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«The City of Terror (Web Novel) - Chapter 625 - Effective Potion

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Chapter 625 - Effective Potion

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Zhang Zhi Long and Huang Kun had feelings for each other, after all. During this period, the little martial nephew was of great help.

After the event passed, Wei Xiao Bei was a little unsatisfied despite his satisfaction with the experiment result.

The reason was simple. Zhang Zhi Long was not an ordinary person. Merely by stamina, most people could hardly compare with him.

As such, it was difficult for one to see the practical effect of the potion.

After breakfast, Wei Xiao Bei gave Zhou Xing Yuan a call.

With Wei Xiao Bei’s summoning, Zhou Xing Yuan had some doubts because it was already rare for Wei Xiao Bei to ask him to do things.

Shan Bing had a wider social network, after all. Zhao Xing Yuan, on the other hand, was pleasantly free. He would rather enjoy a quiet life if things were not necessary.

Zhou Xing Yuan saw Wei Xiao Bei guarding the alley entrance once he alighted from the car. He came to Wei Xiao Bei after a short jog. Before he could even speak, Wei Xiao Bei asked him to stretch out his hand and felt his pulse.

Zhao Xing Yuan knew that Wei Xiao Bei was a good doctor. Although he did not reveal his capabilities, he could actually be even better than specialists in the First Hospital of Cui Hu City.

As such, Zhou Xing Yuan had a great scare when the first thing Wei Xiao Bei did was feel his pulse. He thought that he had some terminal illness. He looked at Wei Xiao Bei with a horrified expression and waited for the verdict.

“Old Zhou, did you tire yourself too much on the bed?”

Wei Xiao Bei said with an eccentric smile, which made Zhou Xing Yuan blush a little.

Wei Xiao Bei was right about this.

After Meng Xiao Ling’s life was saved with luck, she was very obedient to Zhou Xing Yuan.

After all, Zhou Xing Yuan was already 40 years old and was considered a middle-aged man. While he was still young and fighting, he sustained some injuries. As such, once he grew older, his physical aspects grew weaker.

However, Meng Xiao Ling was barely 20 years old. At such a young age, she was very passionate about that kind of thing.

As such, Meng Xiao Ling went after him every night without end. Zhou Xing Yuan was happily in pain and began to feel soreness in his back and waist. When night time cames, Zhou Xing Yuan even felt scared.

However, a man could never speak of this problem in front of a woman!

“Mr. Wei, is there any medicine I can take to nourish myself in this area?”

While Zhou Xing Yuan blushed because Wei Xiao Bei was right about him, he did not forget to ask about this.

“This is precisely the reason why I asked you to come. This is a Spiritual Medicine that I made personally. Remember! Take it two hours after dinner!”

“Take at most 3 drops each time!”

Wei Xiao Bei threw the small medicine bottle at Zhou Xing Yuan and gave him the instructions for the medicine. He felt that Zhou Xing Yuan was rather understanding and did not say anything more.

Wei Xiao Bei calculated the dose of 3 drops based on Zhang Zhi Long’s physique. The bottle of medicinal water contained at most 30 drops. Looking at Zhou Xing Yuan’s body, 3 drops would be enough.

He might die from overdose if he chose to take more!

Although the medicine had no harmful effects, if one became overly excited, it could trigger some unnecessary illnesses, after all.

Having heard Wei Xiao Bei’s solemn instructions, Zhou Xing Yuan nodded his head immediately.

During this period, Zhou Xing Yuan consumed many different medicines from doctors, but their effects were only mediocre. Wei Xiao Bei’s medicine would be better than the medicine from those doctors.

After some recollections of his experience in the Dust World, he felt full much faith toward Wei Xiao Bei.

At night, after dinner, Zhou Xing Yuan and Meng Xiao Ling were watching TV on the sofa.

Meng Xiao Ling felt rather weird about Zhou Xing Yuan for looking at the time on his handphone every few minutes, as though he had something very important.

Although she felt weird, she did not worry about his work-related issues, so she did not ask.

Finally, 2 hours passed. Zhou Xing Yuan found an excuse to go to the bathroom and took out the medicine bottle. He opened the cap and sniffed it. Compared to Zhang Zhi Long, he could also guess the effectiveness of the medicinal water.

After he smelled it, he felt his blood and qi rush through his body. He was pleasantly surprised. If it had such an effect just by sniffing it, then once he drank it, would he become a superman?

Although Zhou Xing Yuan was excited, he did not dare to forget Wei Xiao Bei’s instructions. He put the bottle away after consuming 3 drops.

After a few breaths, Zhou Xing Yuan’s face was flushed red. He touched his crotch area and muttered to himself, “It’s effective!

It’s effective!

It worked so quickly!

It is spiritual medicine, indeed!

He opened the wooden door of the bathroom and returned to the living room in extreme excitement. He saw Meng Xiao Ling lying slanted on the couch and jumped onto her immediately…

That night, all their neighbors did not sleep well. When they woke up the next morning, even Meng Xiao Ling felt scared after she saw that Zhou Xing Yuan was still eager for more. Finally, she had to say, “Brother Zhou, you are too manly!”

