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«Supreme Harem God System (Web Novel) - Chapter 1459 I cannot lose you.

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Chapter 1459 I cannot lose you.

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Aeliana's screams echoed throughout Yrniel.

"Aeliana!!! What happene-"

Faustina, who treated the woman like her daughter panicked as she extended her hand towards her. She wanted to rush towards her and check what was wrong with her, but suddenly, she saw a huge crack forming inside her own body and froze.

The Progenitor looked at her hands with a frown on her face, she tried to move Mana to check what was wrong however, she didn't feel any resistance, which shouldn't be possible because there was a literal hole in her body.

She couldn't feel anything.

'What's happening…?'

She wondered in her head, soon however, her attention returned to Aeliana, who stood still with her head down, her black hair covered her face, so her expression wasn't visible.

Faustina decided to ignore what was happening to her and walked towards Aeliana to check if she was alright, however, before she could get close to her, the Vampire disappeared and appeared next to Nux and, BOOOM

With one punch, she sent him flying.



Nux's body clashed with a nearby building, the impact was so strong that the building was crushed into pieces and so was Nux's spine.

Even with his regeneration, he would need a few minutes to get back on his feet.

Step Step Step

Aeliana then slowly walked towards her disciple. Nux, who was lying down covered with debris didn't react. With his mind broken, he didn't register any form of physical pain.

Heck, he didn't even react when Aeliana walked close to him. He simply wanted to kill himself and restart the illusion again.

He didn't even know what he was supposed to do in his next life. He had no plans. He was simply doing it out of habit.

Dying and restarting his life after a failure was common sense for his mind now and that was what he was doing.

So what if he didn't have any plan? He would figure something out.

He simply needed to try again and continue trying till he wins.

Giving up was not an option.

It didn't matter what sort of resistance he faced, it didn't matter if he wasn't talented or some external factors were stopping him, eventually, He would come out at the top.

He just… needed to kill himself and restart his life again.

The Power of Pyrokinesis surrounded his body, ready to explode his body, completely ignoring Aeliana who was standing next to him.


Aeliana had a different plan.

"Planning to kill yourself again? How long do you wish to continue this for? What life is it? Tenth? I wentieth? Or hundredth?

Let alone you, even I, with all my memories back, don't remember.

That is how long it has been Nux Leander. You have been away from reality for far too long. Don't forget, all of this was only supposed to be your trial, not your real life."

After a long long time, Aeliana saw a genuine expression on Nux's face as he stared at her. Seeing that look of shock appearing on his face, she smiled and, "Yes, I somehow remember everything now. I remember how you got close to me so many times, got close to me, spent time with me, and then… killed yourself in front of me.

It was a painful memory, but I will excuse you since I am a forgiving Master.

Though you do owe me an apology for hurting me, repeatedly."


Nux stuttered.

He didn't know what was happening.

According to the rules of the illusion, no one else should know that this was an illusion, but Aeliana here… Suddenly, Nux noticed the cracks that had appeared all over the place and he realized something.

The rules weren't broken.

Aeliana somehow recovered her memories and because of that, the illusion was breaking apart.

Nux was wondering how this happened, according to his understanding, Aeliana shouldn't recover her memories under any condition. He wanted to look into this principle and understand how it would affect his future actions.

Would she keep her memories even in his next life?

How would that affect the illusion?

Would the illusion be destroyed as soon as she recovers her memories like now, or would it treat it as an anomaly and continue?

There were too many questions in Nux's head, however, none of that mattered right now.

Continuous space cracks were appearing all over the place, Nux knew it was only a matter of time before this world ended and he started his new 'life'.

He needed to prepare for it.

He still didn't know how he would approach his next life, his mind was tired, he couldn't think straight, his mind was broken, right now, almost all his actions were done by his body, yes, he had mastered Zenith Flow to this extent in order to try and reach Assimilation Stage.

This version of Zenith Flow, however, was very different from the main version, in this life, he didn't awaken his system, nor did he use system abilities. The main focus of this life was to live as one-eyed demon, trying to see if he could somehow form his Law as a demon specializing in Pyrokinesis. Of course, he had failed once again.

Anyways, as Nux prepared for the world's end, suddenly, something that froze his body happened.

He was embraced.

His body which was trained to the point of perfection was embraced by something so soft that extreme comfort overwhelmed his senses, his eyes, which had lost their shine, opened wide as he sensed a foreign yet oddly familiar feeling, "Stop thinking about your death."

Aeliana who embraced her disciple spoke, her voice was hoarse, proving how she was barely holding herself back from breaking down.

Nux, in all his lives, had never once seen Aeliana in such a weak state, not even when the Vampire cried when she opened up about her father and talked about how she really felt and hated the world.

"M-Master…?" Nux was confused.

"I know you will most probably restart your life again.

However, I am not sure if I will be able to retain all these memories again."

Aeliana then slightly moved back, then, with her eyes moist, she looked into Nux's eyes and, "You are much more to me than a mere disciple, you are the only person I talk to, you are the only person I feel happy next to, you are the only person in front of whom I can truly be myself, Nux…

I do not wish to lose all these memories and forget about you…


I do not wish to start again.

I cannot lose you."


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