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«The City of Terror (Web Novel) - Chapter 631 - Playing Himself To The Beat Of Death

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Chapter 631 - Playing Himself To The Beat Of Death

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However, no matter what, logically speaking, Ao Yan should have been living in the Dragon Palace of the West Seas instead of here.

Was this guy exiled?

Wei Xiao Bei had a thought in his mind.

Or else, it would be tough to explain everything. Moreover, he could see many problems with Ao Yan’s attitude toward him.

Ao Yan’s behavior was a typical example of a stay-behind-child. He was sensitive and had a strong sense of pride. Once someone opened their heart to him, they would easily become friends.

Note: “Stay-behind-child” refers to a child who is neglected by parents because they have to work for long hours or away from home to support the family.

Of course, to open one’s heart toward a 100-meter-long Dragon was not something easy. Or else, Ao Yan would have more friends than Wei Xiao Bei alone.

Or is he a bastard?

Thoughts continued to flash in his mind, but he quickly began to feel hungry.

He took out a few skewers of roasted meat from his storage bracelet. He waved his hands at Ao Yan to see if he wanted some food.

To Wei Xiao Bei’s surprise, the all-time glutton shook his head this time, with a face full of bitterness, “You eat. I can’t eat now.”

Wei Xiao Bei did not know much about the taboos during a Dragon transformation. Since Ao Yan did not want to eat, he did not try to convince him any further before stuffing the meat into his own mouth and recovered stamina and nutrients that had been depleted because of his fast recovery.

Submerging himself in the magma also consumed a lot of food.

Wei Xiao Bei felt fortunate that he made a lot of roasted meat and kept them in the storage bracelet.

Within an hour, Wei Xiao Bei ate enough meat to feed 100 people.

But such consumption was worth it, as he could clearly feel that his fire resistance was increasing gradually.

After an hour, the magma that surrounded him could no longer do any damage to his skin.

Wei Xiao Bei moved his legs in the magma and walked some distance toward Ao Yan. He stopped only when his skin could no longer take it.

So, Wei Xiao Bei moved closer to Ao Yan at intervals, which allowed the hotter magma to wash over his body, improving his fire resistance.

Slowly, the distance between Wei Xiao Bei and Ao Yan was shortened to less than 100 meters from the 200 meters previously.

At this moment, Ao Yan spoke much less than before. The pain of his transformation was a great burden for him, and when he spoke, his voice was trembling.

At such a distance, Wei Xiao Bei could see that the Dragon Scales on Ao Yan’s body were discoloring. Compared to before, they looked very old.

Suddenly, a scale dropped from Ao Yan’s body, and the moment it hit the magma, it was set aflame and quickly melted into the magma.

Because of this, Wei Xiao Bei could clearly sense that the temperature of the magma had increased tremendously, and his muscles were half-cooked. He quickly took out a Lesser Spring Water of Youth from his storage bracelet and drank it in fear.

Compared to other people, although Wei Xiao Bei would still have some hidden injuries after consuming the Lesser Spring Water of Youth, the hidden injuries would dissipate with time as the Inner Qi within his body continued to channel.

Moreover, with his enhanced recovery speed, the effect of the Lesser Spring Water of Youth would have much more effect on him.

The magma’s temperature began to fall only after a while.

“Good stuff!”

A gulp sound could be heard from Ao Yan.

He was staring blankly at Wei Xiao Bei’s right hand. It was the storage bracelet.

“Do you want one? It can increase your rate of recovery.”

Wei Xiao Bei saw that the skin area from which the scale fell was extremely tender. It was even torn because the scale dropped. Blood could be seen from the wound.

For creatures with scales, this was considered the greatest pain.

The pain of removing scales!

“If you have extra, give me some. I will use them after I transform. I’m afraid there will be big troubles coming.”

Ao Yan was at a loss, but then he shook his head and muttered.

Big troubles coming to him?

Wei Xiao Bei was at a loss too. He instinctively thought about the lightning he saw when he activated [Budging the Universe].

Could it be the so-called heavenly catastrophe?

This was the fortunate thing to live in the age of information.

He could have some understanding of everything he encountered.

After some thought, Wei Xiao Bei took out a jar from his storage bracelet. This was what he forged back at the Dojo. He intended to use it to make soy sauce, but now, it could be used to hold the Lesser Spring Water of Youth.

Without any hesitation, he took out 3000ml of Lesser Spring Water of Youth and poured it into the jar.

Ao Yan’s body was too huge after all. Even with all the Lesser Spring Water of Youth Wei Xiao Bei had, which was 3616ml, it could only fill up a little more than 3 cups.

