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«Stealing Spree (Web Novel) - Chapter 1327 Confession (1)

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Chapter 1327 Confession (1)

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Cuddling Komoe in her own bed, I admit this is something I’ve never done with some of my girls yet. Getting this kind of privilege already labeled her as someone very lucky. At least, by our own standards.

Although the room was still dark, I could clearly make out the girl’s blissful face as she enjoyed being this close to me.

In any case, with my plan to make her realize that I’m not as harmless as she thought, I started biding my time to execute it without letting Miura-senpai and their mother interrupt.

I mean, if they saw us like this… Forget getting the wrong idea, their mother would probably celebrate that her daughter managed to win me over. And no matter what kind of explanation we would say, I doubt she would accept it.

As for Miura-senpai… well, I could imagine her becoming more eager to establish that link with me after witnessing her sister stealing a march from her.

In short, although there might not be repercussions coming my way, it would cement my position in this family… The remaining obstacle would be their father who’d surely be opposed if both of his daughters expressed interest in the same guy.

Anyway, my plan to open Komoe’s eyes wasn’t something that would end in breaking the trust she has in me.

Words wouldn’t be enough. Furthermore, even if I acted differently from her perception of me, I had the feeling that she was just going to accept that change or interpret it in a positive way.

That’s why my options were limited.

“Ruki, is it fine for me to feel glad that I skipped school?” Komoe asked, breaking the silence between us.

It’s not even a minute since I joined her on this bed so… the girl probably had this question in her mind even before I arrived.

“Imagine, if I continue going to school after being rejected, I will still become a stranger to you.” Komoe continued. At the same time as that, the girl looked up at me, smiling in contentment.

“Let’s see. As the Disciplinary Officer, I’ll scold you for thinking like that. As your new friend, I guess it’s fine to feel glad.”

“Do you really have to split your identity like that? Disciplinary Officer or not, you’re Ruki…”

She’s not wrong but after hearing those words, an idea popped up in my head. Since I wanted her to realize that I’m not the kind of person she thinks I am, telling her the entire truth or my own thoughts about coming here to pick her up should be a good entry point to open it up.

“Maybe, that’s the case. But am I still kind when you know that I only considered getting you back to school as a job I have to complete?”

Of course, she’s aware of that. I mean, our first conversation revolved around it. When I had yet to convince her, she believed that I was only trying to get her because I was ordered to.

She’s not wrong so I simply hit her with the truth back then. And when I successfully changed her mind with the promise to be her friend, that didn’t change at all. On the other hand, Komoe herself changed. She became attached to me, leading to this situation. My image in her head was probably the cold and kind friend who never gave up on her. Or it’s more than that. I don’t know…

“Yes, you still are. Too kind, even. I don’t know if you picked up on it but… I have something to confess, Ruki… I’m widely aware of what I am doing. This situation? I acted very self-important to have you here next to me.” With those words uttered in a guilty tone, Komoe’s smile seemingly disappeared on her face.

I see. Did I forget that part of her? Maybe…

Thinking about it, being self-important was the first trait that came to my mind when I read her case from that folder. A girl so self-important that she stopped coming to school after the rejection.

And during the first time I saw her lying down in their living room, that was further reinforced.

However, I probably stopped with that thought when Komoe quickly became attached to me. Or maybe, I just stopped considering it when I got her to say yes to coming back to school. I mean, this was just a job for me.

Either way, now that she brought it up this time, I could only accept that I made a blunder. In any case, hearing that and seeing her eyes losing some of their brilliance, it made me understand her.

Komoe also decided to come clean with me.

Yep. As it turns out, she probably asked me to join her in the bed to open this up with me.

In the end, I’m not the only one with a plan…

While I wanted to show her that I wasn’t just a kind, a gallant prince who helped her escape this dungeon she created herself, Komoe also wanted to tell me that she was not just an innocent princess who got taken in by the prince’s gallantry.

We used each other.

For me, regardless of what might be the result of my plan, there’s a high possibility that I would continue spoiling her, even if it’s not every day

Then what’s her reason for doing this? Was it only guilt or there’s more?

Well, there’s only one way to find out.

“I see. If you say it like that, are you saying that you tricked me?”

“Yes, I do.” Without taking her eyes off of me, the girl slowly squirmed her way upward. And in a matter of seconds, Komoe once again had our foreheads touch. “This too… You can push me away yet you kept allowing me to be this close to you. Even if I’m not a smart person, I understand that there should be certain boundaries between a girl and a boy, especially if they’re not in a relationship. You’re allowing me to take advantage of you, Ruki.”

I see… In her eyes, I’m the one being taken advantage of. Isn’t that a little laughable?

But thinking about it, she’s right. I’m letting her do everything she wants with me. But that’s only because it still hadn’t reached the boundary that I set for myself.

“Komoe, you’re not taking advantage of me. At least, that’s how I see this. Besides, I’m also getting something in this situation… I’m still a guy. Who will not want to be this close to a girl as pretty as you?”

Well, there’s one. A loyal guy to his girl or girls…

Alright, I better not slap myself there.

Anyway, with our faces too close to each other, looking straight became a little difficult to maintain. That’s why my eyes involuntarily lowered down past her lips until they gradually settled on her emphasized chest which currently appeared compact from being squeezed into my chest.

A button of her pajama was opened which allowed her cleavage to look like it was bigger than normal. Furthermore, I could neither feel nor see an undergarment holding it in place…

Yep. The same as yesterday, she’s not wearing any.

Maybe she had yet to buy a bigger cup size. Today, she’s probably going to borrow one of Miura-senpai’s bras again.

With this kind of view, even if we’re in a rather serious conversation, I found myself involuntarily reacting to it. My blood started flowing towards my lower body… Although not a point to rejoice, I was a little relieved that this reaction was only minimal. If I take my mind off of it, it would take a long time for me to get a hard-on.

However, it would surely heat up. But considering our current situation, we’re already warming each other up that it would be negligible unless she could feel it hardening.

While I was seemingly lost at that physiological reaction, Komoe finished processing my words. As if she was experiencing the same thing as me but in a different way, the girl’s body gradually heated up as a sense of elation started emanating from her. Following that, Komoe pushed herself even closer to me, leading our legs to become entangled with each other.

“… Uhm. Pretty, you say? I… I don’t think I’m like that but… thank you.”

Saying all that while stuttering, Komoe opened and closed her mouth before eventually finding my neck as her escape pod as her arms tightened around me. Her earlier assertion of confessing to me seemingly disappeared.

Alright. While this was an unexpected reaction from her, it made me remember a certain detail about this girl… Komoe is weak to compliments.

Now, what should I do about this situation? Should I continue with what I planned?

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