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«Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled by The Executive (Web Novel) - Chapter 998: Especially Her (4)

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Chapter 998: Especially Her (4)

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Ruan Zeyan shook his head and said, “No.”

Ruan Zeyan’s eyes did not leave the documents on his table, and he half-heartedly answered Ruan Qishan’s question.

“Stop half-heartedly answering me. You have never ignored Ling Tianya because of work. Especially at a time like this. You must be hiding something from me.”

Finally, Ruan Zeyan lifted his head and looked at Ruan Qishan very seriously and said, “I’m not hiding anything from you. I’m working.”

Seeing that Ruan Zeyan wouldn’t answer him, Ruan Qishan directly asked the question in his heart. “Has daughter-in-law been bullied when she was in the terrorist organization, and you care a lot and therefore are acting like this?”

Hearing Ruan Qishan’s guess, Ruan Zeyan immediately refuted it. “That’s not it. Ling Tianya was not bullied!”

Ruan Zeyan’s tone was firm. Right now, he was even more suspicious that the person in the room was a fake. Therefore, he was acting like this. However, he cannot allow his beloved woman to be wrongly accused because of his reactions right now.

Right now, everyone thought that the person upstairs was Ling Tianya. Since everyone thought this of her, that meant that they thought this of the real Ling Tianya.

Ruan Zeyan didn’t allow for any unfavorable remarks to arise against Ling Tianya. Even if she really was bullied, Ruan Zeyan wouldn’t dislike her.

At the same time, Ruan Zeyan also knew that based on Ling Tianya’s unyielding character, she would definitely not allow such a thing to happen. She would rather die than stay alive and be bullied.

It was because Ruan Zeyan and Ling Tianya understood each other’s personalities too well and loved each other too much. Therefore, Ling Tianya would firmly hold onto her purity for Ling Tianya, and Ruan Zeyan would maintain a pure reputation and integrity for Ling Tianya.

Seeing how firm Ruan Zeyan was, Ruan Qishan also chose to believe it. However, Ruan Zeyan’s behavior was too abnormal.

“I’m really taking care of business matters. She’s just returned and needed to rest in a quiet environment. Ruan Zeyan knew what Ruan Qishan was suspicious of. He also knew that Ruan Qishan was not the only one who was suspicious about it. Everyone in the mansion was probably suspicious about it. Therefore, Ruan Zeyan could only calmly inform Ruan Qishan of how Mike died.

“Although it was for self-defense, she still killed someone. Therefore, her mentality has collapsed, and she is only forcing herself to remain calm in front of you guys.” Ruan Zeyan paused and then continued, “Originally, I wanted to bring her to see psychiatry and to see a psychological doctor. However, she strongly refused. Therefore, I could only temporarily bring her home.”

“So it’s like that……” Ruan Qishan hadn’t thought of something like that. His daughter had lost control and stabbed a member of the terrorist organization to death for self-defense.

No wonder why her actions are different from the past… So this was the reason.

“The doctor said that right now, she needs to recuperate in a quiet environment. Also, her body is very weak. Therefore, for the time being, for the sake of her body, I can only distance myself from her.”

Ruan Zeyan’s explanation was reasonable and fair. Ruan Qishan’s question has also been answered. Then, he didn’t forget to mockingly glare at Ruan Zeyan.

“Such a serious matter happened to daughter in law, why didn’t you notify us elders? You caused us to blindly wonder. Right now, your mother can’t fall asleep because she is worried the two of you are having relationship problems.”

In reality, it was more concern. If daughter-in-law, is no longer clean, then how can she still stay in the Ruan Family in the future? After all, she is the female head of the house. How could a large family want an unclean female to be in charge of the house?

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