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«Stealing Spree (Web Novel) - Chapter 1328 Confession (2)

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Chapter 1328 Confession (2)

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While my mind was in a little chaos over what to do next, Komoe hadn’t settled down at all. She kept on burrowing down on my neck and pushing herself onto me as if she wanted to disappear within my body completely. Her lips had long made contact with it and her warm breath started tickling me, albeit only a little.

Of course, burrowing further was impossible. The best she could do was to squeeze in without any care about our physical contact. In this situation, I could sense every little change within her. Her pulse, heartbeat, breathing as well as the little unconscious movements she’s making.

And surely, she's the same.

Seeing her acting like this after that compliment that, as much as I was vexed to admit, came out naturally, I couldn’t help but consider this reaction as too adorable for her. When my mind cleared, I found myself having this urge to check on her flustered expression and tease her nonstop for my amusement.

I mean, who wouldn’t?

Nonetheless, I kept my hand on her back and gently caressed it. After doing it for a few seconds, I finally gathered my thoughts as well as came up with my next move.

“Komoe, my eyes aren’t faulty yet. So, yes, you’re a pretty girl. But enough about that. Just know that my opinion won’t change. On the other hand, you see me as a kind guy but I stand by what I said, I’m not the person you think I am.”

Upon saying this, I quickly backed it up with action. Using a bit of my strength, I changed our position from laying side by side to pinning her down, one of my knees in between her legs, dangerously close to her crotch.

I also removed her hands from my back and placed them down on her side. I held them down by filling the gaps of her fingers which she reflexively accepted.

Looking down at the girl and observing her surprised reaction, I put on a smile as I continued, “I told you, you’re too vulnerable. But what did you say? I’m harmless? And you trust that I won’t do anything to you? Komoe, you’re wrong with that.”

“Ruki…” With her eyes clearing up and surprise turned to puzzlement, Komoe could only say my name in response. For sure, her head was currently a mess as she tried to understand why I did this.

But as my words gradually sank into her mind, I noticed the girl’s expression relaxing instead of being terrified.

Well, that’s to be expected, she already had a clear inclination of liking me and with her confession earlier that she’s aware of everything she’s doing, she’s probably interpreting this as a response to it.

But was that really the case? No. Even if it’s somewhat close to it, this was just me opening her eyes regarding the real me.

“Allowing me in your bed and hugging me that tight. Do you think I’m some saint who can hold back my urge to push you down like this? No. I’m more perverted than you give me credit for my kindness and patience…”

My eyes lowered down to her rather daring appearance. Her braless pair of soft mounds was peeking out of her pajama. Another button of her pajama came off. A little tug at her collar and they would surely spill out.

The girl followed the direction of my eyes and upon realizing where I was staring, Komoe murmured, “Do you like it?”

“I’ll be lying if I said no, right?” I answered as I took my eyes off her chest for a moment to meet her gaze. What I could see in her eyes was a mix of the same trust and embarrassment. Or maybe also infatuation.

If I had to guess, this girl would allow me to dig into her chest and satisfy myself with it if I voiced out my desire to do so.

But that’s not my intention at all. At least, not for now.

“I had only restrained myself to get your trust. To get you back to school… Now that I accomplished it, I don’t think I can keep up that act any longer. Komoe, do you think you can still trust me when I’m holding you down like this?” I continued.

Komoe looked at our entwined hands and then down to my knees which were already being squeezed by her thighs and eventually to my crotch. Perhaps finding the bulge on it, she quickly averted her gaze and closed her eyes.

Taking a few seconds before opening it again, Komoe then stared straight at me. “Yes. I can still trust you, Ruki. You’re not going to force yourself on me. You can be perverted but I get that you have set your boundaries straight…”

This girl… Now she’s acting smug as if she properly got a read on me. She’s right on the mark, anyway. Nonetheless, I could also notice her slight hesitance. Perhaps she’s uncertain if she’s right in her guess yet she still went with it.

“And Ruki, is this your way to tell me that you’re now going to put distance between us?” Komoe added.

“No. I promised to be your friend and that will continue. This is just my way to unmask myself in front of you. Komoe, if we keep this up and I continue spoiling you … it won’t be long before I cross that boundary.”

“Ain’t that better? Ruki, I heard everything about you yesterday. That’s what I did for the whole day. I gathered every gossip I could find. You’re close to most of the girls in your class. You’re also mysteriously favored by the Student Council President. In fact, some already believe that you’re dating one or two of those girls just by the frequency of the other students seeing you spoiling them.”

She did that, huh? Looks like our time in the infirmary really made her leave the rejection she suffered and her fear of being laughed at by others behind. But in place of it, she became very interested in me.

“That’s the reason why I confessed my feigned innocence at my attempt to cling to you every time. I decided to not put on an act anymore and be myself in front of you… You understand, right? I think I’ll give it a shot and try to beat them in winning you over.”

After saying all that, Komoe sweetly smiled. A second later, her unblemished face turned as red as an apple. With her hands locked, she had nothing to cover it. She had no choice but to close her eyes to escape my gaze.

Well, hearing all of that and fully understanding her intention, I also eventually found myself smiling.

Yep. She’s adorable and I like that straightforwardness. Although her intention was the same as Miura-senpai, she went at it in this way.

Well then… I guess I should at least give her a response.

“Mhm. Do it. Win me over. But Komoe, let me tell you this just in case It’s up to you how you will interpret this. Those girls are already special to me. I even arrived here to pick you up with one of them. She’s with Miura-senpai right now.”

“As expected, they’re also charmed by you? Am I not special to you yet?”

“Close but not the same as them yet. Are you fine with that?”

“I’m actually relieved that I am close rather than just a girl you have no choice but to befriend. Okay, I’ll work my way up until you can also say to me that I am special…”

“Alright. I’ll look forward to it.”

Upon saying this, I gradually lowered my head. Fully expecting what I was about to do, Komoe closed her eyes and waited patiently.

In my head, I deliberated whether to kiss her or not but with this situation, I quickly made my decision.

As our fingers slowly tightened, my lips soon pressed against hers. It’s soft and trembling slightly yet it soon became stable once the girl comprehended that it actually happened.

However, before we could fully savor that one. Footsteps had started to be heard from outside her door.

With that, I quickly unmounted her and scrambled to my feet, putting my shoes on and sitting down on the side of her bed.

As for Komoe, she also returned to her previous position, lying sideways with her back facing the door.

A few seconds later, the door opened and Komoe’s mother appeared behind it. Upon seeing me sitting on the side of the girl’s bed while Komoe was motionless, she facepalmed, “Are you also unable to wake that girl up? Really, how troublesome. Let me apologize, Onoda-kun.”

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