After breakfast, Zhou Xing Yuan called Wei Xiao Bei excitedly to thank him for the medicine.

And Wei Xiao Bei met up with him at a teahouse to ask him about the details from last night.

Of course, if it were another person who asked him about this, Zhou Xing Yuan would have smashed a teacup on his head.

But, Wei Xiao Bei was no ordinary man!

Zhou Xing Yuan would not dare to trifle with him. Moreover, he was consulting Wei Xao Bei about his illness!

As such, Wei Xiao Bei understood about Zhou Xing Yuan’s performance last night.

His performance was totally different from normal. Also, when he woke up in the morning, his face only looked a little pale, but he was still very energetic.

It must be remembered that Zhou Xing Yuan still looked very pale and weak last night.

With that, Wei Xiao Bei had a good understanding of his medicine.

After Zhou Xing Yuan left, Wei Xiao Bei immediately called Zhou Rong, Huang Kun’s mum.

Zhou Rong was now a secret merchant in all the nations of Northern Europe and even within the borders of China.

Yes, the term “secret merchant” came from a game. Just as the name suggested, a secret merchant sold items that couldn’t be bought anywhere else.

Yes, the legendary Chinese medicine that Zhou Rong provided was no ordinary medicine. This thing was fantastic.

The healing rate of most injuries was increased. Some chronic diseases could be healed at their roots after prolonged consumption of this medicine. Many who took the medicine over a long period even realized that they grew much stronger physically.

Other than the endless source of this legendary Chinese medicine from Zhou Rong, no one could find the formula, place of production, or the person who manufactured it.

Moreover, with her position in Denmark royalty, Zhou Rong was very famous within a certain range.

After she picked up Wei Xiao Bei’s call and heard that he came up with the new medicine, Zhou Rong was pleasantly surprised.

Although the legendary Chinese medicine was indeed great, if all men could choose, they would most likely spend money on this new kind of legendary medicine!

Especially those old billionaires.

After the call ended, Wei Xiao Bei sent a box to Denmark through an urgent post.

Inside the box were 1,000 bottles for Zhou Rong to sell. He believed that Zhou Rong would surely make those wealthy billionaires’ hearts ache.

Without a doubt this was his new way of making big bucks.

Although jade items carved out of Sheep Fat White Jade could sell for a high price, such things were only valued highly because they were rare. If too many were sold on the market, their prices might drop.

3 days later, he received a list of participants of that auction from the auction company through Shan Bing.

Temasko, Nikovski, Telonkosi

On the list, he circled these 3 names in red.

Yes, at this moment, 3 freshly made Jade Sculptures were put before him. The themes were the bald eagle, scorpion, and other animals.

Simply put, Wei Xiao Bei wanted to take a short cut to earn money.

Even though he was left with the two hundred million after buying the island and the two hundred million in his bank account, totaling four hundred million US dollars, it was still not enough for him.

Zhu Xin Yi made a call and suggested to her Master that he should purchase the 5 small islands surrounding Wei’s Island.

Geographically speaking, these 5 small islands would form a protective ring around Wei’s Island. If he could purchase them, it would be greatly beneficial for the defensive system and other aspects of Wei’s Island.

However, the total surface area of these 5 small islands was not small, which meant that they were pricey. They would cost an estimated one billion and two hundred million US dollars.

Moreover, the construction cost after the purchase would be very high as well.

Let’s test the waters first.

Wei Xiao Bie first called Tomasko. This person was the wealthy Middle-Eastern person on the auction. He was extremely passionate about collecting rare treasures and frequented all the big auctions.

Yes, everyone who knew his contact number was not an ordinary person. As such, Temasko did not reject the call because Wei Xiao Bei was a stranger.

After some small chat, Wei Xiao Bei sent a picture of the Jade Sculpture.

Without a doubt, Temasko fancied the 3 Jade Sculptures and expressed his willingness to come and see the actual product.

Next, Wei Xiao Bei called Nikovski and Telonkosi, respectively, and both were willing to come.

While he waited for the 3, he did not stop sculpting. He made more than 20 more Jade Sculptures. 3 among them were for display, while the leftover corner pieces were made into bangles, rings, pendants, thumb rings, and even a few extremely delicate small jade pots.

It was considered a full use of the original material. If a single piece of jade was made into a display sculpture, the wastage would be more than 60%. But to make the corner and side pieces into other jade items, the wastage would be reduced to less than half.

The wealthy Middle-Eastern man was rather anxious. He only took 2 days to reach Cui Hu City.

After taking a look at the Jade Sculptures, Temasko’s eyes were almost beaming with green. He continued to praise the products and forthrightly chose 4 of the display pieces. They were the scorpion, bald eagle, camel, and palace.

He even chose more than half of the bangles, rings and thumb rings, and so on.

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