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«Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled by The Executive (Web Novel) - Chapter 996: Especially Her (2)

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Chapter 996: Especially Her (2)

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It was nightfall. This was Mandy Wang’s most anticipated moment. She had already showered and changed into Ling Tianya’s nightgown.

Mandy Wang lay on the large and soft bed. In order to pretend that she truly wasn’t feeling well and that her mental state was poor, Mandy Wang stayed in Ruan Zeyan’s room for the entire evening.

In the middle of the evening, Madam Ruan and Wang Yazhi came in to check on her and told the servants to bring her food. Mandy Wang restrained her temper and answered their questions, then hid in the room for the rest of the evening to take a bubble bath and dress herself. Everyone in the mansion expressed empathy for her, and no one came to bother her after that.

When Mandy Wang was done preparing, she lay on the bed, bursting with joy as she waited for Ruan Zeyan to come and have sex with her.

Everyone says that a reunion after a separation is sweeter than being newlyweds. Based on Ruan Zeyan’s love for Ling Tianya, Mandy Wang was confident that Ruan Zeyan would sleep with her.

It was about time for him to return. Her body had been ferociously exploited by Mike, and she had become addicted to sex. Now, she lay on Ruan Zeyan’s bed and smelled his scent on the blanket and the pillow. She became uncontrollably aroused. She was ready for him.

Mandy Wang happily waited for Ruan Zeyan to return to the room. However, the seconds and minutes passed, and when the clock read 10 p.m., Ruan Zeyan still hadn’t returned.

Mandy Wang began to get impatient. She stepped out of the bed, barefoot, wearing nothing but a nightgown, and opened the door.

Because Ruan Zeyan had ordered Big One and Small One to always watch over the young miss, Big One had postponed going to the torture chamber and was guarding the door with Small One.

Suddenly, the door opened, and the young miss walked out wearing a sexy and revealing nightgown. Upon seeing this, Big One and Small One’s eyes widened. They lowered their heads, refusing to look at her.

“Where’s your boss?” Mandy Wang asked in a soft voice, controlling her impatience. However, she noticed that both Big One and Small One had lowered their heads. At that moment, she realized that she had walked out wearing revealing clothes and immediately covered her chest with her hands.

“The boss said that he still has matters to attend to and for the young miss to go to bed early,” Big One answered calmly, hiding his unhappiness. The kidnapping must have really impacted the young miss for her to leave the room dressed like this. She was normally so calm.

When Mandy Wang heard Big One say that Ruan Zeyan was busy, she also became unhappy. She had put in so much effort and waited so long, and yet Ruan Zeyan wasn’t returning?

Mandy Wang lowered her eyes and made a pitiful face. “Big One, please go and talk to the boss. Say that I’m scared and want him to come and stay with me.”

Mandy Wang’s hoarse voice carried a seductive tone, causing Big One to shiver. “Okay,” he answered.

After hearing Big One’s response, Mandy Wang returned to the room. Then, she sat at the head of the bed, her arms around her knees, pretending to be scared.

When they saw the sexy young miss finally go back into the room, Big One and Small One relaxed, lifted their heads, and shared a glance.

Small One patted his chest. “Elder brother, the young miss is acting quite strangely today…”

Big One’s face drooped with guilt. “It was probably because the incident caused her a lot of mental and psychological trauma.”

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