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«Stealing Spree (Web Novel) - Chapter 1331 A Losing Battle

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Chapter 1331 A Losing Battle

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Like I had guessed, I got visited by Rae’s friend, Nazuki, and the Basketball Club Captain, Kawakami-senpai, to inquire about the new rumors that recently floated.

Although I didn’t know them well enough to completely trust them, I still acted the same as when I talked with Momoiro-senpai just to put their mind at ease.

Obviously, they're not easily convinced compared to Momoiro-senpai. But at least, they also didn't push it past the boundary of at what point they could meddle in our relationship.

Though this felt like I had just buried us deeper into a huge hole by keeping the real situation to them, no other choice was clearly present.

Our situation was kinda unique, after all - if no one attempted it before us. We just have to hope that when the time comes that we have to come clean about our real situation, they can accept it.

That’s in the realm of wishful thinking but hey, better be optimistic than pessimistic. That will only interfere with our everyday lives.

Moving past that, the fourth period ended soon and lunch break arrived for us. Because PE was our next class, the same as always, we all left the classroom to take it in that empty clubroom.

However, even though she wasn’t invited, Hana tagged along, drawing the ire of those who weren't accepting of her intention to steal me.

"Don't mind me. Ruki told me about the situation I have to bear yesterday. He said that if he's with any of you, he will never put me on top of his priority. I will just be neglected by him. Look." Hana said in response to Nami and Satsuki's attempt to flank her and stop her from following us. The girl still had her angelic smile but the tone she used sounded a little pitiable.

Due to that, her words moved Aya a little as the girl glanced back to check on her.

In any case, understanding that she was also going to be set aside if ever Hana became successful, Aya stuck to my side as my adorable guardian angel. It’s to prevent Hana if ever the girl decides to act bolder and steal that chance to get close to me.

"Is that so? Then don't you think you're only going to hurt yourself for coming with us?" Nami replied.

Looking at her expression, she definitely didn't buy Hana's words. More than that, her wariness had been raised. She crossed her arms and intensely glared at Hana, perhaps in an attempt to intimidate her.

Contrary to her expectation, Hana simply waved it off with a laugh, "Maybe I will be hurt. However… I love Ruki enough to bear that pain just to see him."

"Stop being melodramatic. If you really love him, you won't put him in a situation where he has to choose between you and us." Satsuki interjected, clicking her tongue in the process. She then used her height and strength advantage to keep the girl at a certain distance from me.

But even though that’s happening, we continued moving towards our destination. While there were other students also going to the Club Building, most of them were minding their own business save for some.

Well, those were unavoidable. As long as no one tried to peep into our private space then they could feel free to check us out.

"Exactly my point. If he loves me too, he will soon realize that he can only achieve true happiness with one of us. Say, has none of you thought of that?" Hana took only a second to come up with that answer. And while sneering, her gaze traveled to all the girls with us. Even Chii who thought she got closer to the girl yesterday was taken aback.

She was about to respond to it but someone else beat her,

"Of course, we do. Don't say that as if you know the whole situation."

It’s Rae who had just caught up with us. The girl then walked over to me and asked Saki who was at my other side if she could take her place.

Saki gave way to her but only after sneakily stealing a kiss from me. Obviously, she did it after surveying our surroundings.

Really, her opportunist trait wouldn’t get rusty.

Following that, as Rae finally took her place in my side and intimately hugged my arm, she glanced back at Hana and continued, "I know, you can only say that because you never saw his attempt to dissuade us from picking this choice. Ruki never forced us into this situation."

Upon hearing that, all of my girls, except Hana, faintly nodded. They all looked back at those moments when I really did try to tell them to think about it carefully after I told them my past or the situation they were getting into.

Although one could say that I might not stop trying to get them even if they chose the other option, that still happened.

"I see. You've chosen to stay with him instead of fighting to be the sole girl in his life. Have you been frightened when he told you that he'll pick Akane if he only has to pick one?"

Despite the collective agreement of the girls, Hana wasn’t discouraged, instead, she presented that one thing that they all were aware of.

Akane took the top spot if I could only be with one of them.

Sure enough, it drew pained expressions from my girls but almost instantly, it disappeared, replaced by their renewed determination.

Yet, instead of erupting right there, they all waited until we reached the empty clubroom.

As soon as we stepped inside, Aya was the first to walk in front of Hana. With the girl channeling her courage from me, she first glanced back at me and mouthed ‘I love you’ before delivering her response to Hana’s question earlier.

“Yes. I’m afraid. Ruki has never lied to me. I won’t take my chance to attempt a future where I can’t be with him. You’re lucky, Hana-san… He still loves you a lot, that's why you can act like this in front of us. If I’m in Ruki’s shoes, I don’t think I can allow you to hound us like this. Please, if you love him too, take your time to understand him.”

For Aya who was normally not used to talking in longer sentences to say all that, she really got provoked by Hana’s remark.

And hearing all those, I couldn’t help but be proud of the girl. While everyone was still digesting her words, I already approached her and hugged her from behind before carrying her to our seat.

Hana, on the other hand, appeared frozen where she was standing. But well, that’s just her attempt not to look astonished at how strong Aya’s answer was.

Moments later, even before the others could say their piece, she turned around and attempted to leave the room.

Unfortunately for her, someone predicted that she was going to do that.

Chii stretched her arms from both sides, blocking Hana’s way, “Are you escaping, Hana-chi? Did you get frightened by our adorable Aya?”

“… Step aside, Chizuru.”

“No. Answer me first. If this is the extent of your courage then… I will be disappointed.”

“I made a mistake. I shouldn’t have belittled all of your feelings for him. That’s why I decided to retreat today.”

“Is that it? You really won’t admit that you cannot overturn her answer?”

“What’s there to overturn? She’s right…”

“Then stay here and eat with us. See for yourself the bonds that we made.”

“I…” Perhaps not knowing how to respond to that, the girl glanced over her shoulder and searched for my figure.

Understanding what was on her mind, without putting down Aya and looking at my girls’ reactions first, I then stood up to face the girl’s gaze.

“Hana, I know you'd rather leave this room than stay and get hurt from what you will witness but… I’ll like it if you stay.”

Although that sounded really selfish on my part, I naturally considered my girls’ feelings first. And when I looked at them, they’re really not opposed to keeping the girl here with us. In fact, they probably wanted to show the girl that their decision was the correct one and not Hana’s.

Seconds quickly passed. Everyone waited for her answer.

In my mind, I thought the girl would still leave given her personality. Even if she's in a losing battle, the girl would still try not to go down here and instead, fight on another day.

However, that’s not what happened.

After exhaling a long, depressing sigh, her face instantly cleared up before a bright expression replaced it.

With a genuine smile on her lips, she said, “Un. I suppose I’ll take you up on that offer, Ruki. Please forgive my intrusion.”

Even before she finished, the girl had already made huge strides to arrive at the seat next to me.

And with that, everyone reacted in chorus, “Seriously?! To think that there’s someone who can be as shameless as Ruki…”

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