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«Supreme Harem God System (Web Novel) - Chapter 1458 Hope that he comes out soon.

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Chapter 1458 Hope that he comes out soon.

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"You want us to wait for 5 more years…?" Amaya raised her eyebrow.

"Do you have any other choice?"

Lilith questioned and once again, the women could only turn silent.

"Lady Lilith can leave, we will be staying here in case he comes out," Felberta answered, speaking for all of Nux's wives. After all, she knew her sisters enough to know that none were going to leave.

Lilith turned towards Faustina,

"What about you?"

"I have nothing better to do." Faustina shrugged.

Lilith shrugged, she didn't have anything to do either, but waiting wasn't her thing, so she simply decided to return and take a nap.

Once she left, Vyriana stood up as well.

"I will go cultivate."

The Dragon was motivated to get even stronger. After all, once Nux returns, he would need his teacher to be strong enough to train him, no?

As for the rest of the women, none moved.

All of them wanted to impress Nux once he returned by showing their progress in all these years, however, none of them wanted to miss the moment he returned just because they were busy training.

Therefore, the women decided to cultivate in the Forgotten Continent, the Mana here was already as dense as it was in Yrniel, so slow cultivation speed wasn't a problem anymore.

Soon, 5 years passed, however, unlike how everyone expected, Nux didn't return.

Now, the wives started to panic. Faustina stared at Lilith and, "Lilith, if you are playing any games, it is high time you sto-"

"I am not!"

Lilith raised her voice. Now, even she was losing her calm.

She waved her hand, the world around them trembled, and suddenly, a barrier broke and everyone saw a man floating in the air and a white magic circle shined under him.


The women called out.

"Don't get close."

Lilith spoke as she walked towards Nux, the wives glanced at Faustina and the Progenitor nodded, signalling them to follow Lilith's words.

Getting close to Nux, Lilith connected her subconscious with the Magic Circle, the Illusion magic was being supported by Yrniel's Core, however, as one of the creators of the Circle, Lilith could easily access it even if she is not the one who gave it the energy it needed.

5 minutes later, Lilith opened her eyes and turned towards the women, "There is no problem with the illusion, everything is going just as it was intended to. Nux has indeed spent 15000 years inside the Illusion and since he isn't out, it means that he must have broken one of the illusion's rules.

And before you ask, no, there is nothing I can do.

Everything is predetermined, I cannot make changes in the Illusion's rules even if I want to. I believe that Nux made a mistake inside the illusion and he is living the illusion again.

As for when will he come out, I cannot give a specific answer, but to be on the safer side, I will say he will still need 5 more years."

Lilith answered and it didn't take long for her words to be proven incorrect.

5 years later, Nux still didn't come out.

10 years, 20 years…

More and more years passed by, the woman started panicking even more, counting the number of years Nux had spent inside the illusion terrified them.

"Why isn't he out yet!?"

Vyriana, who had returned, couldn't keep her patience anymore and snapped. The rest of the women weren't in any better condition.

"Are you telling me he is continuously breaking those stupid rules of yours!? Do you treat me like a fool!?" Astaria, who just like her Master, couldn't take it anymore shouted, glaring at Lilith.

"Mind your wor-"

"Mind my words my ass!"

The woman took out her sword, her eyes flared in anger.

"I don't care what sick plans you have, don't think you can get away with them just because you are a Progenitor!

Return Nux to us right now, or I promise you, I will destroy everything you cherish no matter how long it takes!"


Lilith narrowed her eyes.

What surprised her more was that none of the women standing behind this brute stopped her. Heck, they were all glaring at her as if they fully supported their sister. They were one moment away from taking out their weapons and pointing at her.

'Is this arrogance?'

Lilith was confused.

One had to know, she was capable of wiping these women with a snap of her finger. Even Vyriana, wasn't an exception here.

The only problem was…

"Are you siding with them as well?" Lilith questioned as she glanced at her friend.

"I warned you before, don't play any tricks on my son.

You didn't listen."

"I didn't play any tricks!"

"And you expect me to believe that?"

"You can use any artifact you want!"

"No artifact would work on you, Lilith."

"Faustina, I am not lyin-" Lilith shouted in anger, her aura burst out as if she was prepared for battle, however, before she could continue, Rumble Rumble Rumble

The world shook.

Thunder Thunder Thunder

It was a scene everyone present here had seen before.

Heavy clouds all over the sky, web-like lightning that roared with thunderous sounds, constant tremors in the ground, tsunamis all over the place, wind flowing unnaturally, Yrniel was trembling.

Anyone would think this scene was similar to the time when Nux inherited Caesar's Blood, however, Lilith and Faustina were different.

The two women turned towards each other and were shocked.

"Something's wrong!"

Lilith shouted as she rushed towards Nux.

"What happened!? Why is Yrniel wailing!?" Faustina who followed Lilith questioned.

Lilith quickly connected to the Magic Circle and the moment she did, her eyes widened in surprise.

"What happened!?" Faustina screamed in impatience.

"Yrniel is unable to hold the Illusion anymore, it wasn't supposed to last this long anyways!" Lilith replied.

"Yrniel's energy is running low. I have connected the Circle to my own Mana, but the circle is too greedy, it is sucking away my Mana at a scary pace, I alone cannot hold on, call Noctor-"

"I am already here."

A man's voice was heard.

The two Progenitors turned around and saw a purple-haired man standing in front of them, he was the Incubi Progenitor. Behind him stood other Progenitors.

"What in the hell are you even doing…?" The Incubi Progenitor questioned with a dumbfounded look on his face.

"Don't ask anything! Help me out here!"

Lilith shouted.

"Tsk." The Incubi Progenitor just snorted and stepped forward.

Lilith then turned towards Faustina and,

"The time flow inside the illusion should fasten up even further, I don't know what that boy is doing inside, just hope he comes out before our energy runs out because if he doesn't and the illusion breaks forcefully, He will lose his mind and the damage done would be irreversible."

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