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«The City of Terror (Web Novel) - Chapter 623 - Second Senior Apprentice Brother! Here! It’s Something Good!

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Chapter 623 - Second Senior Apprentice Brother! Here! It’s Something Good!

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After the two sides chatted, Wei Xiao Bei found out that Zhang Zhi Long and Huang Kun had entered the Dust World twice now while he was helping Ao Yan cook.

There was no doubt that Zhang Zhi Long had gained a lot of benefits after following Huang Kun these two times. From his aura, it could be seen that he was already a 2-Star Terror Creature and seemed to have already reached Neutral Jing level.

Just like that, Zhang Zhi Long would not be at a disadvantage when facing 3-Star Creatures. His chances of winning were more than 80%.

Naturally, Zhang Zhi Long’s quick increase in strength was thanks to Huang Kun’s familiarity with the Dust World. Moreover, Zhang Zhi Long had also trained for a long time, resulting in his accumulated knowledge which gave him a breakthrough.

Wei Xiao Bei gave some food and a Partner Great Spear to Zhang Zhi Long.

The Partner Great Spears that the White Mist Draconic Spear could create was different from before.

Previously, the Partner Great Spears created were just ordinary, but after being integrated with the Divine White Mist Great Spear, it could greatly increase the Spear’s Power.

Now it was different. The Partner Spears that were created now carried some of the effects of the White Mist Draconic Spear.

Naturally, every Partner Great Spear only carried one effect.

The one Wei Xiao Bei gave Zhang Zhi Long was the first Partner Great Spear that was created with the effect of Penetrating Bleeding.

Although this effect was inferior compared to the White Mist Draconic Horse effect, Zhang Zhi Long was a Guo Shu Expert. The power that he gained from it was not insignificant.

After obtaining the Spear, Zhang Zhi Long was so happy that he jumped.

Zhang Zhi Long was lacking such a weapon. For a Guo Shu expert, a suitable weapon was the same as a comrade in arms.

Huang Kun looked with envy as he watched his Second Martial Uncle obtain the Great Spear and test it on a tree.

The Dojo’s normal Great Spears could not deal with this much damage. Although going all out could indeed do such damage, the spear handle would definitely break.

“Second Martial Uncle, can I play with it?”

Huang Kun pulled on Zhang Zhi Long’s sleeves. On the other hand, there was no way Zhang Zhi Long was willing to lend the weapon to others.

“Stop bothering your Second Martial Uncle. This is for you.”

Seeing Huang Kun’s appearance, Wei Xiao Bei could not help but laugh. Huang Kun indeed lacked a suitable weapon for himself, so he gave him a Great Spear that was the Partner Spear of the Divine White Mist Great Spear.

Wei Xiao Bei still had a lot of Great Spears that were of the same kind.

Naturally, these Spears were not as good as the one given to Zhang Zhi Long as they had no effects. However, they were a lot tougher than normal Great Spears.

After obtaining the Great Spear, Huang Kun was a bit happier. Huang Kun’s spear techniques were not really that great and he was lacking compared to Zhu Xin Yi. He liked weapons that were more for close combat such as swords and knives.

“Okay, here.”

Seeing that Huang Kun was not that happy, Wei Xiao Bei added some ammunition. He gave him the Hard Metal Jian that he had used for a long time.

Seeing it, Huang Kun’s eyes lit up.

“Don’t want it? Okay, I’ll give it to Xin Yi when she returns.”

Wei Xiao Bei took the chance to tease Huang Kun while he was stunned with happiness.

“Wait! Master, please slow down!”

Huang Kun immediately came to. He jumped forward and stiffly held onto the Jian even while he was bleeding from being cut by the sharp edge of the Jian.

Wei Xiao Bei did not hesitate to let go as his disciple appeared to be willing to die for the weapon.

If he accidentally activated Vibration Strike and Heavy Strike, then Huang Kun might be smashed to death.

Things would not be a joke at that point.

Wei Xiao Bei did not want to be the master that accidentally killed his disciple.


At this time, Huang Kun did not pay any more attention to Wei Xiao Bei as he hugged the Hard Metal Jian like a treasure.

Wei Xiao Bei did not know whether to laugh or cry, but he was unable to scold him that much.

“Xiao Bei, let me tell you something.”

At this time, Zhang Zhi Long pulled Wei Xiao Bei to the side. His face appeared slightly red, and he was stammering.

“What’s the matter? Mumbling like this is not like you.”

Wei Xiao Bei was puzzled at his Second Senior Apprentice Brother’s demeanor.

Zhang Zhi Long finally said his piece.

It seemed that Zhang Zhi Long had been gone for a long time. Now that he was back, his girlfriend was now flying here from Suzhou province. Zhang Zhi Long was originally someone from Suzhou province, and his girlfriend was also from the same province.

Zhang Zhi Long wanted to inform Wei Xiao Bei but felt a bit embarrassed.

“Sister-in-law is coming? What good news! When is the flight?”

Wei Xiao Bei became emotional. Naturally, his excitement was not to see his sister-in-law, but about the medicine that he had just made.

This was the best test subject he could have.

