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«Stealing Spree (Web Novel) - Chapter 1315 Authority (1)

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Chapter 1315 Authority (1)

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The authority of the Disciplinary Officer. It’s a power given to me by Shizu. At first, it looked like the girl prepared it just to make my stay in the Student Council legitimate. A selfish decision if one would ever point it out.

However, as days passed and after I got initiated into the position in front of the whole school, I started to slowly understand Shizu’s other intention of putting me in the role. It's more than that.

Believing my abilities aside, making me take up the position was not just a way to keep me by her side but it also provided me visible protection. Surely, The girl took various possibilities and variables into account when she created it.

Most likely, she had long predicted that I would eventually butt heads with people with notorious reputations in the school due to how I operated. Or if that’s not it, she pulled it from observing the way I dealt with the dog-like Vice President.

I mean, in regards to that guy, I was a little passive because of my consideration of what he could do with all his barking. I never went hard against him. Apart from letting him feel the dread that he’s nothing in front of Shizu, I never sent the dog with a tail between his legs. Furthermore, Shizu was the one dealing with him whenever he would act out.

So, yeah. That might be one of the reasons she crafted that position for me. The girl not only wanted to keep me by her side but also thanks to her incredible foresight, I now had the power of authority to swing around.

Even though it hadn’t been long since the initiation, my Disciplinary Officer position became almost as good as hers, I didn’t need to cater to Inugaki’s barking anymore and Enomoto or Ichihara Jun became wary of me.

Uh. One could also argue that it put me into the spotlight which ultimately set a target on my back. Nonetheless, I’d probably still be involved with Marika or the delinquents; with or without that position.

Well, I guess I better thank that girl again later… For now, let’s go back to the present.

With my words delivered like a straight punch to his gut, Ichihara Jun flinched and almost took a step back in caution. However, he recovered soon enough as if someone whispered that he shouldn’t be afraid of me.

His slanted eyes stabbed through me, mutilating my confident stance. Even without guessing, I could read his next move.

Unfortunately for him, my attention actually went past his ugly mug to settle on the people accompanying him.

Yep. He’s not alone. Three guys were standing behind him, all of which focused their gaze on me.

At the lead was the dog I was just berating in my mind earlier. With clear irritation on his face, Inugaki was turning red from holding back on shouting at me. I smirked at him, resulting in his face turning darker instead.

Then, there’s the coward Goto Kenji whose hairstyle changed into a clean-shaven head. He’s now like that Baseball Club Captain. Since this was the first time I saw him since the day I went up that stage, his transformation was definitely a surprise.

Is he trying an image change to move on from Kana? Not that it matters. He’s still the same coward who couldn’t hold eye contact with me after what happened. His presence had no impact on the current situation. He might as well keep in his line and act as a post.

As for the last guy, it’s none other than Enomoto himself.

For the first time since that introduction, he showed himself in front of me. I visited his club on two occasions but he was out on both times.

Not that it matters, I got to slowly close the gap between me and Nakanishi-senpai. Maybe on my third visit, I could slowly pull her away.

Alright. That last part was wishful thinking. There’s no gap to be closed since, in the first place, the girl was fairly satisfied with the protection this guy provided.

Anyway, now that we meet again, I instantly went into observing the sneaky guy. At the moment, there’s a faint smile on his lips as though he’s finding this situation amusing.

Surprisingly, he’s also the calmest one among the three and I couldn’t determine whether he was here as another hostile element or not. If I had to guess, he’s just here to act as Ichihara Jun’s follower and observe how I would get away with this.

I also tried probing into his expression, checking if the one moving behind that Tanaka-senpai was him. However, it’s proven unfruitful.

I couldn’t put his face into this little scheme. If someone was this lousy in their scheme, it’s definitely not him. The two instances were two obvious setups, after all.

Well, I wouldn’t claim that I understood the way his mind works so… I might be off with that guess.

In any case, the mastermind wasn’t that important in this situation…

“State my business?! I’ll be taking my fiance back! Step aside!” Bringing my attention back to him, Ichihara Jun’s first words came in as a command.

Just from that, it’s easy to notice how spoiled he was. Without even trying to talk civilly, he instantly demanded that I give way to him. Must be used to people staying out of his lane and scared enough to offend him.

Obviously, I didn’t belong to that category.

“Your fiance? Sorry, this isn’t the lost and found center. Have you read that?” I replied with the same icy tone as earlier as I pointed at the top of the door where an improvised signage that reads ‘Disciplinary Office’ was pasted.

The four raised their heads and followed where I was pointing.

Sure enough, Ichihara Jun didn’t take it kindly. Perhaps thinking that I was trying to piss him off, the guy clicked his tongue while making the threatening motion of raising his fist.

Seeing that, Goto and Inugaki behind him prevented him from throwing it my way. Most likely, they’re aware that if this spoiled brat started it, I would have the justification to screw them over.

Goto, in particular, was aware of my strength, after all. As for Inugaki, he’s cautiously checking on the door to the Student Council. Most likely, he’s afraid that Shizu would be alarmed at this commotion.

If ever she showed up, that girl would take my side, no doubt. It would once again crush his fragile dog heart.

“Hey, why are you stopping me?” Ichihara questioned the two. However, given that there wasn’t really resistance coming from him, he’s also trying to act tough.

I mean, he stared at me while saying that as though he was saying, ‘You’re lucky someone stopped me.

And with that, his prideful air returned and burst forth his person to try and engulf me with it. Unfortunately for him, it’s ineffective to me.

I simply stared at him like looking at a fool making a joke of himself. And to add to that, I delivered another straight jab to his guy using my words,

“If you’re done flaunting your little ego, go away. I don’t have the time to deal with you. I’m busy.”

As I said that, I turned around and acted like I was going to retreat back to the room and close the door.

“Look at this little sh*t. Are you f*cking kidding me? I can strut anywhere in this school. And your filthy little office won’t be an exception!”

Or so he said. The guy grabbed my shoulder and tried to yank me back. But when he noticed that I wasn’t budging, he became even more irritated.

“Step aside! I know Marika is there!”

“Like I said this isn’t the center for a lost fiance. Why do you even think she’ll be here?” I acted obliviously while stifling a laugh to annoy him further. “Anyway, if you’re not a Guidance Counselor or the Student Council President, you have no right to step inside this room.”

“Huh?! I don’t believe you!”

“I don’t care. But well, there’s another way to enter this room. Should I charge you with misconduct? You see this armband? Senior or not, you’re under me. Just say the word and I’ll bring you to the Guidance Counselor to get corrected.”

At this point, Inugaki looked like he was about to say something. Noticing that, I sent a warning glare at him.

It’s not effective, of course.

Instead, it hit his glassy pride. Soon enough, he soon stood beside Ichihara Jun with his crappy confidence at the forefront.

“Step aside, Onoda. I’m the Vice President, you’re not above me. Won’t this end if you just allowed us in? Why make it difficult for you?”

Heh, look at this idiot. He’s not wrong though but do I care about that?

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