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«Stealing Spree (Web Novel) - Chapter 1330 Called Out

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Chapter 1330 Called Out

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“Onoda, what’s that about the transfer student? I heard that she kissed you yesterday. Did Maemura know about it?”

As soon as I settled down on my seat, the guy behind me yanked my shoulder to raise that question, his tone clearly demanding an answer.

Well, that’s to be expected. He was not here yesterday and being aware that I am dating Satsuki, his reaction was pretty much standard. But then again, he’s a little meddlesome like this.

I glanced back to face Sakuma and, as always, put on my neutral expression, acting like what he just asked was insignificant to us.

“Yes, she knows. Truth is… I got punished by her yesterday. If I remove my shirt, you’ll see every mark she made.”

“Eh? That… What kind of mark? Claw marks?”

“Dude, use your imagination a little,” I smirked at the guy before switching my gaze to my desk neighbor listening in on our conversation.

With her straight eyebrows slanted and her pretty eyes narrowed, Satsuki graced us with her grumpy expression.

When her gaze landed on Sakuma, the idiot instantly straightened his back, ready to receive insults from the foul-mouthed girl.

Much to his shock, that didn’t arrive at all.

Instead, Satsuki’s gaze fell on me, yet her words were directed to Sakuma’s inquiry, “Don’t bother anymore. With this good-looking idiot being too popular nowadays, it would be weirder if no one tried to hit on him.”

Then she looked at the mentioned transfer student who was already in her new seat, obviously stealing glances at me.

“I’ll put her in her place. The same as that clingy girl earlier.”

Ending that with a rather nefarious smirk, Satsuki stopped paying attention and simply stood up from her seat to talk to Aya at my other side. Considering my adorable girl was at my side most of the time, she’s most likely going to find out if I missed telling her something that got caught through Aya’s perspective.

Yep. She’s taking that route. Along with Nami, they’d be giving Hana a harder time starting today.

I mean, Nami was already starting. She’s now next to the girl so… sparks had already started flying even before they could greet each other ‘good morning’.

Really, while there’s the urge in me to stop the girls from antagonizing Hana, I knew too well that they were just retaliating with her provocation. Besides, it’s not like they’re going to clash physically so… I decided to watch on the side while favoring my girls over Hana.

That girl would only get a chance if ever she found a chance for us to be alone.

As for my attempt to court her and convince her, that would be another story altogether. But with my day, I might just squeeze it in between my normal routine.

Anyway, turning my attention back to Sakuma who went speechless at Satsuki’s seemingly unperturbed attitude at Hana’s appearance or the kissing scene that already became a new gossip in our school, I patted his shoulder and said, “You heard her. Besides, you don’t think I’ll cheat on her, no? If anything… she’s more accepting of my closeness to other girls.”

“That… aren’t you at least feeling guilty?”

“Hmm? Guilty? Maybe… I am. But remember what I told you before? If it’s possible to have them all, then I will.”

Upon hearing that, Sakuma found himself at a loss for words again.

Soon afterward, Shio arrived at our classroom and started the homeroom.



Two periods passed quite uneventfully but as soon as our teacher left the classroom, someone popped her head in and called for me.

Well, who else it was but Momoiro-senpai? Looking at her serious expression as she asked the girl in front to call for me, I already understood the reason why she’s here.

That’s why after giving Aya a little detail that she could pass on to the other girls, I went outside the classroom to face the concerned senior.

Of course, because of Momoiro-senpai’s appearance and the way she specifically called for me, another bout of speculation started among our classmates who had no idea what was happening.

Nonetheless, I paid it no heed and acted the same.

Ah. I noticed Misumi and the other girl from yesterday whispering again. Then there’s Shimura whose eyes follow me as if she’s deliberating whether to approach me or not. In the end, she remained in her seat and weakly sighed.

I guess she lacked the courage or she’s going to pine it to the next chance she could get.