Zhang Zhi Long never imagined that his Junior Apprentice Brother was placing his attention on him.

Naturally, the medicine was harmless. This was something Wei Xiao Bei could see with his status panel. Otherwise, he would not dare test it on his Senior Apprentice Brother.

The purpose of this test was to see how efficient the medicine was.

His Apprentice Brother’s girlfriend was coming at 5 in the afternoon. Wei Xiao Bei hastily made Huang Kun and Zhao Guang lead their students to clean up.

Huang Kun wanted to protest that they had been cleaning the place so there was nowhere that was dirty.

However, Huang Kun did not continue his protest. He was worried that his Hard Metal Jian would be taken back by his Master.

As for Zhao Guang, Wei Xiao Bei also gave him a Partner Great Spear of the Divine White Mist Great Spear.

Because Wei Xiao Bei was busy, he did not come to the Dojo that much. Thus, Zhao Guang was the most authoritative figure inside.

In truth, with Zhao Guang there, Wei Xiao Bei did not need to worry much.

After all, the monsters in the Dust World did not appear in the Real World. The strongest ones that could come out were 2-Star Elite. In front of Zhao Guang, they were just chickens and dogs that would not be able to withstand a single blow.

At 4:30 in the afternoon, Wei Xiao Bei drove a car with Zhang Zhi Long and Huang Kun to the airport.

They did not plan to bring Huang Kun, but Huang Kun was too noisy and Zhang Zhi Long also pleaded for him, forcing Wei Xiao Bei to agree.

Naturally, having an extra person wasn’t bad either.

When they made it to the airport, Wei Xiao Bei let Huang Kun wait at the exit, while he informed Zhang Zhi Long about matters of the Dust World.

In truth, relying solely on power was not enough to survive in the Dust World.

There were many times that they needed to understand the monster.

For example, when encountering the Skeleton Bird, if one did not know of its special ability or weakness, then one would suffer.

Wei Xiao Bei was someone who had the advantage of being able to see a monster’s status. That was the reason why he could move like a fish in the water.

Zhang Zhi Long had also been in the Dust World for a long time and almost lost his life many times.

After saying a few things, Wei Xiao Bei noticed that Zhang Zhi Long was a bit restless and could not help but smile.

Seeing Wei Xiao Bei smile, Zhang Zhi Long felt a bit awkward and opened the car to get out.

Toward this, Wei Xiao Bei could also understand.

Zhang Zhi Long and his girlfriend were childhood sweethearts. From junior high to senior high, they were classmates. Having not seen each other for so long, it was natural to miss each other.

The scene when they met was as Wei Xiao Bei predicted.

When his girlfriend appeared, Zhang Zhi Long impatiently ran forward to hug her and spun her around, causing everyone to look warmly.

It must be said that his girlfriend’s appearance was normal, but her disposition was quite cheerful. After being intimate with Zhang Zhi Long, she saw Wei Xiao Bei and Huang Kun, then extended her hand with a bit of tear in her eyes and smiled, “I’ve let you see something awkward. Zhi Long was gone for so long that even his Master did not have any information about him. I was really frightened. Right, my name is Zhou Qing Qing. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

Wei Xiao Bei hastily shook her hand and Zhang Zhi Long introduced them to her at the side.

Zhou Qing Qing was a cheerful person, so it was naturally easy to get along. When they walked out of the airport and entered the car, they were already friendly with each other.

When they made it to the Dojo, Zhou Qing Qing even gave everyone some gifts. Wei Xiao Bei, Zhu Xin Yi, Huang Kun, Andre, and even Xiao Bai Long and Che Mei Han were given gifts.

However, Zhi Xin Yi and the others were not there, so Wei Xiao Bei received the gifts for them.

“Sister-in-law should go out. This place is my territory.”

The dinner was naturally handled by Wei Xiao Bei, but Zhou Qing Qing also followed in the kitchen. Wei Xiao Bei asked her to go out after great difficulty.

In Zhou Qing Qing’s words, his skills weren’t bad.

However, after eating dinner, Zhou Qing Qing’s stomach was so full that she couldn’t move anymore. She then requested that Wei Xiao Bei should handle future meals.

Zhang Zhi Long felt a bit embarrassed and explained that she was always like this.

Facing Zhang Zhi Long’s explanation, Wei Xiao Bei only smiled, “Second Apprentice Brother, aren’t you too sensitive? Sister-in-law liked the dishes that I made. It is a happy thing for a chef, what’s there to be angry about?”

Saying this, Wei Xiao Bei took out a porcelain bottle from his pockets and pushed it into Zhang Zhi Long’s hand and whispered, “Second Senior Apprentice Brother, this is some good stuff that your Junior Brother had grabbed a hold of, remember to drink it later!”

Good stuff?

Zhang Zhi Long was a bit suspicious and looked at the porcelain bottle, but it was hard to reject his Junior Disciple’s goodwill. He nodded and went to help Zhou Qing Qing wash the dishes.

Zhou Qin Qing was tired of riding the plane so she took a bath after entering the room.

On the other hand, Zhang Zhi Long sat on the side of the bed. He felt something in his back pocket and remembered the porcelain bottle that Wei Xiao Bei had given him.

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