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«Stealing Spree (Web Novel) - Chapter 1329 Know Your Place

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Chapter 1329 Know Your Place

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With the arrival of her mother, Komoe took only a minute before acting like she had just woken up. She even rubbed her eyes until they went red just to make her act believable.

Her mother surprisingly bought it. However, Komoe's act continued.

She turned her head to me and her feigned sleepiness suddenly disappeared.

Yep. Just like yesterday.

As if what happened before her mother showed up was an illusion, the girl reverted to how she acted before her confession. She went on all fours and crawled towards me. And without a care about what her mother would think, she placed her head on my lap and clung to me.

Thankfully, Auntie reacted the way I expected her to, she scolded the Komoe before urging the girl to hurry up and prepare for school.

However, I noticed that her eyes were smiling at the sight of her daughter being that close to me.

Really, Auntie Miura is a little weird. I can understand Komoe and perhaps Miura-senpai’s reason for trying to get close to me but why is she so glad to see her daughters gradually fall for me?

I may be handsome in her eyes but that shouldn’t just be the only trait for liking me as her daughters’ boyfriend, right? Is it the same kindness and politeness? No. Anyone would do that if they were a visitor to somebody else’s house.

Anyway, I had no time to get an answer to that. And with her order for Komoe to prepare, that also became my cue to leave the room.

I mean, even if they allowed me to, I couldn’t simply stay to watch the girl changing, right? Though it would be a sight, that would just be flaunting my pervertedness.

For the next ten minutes, I accompanied Auntie Kumie in their living room.

Yep, she told me to use her first name rather than use Miura as well. They’re all Miura in the house, after all.

And within those ten minutes, I felt like I got interviewed not about myself but about how I see her two daughters. Obviously, I never let out my truly honest thoughts. I just told her that I’m on good terms with both girls. And I specifically brought up Komoe’s perceived attachment to me.

Fortunately, Komoe showed up from upstairs before her mother could begin another round of questions.

I excused myself to receive the girl at the end of the stairs. However, it was too late for me to notice that Auntie Kumie preferred to see that.

When we were about to say our farewells to her, she sent us off with a meaningful smile and a very intimate gesture as though she was already dealing with her son-in-law. She fixed my fringes before tapping my back as she told me to take care of her daughter.

Obviously, even Komoe was weirded out by that but with the girl keeping up her act, she didn’t voice it out.

“I don’t mean to be rude but your mother… she’s too enthusiastic about our relationship, isn’t she?”

“Yeah. She likes you a lot. She’s actually more enthusiastic about your visits than me.

“… That’s unexpected.”

That’s all I could say before ending that small conversation about her mother.

Well, Komoe’s mind already switched to the view in front of us, after all.

Since I already mentioned the girl I came here with today, her eyes instantly captured the tall girl talking to her older sister.

However, even though she was aware that Satsuki is special to me, Komoe slipped back into her act and clung to me like yesterday.

Seeing that, my grumpy girl who was probably impatiently waiting for my return got worked up.

She directed her glare at Komoe before switching it to me. And without introducing herself or acting amiably like she did with Miura-senpai, Satsuki pulled me away from Komoe's grasp and put herself as a shield to block the girl from approaching me again.

Well, she looked like she warmed up to Miura-senpai a bit but when it comes to her privilege to be the one clinging to me, she wouldn’t give a girl who’s not yet included in our complex relationship an inch.

Komoe also didn’t push it and obediently stayed next to her sister. She probably only did it to confirm if what I told her earlier was true.

Having proven that, I saw the girl puffing her cheeks adorably followed by her fighting spirit to be ignited.

However, when we started our walk towards the school, she would sometimes act like she was attempting to take my other side. Perhaps to keep up with her act or to simply out if she could do it. I mean, to challenge and climb up to become like Satsuki to me.

Unfortunately for her, no matter how many attempts she made, Satsuki was a huge wall, preventing her from crossing the border.

As the only one who had no idea why her sister was being too competitive, Miura-senpai tilted her head at me, silently asking me for clarification.

But what could I say? The only response I could give her was a wry smile and a shake of my head.

Anyway, this became our situation as we traversed the fifteen-minute walk to school.

Although Komoe and I never had the chance to talk about what happened inside her room, I could now sense the girl’s seriousness at what she declared earlier. Furthermore, whenever our gazes intersected, Komoe would smile as sweetly as before with a hint of bashfulness.

She’s probably remembering the first kiss we shared. That ended in a split second but it’s definitely something I initiated myself. That’s why she’s that happy with it…



As always, before we entered the gate, Satsuki stopped clinging to me but still, she walked so close that every student who at least had an idea about our identity would murmur behind us. The content? The true nature of my relationship with the girl.

Really, the rumors were still as rampant as ever. But then again, we also simply ignored it.

When we passed by Eguchi-sensei, the woman who was once again in her tracksuit while holding a thick wooden stick put on a refreshing smile as she greeted me before turning to the other three.

First, as her student from the Basketball Club, Eguchi-sensei asked Satsuki if she got proper rest. They skipped the morning practice for that, after all.

But upon focusing on Komoe, a hint of delight appeared on our lovely teacher’s face, “So, it’s true. Onoda-kun got you to return to school, Miura. Don’t hesitate to come to me if you need assistance, alright?”

“Y-yes, thank you, sensei. Onoda-kun convinced me and I’m very thankful to him.” Perhaps a little taken aback at the known terror teacher’s delightful smile, Komoe almost stuttered in response.

“I see, I see. Great job as always, Onoda-kun. Come to my room later before PE Class.” Eguchi-sensei turned her gaze back to me. Perhaps, if I’m not at the leftmost side, she’d also walk to me and pat my head in praise.

But with the way she was acting toward us, the students behind us were already in shock. It’s like time stopped on them.

Thanks to that, we got the chance to slip out after I acknowledged Eguchi-sensei’s words.

When we reached the School Building and before separating from us, Miura-senpai stared at me as if she were looking at a monster. Or rather, she was once again amazed at how well I got treated by Eguchi-sensei.

She said, “So, your popularity not only extends to most of the students in this school but also the teachers. That’s amazing, Onoda-kun.”

Well, although she’s not right, she’s probably also not wrong. I also have Shio, after all. And if they’re counted; Orimura and Hayashi-sensei as well.

But I guess it’s not because of my popularity but simply because of who I am in their eyes.

Anyway, that’s that. After changing into our indoor shoes, Satsuki, Komoe, and I continued to our classrooms.

Since Satsuki stopped blocking the girl, Komoe cheerfully walked alongside us. And when we separated at the door of our classroom, she turned to Satsuki and said, “Maemura-san, I apologize if I offended you earlier. I hope we get along with each other. For Ruki’s sake.”

“Hmph. As long as you know your place, girl.” Satsuki responded like that before walking ahead of me to enter our classroom.

Left behind, I checked on Komoe’s reaction. And as expected, her warm smile became frozen as she silently muttered, “… I can also be special to him, you’ll see.”

Alright, that’s admirable at least, she didn’t get disheartened by Satsuki’s cold response.

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