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«Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled by The Executive (Web Novel) - Chapter 997: Especially Her (3)

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Chapter 997: Especially Her (3)

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Small One nodded and then patted Small One’s shoulder. “No wonder why Mr. Du ordered for us to always be beside the young miss during this period of time. No matter where she goes, we cannot leave her. He was probably worried about the Young Miss’s mental state, especially since the Young Miss refuses to go to the hospital. It seems that after her emotions and mentality get slightly more stable, the boss will think of a way to bring her to the hospital.

However, elder brother, relax a little. Right now, the Young Miss isn’t blaming you. The boss is also not punishing you. Don’t give yourself so much pressure and focus on staying by the Young Miss’s side. It is most important not to let the Young Miss encounter any more incidents.”

Big One nodded his head, depressed. This incident was a barrier that he could not get through. However, the situation right now did not permit him to be remorseful. He needed to pull himself together and stay by the Young MIss’s side.

Big One said, “You stay here. I’ll go find Mr. Du and inform the boss of the Young Miss’s words.”

“Okay,” said Small One.

Wang Mandy anxiously waited in the room as each minute and each second passed. Just as she lost all of her patience, Big One’s voice came from outside.

“Young Miss, the boss is taking care of business matters. Over this period of time, in order to find you, the boss pushed back many things. Now that you’re home, the boss needs to take care of those things. The boss said for you to rest and not to let your imagination run wild. This is the mansion and is very safe, and nothing will happen to you again. Also, Small One and I are guarding the door. If you need anything, you can call on us at any time.”

Upon hearing Big One’s response, the last shred of hope in her heart shattered. She knew that tonight, Ruan Zeyan was not returning no matter what.

Hearing these words, she was infuriated and really wanted to throw a tantrum. However, logic told her that right now, she was Ling Tianya, the Ruan Family’s Young Miss. She needed to be lenient and understanding of Ruan Zeyan.

Therefore, Wang Mandy could only weakly say to Big One, who was outside, “Okay. I understand. I will properly rest.”

Wang Yazhi tightly gripped the corner of the blanket. Hearing the Big One’s words, he meant that there were many things that Ruan Zeyan needed to take care of, and he couldn’t take care of these things quickly. Then, when will she become Ruan Zeyan’s woman?

Wang Mandy thought this. However, soon, everything became clear to her.

Right now, she was Ling Tianya. She was already Ruan Zeyan’s woman. Since Ruan Zeyan was busy, then she definitely needed to be a qualified, wise, and kind wife……

Wang Mandy thought this, and all of the resentfulness in her heart was relieved. She laid on the bed, covered herself with the blanket, and happily drifted off to sleep.

The antique pendulum clock in the living room struck ten, yet the light in the study was still on.

Ruan Qishan slowly walked in and said, “As expected, you’re still here.”

Ruan Zeyan, who was deep in thought, raised his head and saw his father looking at him.

Ruan Zeyan wanted to stand up, but Ruan Qishan waved his hand and then sat on the sofa and said, “It’s already so late. Why aren’t you returning to your room to sleep?”

Ruan Zeyan’s eyes drifted to the documents on his bed and said, “I still have work to attend to.”

“What work is more important than daughter-in-law?” Ruan Qishan got straight to the point.

Ruan Qishan’s body slightly stiffened, and he did not say anything.

“Tell me the truth. Is there something going on between you and daughter in law?” Ruan Qishan directly asked.

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