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«Stealing Spree (Web Novel) - Chapter 1314 Marika's Kindness (2)

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Chapter 1314 Marika's Kindness (2)

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“Un, you’re my helpful junior…” Marika cutely giggled a bit but almost instantly, her cheerful voice became laced with a serious and heavy tone, “I believe I can enjoy my time with you… But that’s why, forgive me for this… Can I ask you not to pry on my relationship with Jun-kun or my situation from now on? Take this as my request as your senior.”

Once she finished saying that, she stopped trying to peek at my face as if she was afraid that her resolve would be broken if she saw my reaction to her words.

Heh, I couldn’t say this was within my expectation. But then again, it’s Marika. She’s naively kind even to someone who took advantage of her.

I waited for a few seconds before replying. It’s to build the illusion that I contemplated her words when in truth, I already got an answer to them.

Before opening my mouth, I stretched my hand out for her hand resting on top of my table. By simply settling it on top of hers, it successfully earned me a glance from her.

As soon as I caught her gaze with mine, I started.

“Mhm. I can do that if that is senpai’s request…”

Just with that first sentence, Marika reacted right away. Her chest moved slightly and exhaled in relief. However, she did that stealthily. Most likely, not to let me notice.

Too bad for her, I wasn’t done yet.

At the same time as my fingers curled to grip her hand, I continued, “However, let me just say this, senpai. I’m already involved with you and your situation. I believe I’m already at the point where I won’t stand idly if I notice your hardship.”

“W-what hardship?” Marika almost stuttered as she blurted that out involuntarily.

But then, perhaps noticing that it was a blunder on her part, she quickly covered her mouth and tried to avert her gaze.

Since I was on the other side of the table, I could only keep her right hand in place. But that’s enough. Resuming my words, I gently turned her right hand over and opened her curled fingers, giving me the chance to hold her hand intimately.

Although she first resisted it, the warmth of my palm loosened the tension in it.

In this way, it gave me the ability to feel her pulse and sense the subtle reactions of her body.

“Yes. Hardship. You see, you cannot hide it from me, senpai. I may be shameless but I’m someone very meticulous at observing someone.” I winked at her, hinting that I’d already gotten a read on her.

As a response, she rolled her eyes a bit in slight disbelief. But that’s only for a moment.

“Alright. Correct me if I’m wrong. Your confrontation with Ichihara-senpai didn’t end well on your part. He most likely pushed that he was right. And knowing you, senpai… you probably never gave my name away. Because of that, you ended up being the sole recipient of whatever repercussions they set. That should be the end of it but you’re aware of how petty Ichihara-senpai is so… you visited me here to act cold and have me cut off my connection with you.”

Saying that slowly as possible, Marika went from being surprised to be frightened at my insight. By the time I said that last word, she was already staring at me again, her eyes shaking a bit as a sign of her lost composure. Just from that alone, I probably got most of my guesses right.

Whether she’s going to confirm that or not is another story though.

“H-how… No. You’re wrong. You’re entirely wrong, Junior-kun. That’s not what happ—”

Not letting her finish that, I stood up from my seat and pressed my index finger on her lips. While she was still trying to process what I did, I raised another point, “Marika-senpai. You’re very kind and a little too trusting. You could’ve offered my head and put it on a platter to make me out as the culprit. But no, you chose to protect me even if it means you’re the one who’s going to bear the brunt of Ichihara-senpai’s bratty tantrum. Unfortunately, just by coming here to visit me and inform me not to worry about you, you already broadcasted who’s the guy that helped you.”

Taken aback, she forgot what she was denying earlier and switched her focus to that, “W-what? I don’t understand, Junior-kun… I swear no one followed me here.”

“Senpai, you’re not that na?ve. Yes or no. Do you trust that no one will know about your trip here? Are your followers so loyal that no one will sell you out?”

Although what I said was as good as planting doubt in her mind concerning those who've served her for a long time, she needed to hear it.

“Junior-kun, they won’t. I trust them.”

Ah. As I expected. Compared to me who she only got to know recently, there’s no way I would be able to easily break her trust in those who tended to her since her first year.

Nonetheless, I sighed and shook my head openly. Marika blinked her eyes a bit, concern already occupying her face.

“Then do you want to bet with me? Ichihara-senpai will show up soon. He will see you here with me and right there and then, he will designate me as the guy who tainted you.”

Upon hearing that, panic instantly crawled to her face, she stood up and tried to pull her hand out of my hold, “What?! What is that? No… I… I have to leave now, Junior-kun… I c-can’t trouble you even if I bet on him not showing up…”

Well, she tried. But obviously, using my strength as a capital, I prevented her from leaving.

While still holding her hand, I walked around the table and pulled her into my embrace.

Marika tried to understand what was happening but I cut off her thoughts with a simple whisper in her ear, “I can’t let you leave because it’s already too late, senpai. There’s no other choice but to hide you here.”

Yeah… Because a few seconds after saying that, the doorknob rattled as though someone was trying to enter. When the person trying to open it noticed that it was locked, a loud knock soon followed. Similar to someone banging angrily on the door, it quickly raised the tension in the room.

The girl in my arms quickly tensed up as she almost robotically turned her head to the door.

Good thing that I let Marika’s act of locking the door slide earlier. It successfully helped us in this situation.

But yeah, it only hindered the inevitable. It doesn't mean we’re already out of this situation.

The same as last Friday, we came face to face with another situation where the only route was for one of us to hide somewhere.

And this time, it’s not my turn to hide. It’s Marika’s.

Turning her head to me, I started caressing her cheek as I directed her to what she should do.

“Senpai. Here’s what’s going to happen. I’ll get to the door and handle whoever’s outside. In the meantime, hide behind my table and don’t peek out, understand?”


Perhaps her mind was still not in order, so I repeated that a few times. However, with every second that passed, the knock on the door started growing louder and louder.

“Leave this to me. I swear, no one will know that you’re here apart from Watanabe. So, can you trust me?” At this point, I already released her from my embrace. Both of my hands were cupping her cheeks to keep her eyes on me.

Thankfully, Marika already gathered herself. She nodded her head, albeit with a bit of difficulty because of how I held her. But that’s enough.

I put on a reassuring smile which the girl returned with a confident one. Following that, she quickly moved to where I pointed her to hide.

Upon making sure that she was already hidden there, I turned to the door, fixed my expression, and approached without haste.

Despite the loud banging on the door, I gently removed the lock and turned the knob to open it.

Almost instantly, someone tried to push it open. Expecting that to happen, my body blocked it.

“This is the Disciplinary Office. State your business.” Instead of a welcome greeting, I eyed the rascal trying to push the door open, and used an authoritative tone to deliver that line.

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