Wei Xiao Bei was worried that it was not enough for Ao Yan, so he put in all the World Tree Sap, regardless of the quality.

3200ml of the normal quality Lesser World Tree Sap, 1200ml of the high-quality Lesser World Tree Sap, and 650ml of the Excellent World Tree Sap.

He poured in everything he had!

If he had not planned to keep some Lesser Spring Water of Youth for his family, Wei Xiao Bei would have poured all of it into the jar as well.

After that, Wei Xiao Bei called out to Ao Yan and threw the jar toward him.

Ao Yan’s tongue was extremely agile and it wrapped around the incoming jar mid-air. He then kept the jar in his mouth.

For Ao Yan, inside his mouth was the safest place to store things. If he were to catch the jar with his claws, he might have destroyed it.

Ao Yan did not say anything to express his thankfulness, but his gratitude could be seen from how he looked at Wei Xiao Bei.

After that, Wei Xiao Bei could no longer worry about Ao Yan.

The reason was simple. Another scale dropped into the magma, which made the magma even hotter.

The most deadly about this was, another scale dropped following this one.

Oh, crap!

Wei Xiao Bei knew that Ao Yan had no control over his scales dropping. He was just unlucky.

After the two scales dropped consecutively, the magma began to boil.

At this moment, Wei Xiao Bei felt as though he fell into the magma. Well, this sounded like a bad analogy, but Wei Xiao Bei really like this.

Yes, he did not feel like this previously, he only had some burning sensations.

But now, he truly felt the extreme temperature of the scorching magma.

Right. It seemed like there was a chain reaction. Plop, plop, plop… Another three scales fell into the magma.

At this moment, a red fire mist was rising from the magma.

The magma was turning into gas form at such a high temperature.

What would happen if an ordinary person fell into the magma?

It was happening to Wei Xiao Bei right now.

In an instant, Wei Xiao Bei’s sight blacked out. His eyes were burned, his arms lost the sense of pain because his nerves were burned to ashes. It was the same for his legs, chest, and bones…

Within a dozen seconds, more than half of Wei Xiao Bei’s body was burned away, including his bones. Eventually, only his head was left floating on the magma.

Within a dozen seconds, Wei Xiao Bei only did one thing. Based on his instinct, he took out a bead from his storage bracelet and put it into his mouth.

Of course, the storage bracelet was also put into his mouth. He was worried about dropping the bracelet because that would mean big trouble.

As he placed the bead into his mouth, his head was saved.

However, Wei Xiao Bei was a little dumbfounded. Although his head was safe, without the other body parts, even if he could grow back his those parts, he would not be able to endure much longer.

Lesser Spring Water of Youth?

Don’t joke about it! It would not be enough to help him recover in magma this hot, even if he had all the Lesser Spring Water of Youth.

Moreover, the aggressive magma was still gradually invading his body.

Just when Wei Xiao Bei felt that he was going to die, he somehow heard Ao Yan’s shout something in shock, before roaring, “Catch!”

Catch what?

Fortunately, even though Wei Xiao Bei was only left with his head, his Response Pulse and Electromagnetic Field were still there. Although they were much weakened, he could still sense something flying over to him with his two sensing abilities.

Wei Xiao Bei had no limbs, so he opened his mouth instinctively.


A ball of liquid entered his mouth before he quickly shut it tight. The liquid traveling at high velocity knocked out half of his teeth in an instant.

At the same time, the liquid was of extreme temperature. It immediately charred Wei Xiao Bei’s tongues and oral membranes. He only felt the burning sensation without any taste, so he did not know what the liquid is.

It did not feel good at all, but he continued to keep his mouth shut.

At this moment, he could only take a gamble and hope that Ao Yan was reliable. Or else, he would be dead.

Just when Wei Xiao Bei was about to be decimated from both inside and outside, the bead inside his mouth touched the liquid that Ao Yan shot over. In an instant, the bead began to heat up.

But Wei Xiao Bei could feel that this heat was different from the heat of the magma.

Wherever the heat traveled to, the pain would disappear. Wei Xiao Bei’s sensation in his mouth was recovered in an instant and a taste of blood entered his mind immediately.

It’s blood?

After this, his eyes recovered quickly, too, returning his sight.

The bead continued to emanate heat, causing the skin of his head to recover. Even his spine that was yet to be burned away began to feel itchy.

Following this, Wei Xiao Bei was appalled to realize that his spine continued to grow downward and that during this process, the magma that came into contact with him cooled down quickly and condensed into volcanic rock.

This meant that the heat from the magma was totally absorbed by his body and was converted into the nutrients and energy needed for his body’s regrowth.

As his spine grew back, his ribs, shoulder bones, leg bones, and the other bones gradually began to grow back too.

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