As I stepped out of the classroom, Momoiro-senpai grabbed me by my wrist and dragged me somewhere we could talk without anyone hearing us.

For sure, she did this since she’s still respecting Kana’s wish for our relationship to remain a secret.

She couldn’t question me in public.

In any case, regardless of her intention this time, I could only appreciate her thoughtful nature.

“Un. Here is good. Sorry for calling you out, Onoda-kun. I have a reason for this.”

She started by explaining but knowing where it was going, I opened my mouth to complete it for her.

“Yes, is it about the new rumor from yesterday? I got kissed by the transfer student.”

Perhaps not expecting me to bring it up myself, Momoiro-senpai almost stuttered in astonishment.

“Y-yeah! That’s right! Tell me, are you going to cheat on Kana?”

Alright, that question was a little funny. Will someone who’s going to cheat answer that question honestly?

No, right?

But then again, she probably considered my character and my honesty so she went at this in a very straightforward manner.

“I understand. Senpai must be worried. But no, I won’t. Besides, I assume that you haven’t talked to Kana about this yet. That transfer student, she already met her yesterday.”

“Eh? H-how?”

“Let’s just say the transfer student followed me to our club. And there… she got ganged up by them.”

Momoiro-senpai’s curled eyebrows straightened up before she almost burst into laughter, possibly imagining what happened.

“Pfft. That happened?”

“Yes. And for senpai’s peace of mind, that transfer student is someone very close to me during grade school. That’s why she did that right after seeing me.”

“I see. You must have been too popular even during grade school. I heard she’s too beautiful and can be ranked high in terms of beauty on our campus.”

“Not really, I’m rather obscured back then. Just that, the girl found my side to be the only place where she can be herself. She also has her circumstances.”

“Is that so…? Looks like you have a knack for being too helpful to those close to you. Kana also said that because of you, she now has the courage to change or improve her fear of the crowd. She’s becoming braver by the day.”

“Well, they kept on saying that but really, I’m only giving them a slight push. The efforts are all done on their side.”

“Alright, humble guy. Stop with that. I believe you now. Again, I’m sorry for calling you out like this.” Momoiro-senpai slightly bowed her head in apology.

“It’s alright, senpai. I’m also glad to see how much you care about Kana. That concern was admirable.”

As if she couldn’t stand being praised, Momoiro-senpai covered her face. Most likely to cover her flustered expression. But soon after that, she brought up another topic, “Oh. Gosh, I didn’t call you to praise me. Anyhow, one more thing. How is it going with Ichihara and his fiancé? I also heard about how you clashed with him yesterday.”

“About that… I’m already too deep in their case. Ichihara-senpai thought I sheltered Kujou-senpai.”

After thinking for a moment, I decided to at least tell her the basic premise of that incident. It’s not like it’s too important a secret to keep. Sooner or later, everyone will hear about it.

“Huh? Why will he think that?”

“Because it’s true. Certain circumstances led me to lend a hand to Kujou-senpai. It’s a long story but if senpai wants to know, I can tell you about it later.”

“Ah. No. It’s fine. I can’t be too nosy or you’ll start finding me annoying. As long as you don’t make our Kana cry then we’re good.” Momoiro scratched her pointy nose before laughing embarrassedly. Looks like she still had the proper decorum to not dig too much into me.

Well, normally her question would surely annoy any other guy. She’s already too nosy, after all. It’s only because I decided to properly accommodate her in consideration of her concern for Kana. Or my supreme fondness for admirable friendships. Furthermore, she’s also one of those girls outside of my complex relationship that I could put my trust in.

Anyway, after a few more exchanges and before the third period started, Momoiro-senpai separated from me after being satisfied with the result of our conversation.

Hmm… Maybe I should expect more visits later. Maybe it would be Rae’s friends or Satsuki’s clubmates who would show up.

Somehow, I could already sense that our little bubble where we could keep our relationship a secret was about to pop out soon. I have… no, we have to prepare for that.

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