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«Stealing Spree (Web Novel) - Chapter 1316 Authority (2)

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Chapter 1316 Authority (2)

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“Vice President, you’ll probably be fine if someone entered your room without permission but not me. I have documents inside that shouldn’t be viewed by just anyone.” Blocking Inugaki's ‘I’m not under you’ card with that simple made-up reason that he wouldn’t be able to easily prove if true or not, the dog almost choked from his own spit, turning his face as dark as his chance of toppling me down.

I stopped paying attention to him and eyed the guy closest to me, sneering once more as I blatantly threw up a lie. “Anyway, Ichihara-senpai, right? If you’re looking for Kujou-senpai, she’s not here.”

“Don’t f*cking lie you smug junior. I can see through it!”

As expected, he didn’t bite at it. But who cares? He’s the unreasonable type, after all. That’s how I evaluated him after the two instances with Ishida-senpai at the Library and last Friday with Marika.

Then, I just have to be as unreasonable as him. He can push his narrative while I face it with my own.

If he’s convinced that I’m sheltering Marika, I’ll convince him or them that she already left.

“Where’s the lie? I’ve seen her minutes before you disturbed my peace and quiet. I won’t deny that. She visited me after separating from her followers. You see, she looked so troubled that even I was helpless to provide assistance.”

“You mean to say she already left? Stop this bullsh*t!”

For sure, even if someone didn’t provide him the information that I was the guy who Marika got close to recently, he already had his hunch about it.

But so what? It would be detrimental to the girl if I admit to it. So, as much as possible, fooling this idiot was the best at the moment.

Ah. Maybe, crushing his pride was an acceptable move too.

“Is it really bullsh*t? If she’s your fiancée, isn’t it normal for her to show up when you called for her? What now? It’s been what? Three minutes since I stepped out to stop your uncouth banging on the door. If you turned around and chased after her, you’d probably reach her by now.” Ending that with a click of my tongue, I then stretched my hand out to the front, pushing him back.

Not expecting the force behind it, Ichihara Jun almost fell on his ass if not for Goto placing himself behind him. Way to go, shaved cuck lackey.

Anyway, as much as I want to deal with this using force, there are not enough grounds to do so. If only the shaved cuck didn’t stop him earlier, landing a punch on that unguarded face of his was easily accomplishable.

That’s why provoking him like this while also planting the notion that Marika already left was the path I decided to thread on. And with my authority at the forefront, Inugaki was pretty much useless here.

Obviously, flaunting their seniority would also be proven irrelevant, they’re all 3rd-year students here, and not once did I bow my head to them.

With Enomoto reducing himself to an unremarkable follower, silently watching the proceedings, Goto Kenji reduced to the coward who’s afraid to anger me, and Inugaki still processing how I shut him off, I could feel no pressure facing this cub’s mewlings.

Three of these guys are taller than me. Maybe because they already finished their growth spurt. Nonetheless, I kept my posture at a level where I didn’t need to lift my head to them. Maybe, that’s also one of the subtle reasons why they refuse to just try and get along with me.

A few seconds later, when Ichihara Jun was about to burst with his unreasonable nagging again, I beat him to the punch, delivering a slap in the form of words.

“Oh. Right. Senpai, do you know why she visited me? You don’t need to answer. I’ll tell you.”

Pausing for a moment there, I watched the guy reeling his outburst to listen to me. Looks like he’s not as unreasonable as I thought. But well, my words must be too persuasive.

I fixed my expression and acted as though I was trying to recall Marika’s voice. Once I deemed the act enough, I started relaying it with a straight face.

“I might be wrong but, Kujou-senpai felt at ease here. She can relax and escape from being nagged by her followers or you. Also, she looked so tired hearing about your attempts on picking up a new girl.”

I stressed out a few words on it which instantly garnered a reaction from Ichihara Jun. Escape and tired.

But I wasn’t finished yet. I concluded the act of recalling Marika’s words and moved to throw in my own opinion, “I don’t know if any of that is true but… Senpai, are things not going well between you two? Just a suggestion, if you will. You can always call off the engagement, that way you won’t hurt each other anymore. I mean, I heard rumors that you’re the known playboy of our school. I feel bad for the sweet Kujou-senpai.”

“Huh? Isn’t that you?!”

Instead of Ichihara Jun reacting to my words, the shaved cuck behind reflexively blurted that out and in a high pitch at that, making the other three look at him.

“Hmm? Goto-senpai, what are you saying? I’m just popular with the girls. That’s all.” I confidently shrugged.

Enomoto at the back almost burst into laughter from it but the three… well, they reacted within my expectation.

“What the—”

“Wait, Kenji. I understand you have a beef with this disrespectful junior too but let me… I can’t stand the lashes from his tongue… Heh, how long was it that someone dared to stand like this in front of me? Suggestion, you say? Who the hell are you? I’m an Ichihara! Do you know? I can make your life miserable with the power of my words.”

Stopping the shaved cuck from his outburst, Ichihara Jun seemingly found his footing again as he raised his chin and looked down at me.

But the words he uttered were as disappointing as ever.

“The power of your daddy, you mean,” I said dismissively.

“This little—!”

“Who else won’t know about the Ichihara Constructions? You think you’re a hotshot just because your daddy is that rich? Can he buy this school? No, right? Then shut up. You’re just a student here much like all of us. And as the Disciplinary Officer, you’re under my authority. Say, why don’t we make a trip to see Umemura-sensei? Ah no. The one in charge for the 3rd year is Toyada-sensei, right?”

As I said this, I ignored all their reactions and stepped inside for a moment. After checking that Marika was still hiding behind my table, her head peeking slightly, I met her gaze and wordlessly conveyed what I was about to do.

Seeing her golden head bobbing up and down as an affirmation, I couldn’t help but smile a little.

With that, I reached for the knob and turned the lock on before hurriedly stepping back out, pulling the door closed behind me.

Facing the four idiots again, I first fixed my armband before stepping forward, and grabbing Ichihara Jun’s arm.

Because they hadn’t anticipated it, their reactions were delayed. I already walked past Enomoto before Ichihara Jun could try to yank his arm off and at the same time as that, he yelled like a fool, “What the f*ck are you doing?! Unhand me!”

“I said we’re going on a trip. Behave and follow me if you don’t want to be dragged by me.” Dropping my tone to become as icy as possible, I pushed my face close enough to hit his forehead, letting him sink in the blackness of my eyes.

With that, the guy powerlessly behaved. As for Inugaki and Goto Kenji, they scrambled to their feet as they started following us. As for Enomoto, he remained standing there for a moment, alternating his gaze from the door and me before also calmly following behind.

Yeah… Among these four, he’s the only one I really should be wary of.

Anyway, will I really bring them to that Guidance Counselor? We’ll see… Either way, I only did this to open a chance for Marika to leave the room.

Authority really is this powerful but I guess not everyone can pull off the same move that I did. With the right confidence and skill, it’s a powerful weapon that can only be toppled by a higher power.

Ugh. That sounded cringe. Let’s stick to Authority.

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