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«Supreme Harem God System (Web Novel) - Chapter 1457 We will wait.

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Chapter 1457 We will wait.

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"Hmmm? All of you are already here?

How diligent."

Before the women could recover from the shock, they heard a familiar voice. Everyone turned around and their eyes fell on a purple-haired woman who was looking at them with a playful smile on her face.

"You are here," Faustina replied. Stepping forward and facing Lilith. It was as if she was protecting the rest of the women from the Succubi Progenitor.

"Come on now everyone, don't look at me like that, I feel like I am the enemy here. Aren't I generously giving my Blood to one of you here?"

The Progenitor spoke as she glanced at Aisha and Allura, the two women held back and didn't show any reaction to those words.

"10 years have already passed, why is he not out yet?"

Amaya questioned, it was unclear whether she wanted to change the topic or was she simply getting impatient and didn't wish to wait any longer.

Lilith stared at the girl and smiled, "Hey hey, be patient will you?"

"Unlike how Lady Lilith our husband still isn't out yet. So I ask that Lady Lilith excuse our behaviour, we all are quite needy right now, so we might be unable to express the best control over our emotions."

Felberta replied with a small, noble smile on her face.

Seeing the usually silent woman stepping forward, Lilith frowned, soon however, she recognized who the woman was and, "She changed after becoming your disciple and to think all of this happened in just 10 years. She must be quite talented."

"I have an eye for talent," Faustina replied.

"I thank the two Progenitors for their praise," Felberta replied, keeping her in the conversation.

Amaya observed Felberta's actions in silence, but in the end, she simply closed her eyes and continued to wait.

10 years have already passed, so Nux should be back any moment now. In her mind, Amaya was busy thinking about what sort of 'activities' she would be doing once he returned. Unconsciously, the woman rubbed her thighs together as she then placed one leg on top of the other.

The wait continued. Minutes passed by, silence descended on the place, most women seemed to be in deep thought, the ones who wanted to say something couldn't find any opportunity and stayed silent.

Just like that, an hour passed, now, the women were staring at Lilith and this time, even Lilith had a slight frown on her face.

"Lady Lilith…"

Felberta called out with the same gentle smile on her face.

"Why is our husband still not out yet?" She questioned.

"I do not know." Lilith was honest.

"But this is something you should know, no?"

"Little girl, just because I am answering your questions doesn't mean you can walk over m-"

"Lilith, why is he not out yet?"

Faustina stepped forward, looking into Lilith's eyes, a dangerous glint could be seen in her eyes.

"You aren't planning anything funny, are you?"

"Faus, what are you talkin-"

"We both know what you want out of this, I wouldn't be surprised if you played any tricks here."

"I did not. The rules of the Illusion were already from the start. 10,000 years inside is 10 years outside and he is required to spend 10,000 years inside without breaking any of the rules."

"10,000 years should have already passed, why is he not out yet?"

"How am I supposed to know that?"

"Who else but you should know that?"

"Faustina, you know it as well, I cannot look into what is happening inside the illusion, I am as clueless as all of you here."

Lilith defended herself. Looking into her eyes, Faustina felt like she wasn't lying, however, she couldn't just trust her gut on it, Lilith, just like her, was a complex being, although she considered her an ally and a family, she still couldn't completely trust her.

Just one look was enough for Lilith to know what her friend was thinking,

"Faustina, I am not trying to play any tricks here. I wouldn't do that!"

"And how am I supposed to believe that? Why else is Nux not out yet?"

"How are you so sure that he didn't die inside illusion!? You know the illusion will repeat itself if he dies, don't you? What if that happened?"

"Do you truly believe that is possible?" Faustina questioned and Lilith turned silent.

Considering that man's talent, she found it hard to believe that he would have a hard time surviving 10,000 years.


"He is someone who challenged a Divine Stage Cultivator when he was a Great Sage! What guarantees that he wouldn't do that again!? He is a reckless boy who can make mistakes, mistakes that might cost his life.

And it's not like dying is the only thing that can extend the illusion's time. He might have mistakenly broken one of the rules I mentioned earlier and who knows!? The boy might have just slept and the illusion time extended.

It has only been an hour anyway, can you stop being so impatient!?

I expect such a reaction out of these little girls because they are young, but what in the hell is wrong with you? Why is doubting me your first reaction?"

"Well, your reputation doesn't exactly favor you." Faustina didn't hold back.

Lilith however, was more vicious, "You are a Progenitor just like me, your reputation isn't any better."


Faustina couldn't refute those words any longer.

"We will wait."

She ordered and closed her eyes. Nux's wives and the rest of the women could only follow.

Time continued to pass.

1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours…

A day,

A week,

And a month,

But Nux didn't come out.



Defeaning silence fell over the place. Aeliana had already left a month ago because she was busy, rest of the women, however, were still here and were staring daggers at Lilith.

"A couple of centuries must have passed inside the illusion, why is he not out yet?" Astaria questioned.

Lilith however, shook her head again,

"There is nothing I can do here. I am quite surprised by this development as well.

How about this?

We leave this place and return after 5 years.

I believe 5000 illusion years would be enough for him to return."

"You want us to wait for 5 more years…?" Amaya raised her eyebrow.

"Do you have any other choice?" Lilith questioned and once again, the women could only turn silent.

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