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«The City of Terror (Web Novel) - Chapter 624 - The Occasional Loss of Moral Principle

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Chapter 624 - The Occasional Loss of Moral Principle

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What is this thing?

Zhang Zhi Long did not think much and opened the bottle to take a whiff. The mellow and rich scent of the medicine immediately pervaded the air, causing Zhang Zhi Long’s internal Qi to boil slightly.

Good stuff!

Zhang Zhi Long immediately made a judgment. He did not hesitate and downed the medicine in a few gulps.



When the medicine reached his stomach, Zhang Zhi Long immediately felt heat come out from his dantian and flow into his blood channels.

The effects made Zhang Zhi Long overjoyed. He immediately stood up from the bed and made a horse stance. He slowly urged his internal Qi to absorb the heat.

However, after holding the stance for two minutes, Zhang Zhi Long felt that something was wrong.

His internal Qi had indeed expanded after absorbing the warm flow, but his body became troublesome. His little brother down there was now standing up.

At this time, Zhang Zhi Long had not yet reacted, but he sighed.

The medicine that Junior Brother gave me was indeed a vitality medicine. It is not an ordinary product and I have drunk too much at once, and now I cannot control its power.

I need to thank Junior Brother tomorrow. This medicine might be hard to come by.

“Zhi Long, help be get a bath towel. I’ve forgotten to get one.”

At this time, Zhou Qing Qing’s clear voice echoed.

Zhou Qing Qing’s voice was quite outspoken, but in Zhang Zhi Long’s ears, it was incredibly sweet and charming.

“Okay! Immediately!”

Zhang Zhi Long quickly stopped his stance. He took a bath towel and walked over. When he opened the doors, the smell of the bath mixed with a womanly scent assaulted his nose.

In an instant, he had forgotten what he was doing. Inside the bathroom, the white body covered by steam was faintly discernible.

Passion immediately entered Zhang Zhi Long’s heart. He opened the door and rushed in, causing Zhoug Qing Qing to be caught off guard as he hugged her.

“Ah! …Zhi Long? Don’t scare me. Don’t randomly touch me here. Do it on the bed!”


“Stinky boy, what are you coming in here for?”

Wei Xiao Bei stood outside Zhang Zhi Long’s window and drove away Huang Kun.

Wei Xiao Bei could clearly hear the sound inside. There was no doubt that his Second Senior Apprentice Brother had drunk the medicine. Hearing the battlefield situation inside, he understood that the effects of the medicine were not to be underestimated.

Eavesdropping is bad. I should just ask Senior Brother tomorrow.

Wei Xiao Bei had a Person guard close to Zhang Zhi Long’s room so that those small brats did not run over there and interfere with his Senior Brother’s happiness.

It was said that the sound in the Dojo continued all night, even Wei Xiao Bei did not have a good sleep.

Although he did not have a good sleep, Wei Xiao Bei still woke up early. He took a bath and trained his body in the outer practice grounds.

Currently, for Wei Xiao Bei, other than some stances that had a small effect, technique training was now useless.

Thus, he only exercised his body. After that, Wei Xiao Bei entered the kitchen and happily cooked breakfast while humming.

He thought about how Zhou Qing Qing was a normal person, so he did not dare use Dust World ingredients.

After all, Dust World ingredients might be good, but for a normal person, it would not be good.

Corn and pumpkin congee, egg jianbing, salted egg, deep-fried breadsticks……

After busying himself until 7, the dinner table was now filled with food.

Huang Kun was already seated at the table impatiently. He stared at the food on the table and waited for the meal to start.

This could not be helped. His Master’s skills were a lot better compared to his Senior Sister’s skill. Moreover, his Senior Sister was currently at the Wei Family Island, so only Andre’s wife could cook.

Compared to his Senior Sister, Andre’s wife’s cooking skills were far inferior.

Even after eating for a week, it was still bad. Everyone could naturally understand his anticipation for his Master’s meal.

“Stop trying to steal food! Go call your Second Martial Uncle and Second Martial Aunt!”

Seeing Huang Kun’s hand moving sneakily towards the jianbing, Wei Xiao Bei slapped Huang Kun’s head and berated him.

“Master, hitting my head too much will make me stupid!”

Huang Kun protested and walked out of the dining room.

“Stinking brat!”

Wei Xiao Bei scolded and saw Zhao Guang come in.

“Good morning Second Uncle.”

Zhao Guang was consistently polite in front of Wei Xiao Bei.

“Wait for everyone to be present.”

Wei Xiao Bei nodded his head and let Zhao Guang sit down.

Seeing Zhao Guang, Wei Xiao Bei thought about Zhao Yun.

It’s been so long. I wonder how is brother Zhao. After settling the matter of the island, I should go to Feng Tou Mountains to take a look.

Thinking about this, Wei Xiao Bei made a call to Zhu Xin Yi.

The time difference between Cui Hu City and the island was roughly three hours.

At this time, it should be four in the morning.

When he thought about this, the phone was already connected.


Zhu Xin Yi happily answered the phone, but the tiredness in her voice was hard to conceal.

