Bei kneaded the pretzel into an iron ball and passed it to the crowd.

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