“It’s Master’s mistake. I forgot that the sun has not yet come up on your side.”

Wei Xiao Bei truly felt heartache for his disciple. Just hearing her voice was enough for him to tell that Zhu Xin Yi was very tired.

“No problem. I’d already gotten up and prepared to go to the site to take a look when Master called.”

Hearing his Master worried for her, Zhu Xin Yi became happy and her voice became a lot more tender.

“Okay, remember to rest more and not tire yourself out.”

After the phone connected, Wei Xiao Bei was hard-pressed to say anything and could only sigh and worry for her.

After saying a few words, he heard Zhu Xin Yi greet Che Mei Han.

Next, Zhu Xin Yi was considerate enough to pass the phone to Che Mei Han.

However, Wei Xiao Bei did not know how to speak to Che Mei Han for a moment. He could only use the traditional way of worrying if she took care of herself.

After hanging up the phone, Wei Xiao Bei was truly a bit pained as he felt a slight headache.

The feelings between men and women were not easy to straighten out, no matter how strong one was.

This thing was simply unrelated to strength.

“Wei Xiao Bei! You bastard!”

Just when he was contemplating his feelings and thoughts about the future, an angry roar suddenly echoed from the dining room!

Afterward, Huang Kun slinked away like a rat and whispered to Wei Xiao Bei, “Master! No good! Second Martial Uncle has gone mad and said that he will cut you into pieces. Could it be that Master had gone to listen in the corner last night?”

Huang Kun looked at his respected Master with a doubtful look. His expression was of lament, but who knew if he was lamenting for his Master who might have done something bad, or lamenting that he did not continue and listen last night!

Just when he said this, Zhang Zhi Long’s figure appeared at the door.

Wei Xiao Bei looked at Zhang Zhi Long’s angry expression. He was a bit haggard and looked yellow, appearing that he had drunk too much of the medicine.

Eh, this is bad!

“Huang Kun! You stinking brat! When did you swap your Master’s medicine? Quickly say it!”

Wei Xiao Bei looked at Zhang Zhi Long’s flustered and exasperated appearance. He made a prompt decision and did not hesitate as he lifted Huang Kun and pressed a few acupuncture points on Huang Kun’s chest.

Hearing Wei Xiao Bei berate his disciple in an upright manner, Zhang Zhi Long could not help but be stunned as he wondered if he had mistakenly blamed his Junior Apprentice Brother.

“Sigh. How should I defend you? You normally love to play pranks, but now its a disaster! Huang Kun! Wait for punishment! Today, if I don’t break your legs, you probably still won’t learn!”

Wei Xiao Bei’s voice became clearer and his voice became strict. He even showed a rarely seen angry expression.

The only problem was that Huang Kun suddenly became obedient and did not say anything as if he was admitting guilt.

Seeing Wei Xiao Bei so angry, Zhang Zhi Long felt a bit awkward.

Previously, he thought that his Junior Apprentice Brother had gone overboard with his prank, causing Zhou Qing Qing to be very embarrassed about coming out of the room.

However, when the culprit had changed, Zhang Zhi Long’s anger appeared to have popped like a balloon and decreased a lot.

“Stop, stop. Let’s forget about it. Little kids do not know things. Just teach him more and don’t use too much force.”

Zhang Zhi Long hastily came forward and took Huang Kun back from Wei Xiao Bei’s hands.

On the other hand, Zhang Zhi Long did not notice that Wei Xiao Bei’s finger had poked Huang Kun a few times and moved his mouth without speaking.

Other people might not have understood, but Huang Kun did.

It was Hard Metal Jian!

That was what his Master was saying!

“Second Martial Uncle. I admit that I was wrong. I won’t do it in the future anymore. Please punish me! I will definitely remember this lesson!?

When Zhang Zhi Long saved Huang Kun, Huang Kun suddenly spoke and cried. He admitted to the mistake and dropped to the floor.

In the end, with Zhang Zhi Long’s persuasion, Wei Xiao Bei was no longer angry and Huang Kun was no longer sad.

After the crying sound stopped, Zhang Zhi Long remembered a matter. He quickly took two empty bowls, took some breakfast, and hurried back.

When Zhang Zhi Long left, the crying Huang Kun’s expression immediately changed and looked at Wei Xiao Bei, “Master, your disciple has followed your orders according to plan.”

“Eh. Not bad. Don’t reveal anything in the future or else!”

Wei Xiao Bei nodded his head in satisfaction and looked at Huang Kun.

Zhao Guang who was at the side watching the farce was dumbstruck.

In his mind, the high image he had of his Second Uncle collapsed and was substituted with: shameless

To be more accurate, it should be: no moral principle.

On the other hand, Huang Kun’s acting made Zhao Guang gasp in amazement.

The atmosphere during breakfast was very peaceful. After Zhang Zhi Long brought breakfast to Zhou Qing Qing, he also returned to eat at the dining table. He simply didn’t say anything about the previous matter, worried that Wei Xiao Bei would punish Huang Kun.

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