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«Stealing Spree (Web Novel) - Chapter 1309 I Underestimated Her

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Chapter 1309 I Underestimated Her

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Several minutes later, Hana separated from me. Not at the Book Club but at the Literature Club. Because she found the Book Club crowded, especially when even Kanzaki was there, she opted to check out my club.

And there, she met Ishida-senpai who, as always, prioritized a potential new member of the club rather than wondering why the girl arrived with me. Since Rae and Kana already met her yesterday, the two kinda expected the girl to show up so they’re also a little welcoming. But when I informed them what happened throughout the day, Rae warily stared at the girl while Kana’s mature self resurfaced as she dragged the girl in to talk.

With Hana leaving my side, Ishida-senpai approached me and informed me of the matter I asked for yesterday. She managed to reach out to her, inquiring about that miraculous tea.

She pulled me to one corner of the room where she almost pinned me to the wall. One of her legs lodged in between mine. It’s not intentional but when she noticed how daring this was for her, she pushed ahead with a determined look on her face. I was about to tease her for it but the girl started relaying to me what she learned.

“Father said he bought it from a country in South Asia. It’s made from a special herb and some exotic ingredients. Before drying the tea leaves, they left them soaked in a mixture of those exotic ingredients to absorb their properties. He said it’s known for its wondrous fatigue recovery but those exotic ingredients were also known to be used in other products specifically for men. Uhm… he didn’t specify it to me, maybe in consideration, but it’s fairly implied that what you’re experiencing every morning is the effect he mentioned.”

Ishida-senpai almost stuttered there but she managed to get a hold of herself. She then moved in closer as she whispered, “I’m just curious, okay? Is it too unbearable every morning?”

“To be honest, I feel like it won’t calm down if I don’t take care of it. Thankfully, the other girls are always there to help me.”

“Lucky them…” Although she said that in a way that I shouldn’t be able to catch, my ears still managed to pick it up. Especially when a hint of envy flashed on her face.

As usual, an urge to tease the girl surfaced in my mind.

After checking the room and noticing that no one was paying attention to us thanks to Hana, I pushed my lips closer, nibbling on her earlobes before whispering, “Senpai can help me with it too. What do you think about spending a night with me?”

“Y-you…! Forget you heard that… We’re not even at that stage yet.”

“Well, we can climb up on that stage during that same night.” I slowly closed my legs, trapping her in them.

Noticing that, Ishida-senpai tried pulling it out but to no avail. She turned to me with a look of helplessness. Although she was not glaring at me anymore, the way she looked at me bordered on being upset and liking this situation.

Without waiting for her to reply, I continued, “What do you think, senpai?”

The girl was about to nod her head and agree with me but as though she remembered that she wanted to take it slow between us, she gulped down and answered differently. “… Pervert. We can sleep together but… I know you’re just teasing me.”

Upon saying that, Ishida-senpai grabbed my collar and pulled on it. This way, she stopped me from nibbling her ear. As our gazes met, she continued, “… Ask me again when you’re serious about it. I don’t mind inviting you over to my house.”

Ishida-senpai then averted her gaze as though she was trying to escape from whatever reply I would come up with.

Well, given that she saw through my teasing, I decided to straighten up my response, “I understand, senpai. I love to spend more time with you so… when it’s my turn to write for the last scenario, can I come over?”

“Uh. You can. But are you planning to…?”

“Hmm. We’ll see. Obviously, I won’t neglect the reason I mentioned but if we can grow even closer during that time and senpai also wants it to happen, I’ll guide you through it.”

“Somehow, I don’t like the sound of it, Onoda-kun. Why is it only if I want it? Don’t you want it too?”

Ah. That’s a valid question. It sounded like I’m only going to do it with her if she wants it. She’s probably thinking that it might not be something we both wanted but an obligation on my part.

That’s where she’s wrong. So, I better enlighten her about what’s going on in my mind.

“I do. But senpai, you know how much of a pervert I am. Ever since accepting you, I have been thinking about it. So…”

“Ah… I see. It makes sense, perverted junior.”

As realization dawned on her face, a natural blush gave it a crimson color. She then loosened her hold on my collar and pinched my nose in retaliation.

I accepted it without dodging but at the same time, I wrapped my arms to her back and planted my lips on hers, breaking the rule she set of ‘no flirting inside the clubroom’.

“Heh. It’s because my senpai is too lovely.”

Well, she already forgot that when she pushed me to this corner. Maybe later, she’d blame herself and the other girls would take their time to tease her. That’s a sight to see. Unfortunately, I won’t be here by then.

“Yeah, right. Everyone is lovely to you yet I can understand that it’s not just lip service from you.” After savoring the feeling of my lips on hers, Ishida-senpai put on a very affectionate smile.

“I’m glad you understand it, senpai. I love you.”

“Un. I love you too.”

With that as our last exchange, Ishida-senpai let me go and she returned to her seat, joining the girls in interrogating Hana.

Well, I learned about the tea but I forgot to ask her where to buy it in case I used it up… I mean, if it’s that effective and there shouldn’t be any negative side effects, there’s no harm in stocking up on it. It would also help me satisfy all of my girls… With increased stamina, the problem of being drained would go away.

Before leaving the clubroom, I observed the girls for a while and determined that there wouldn’t be a problem leaving Hana here with them. Well, I was actually looking forward to how Otsuka-senpai would act around her. But at the moment, she’s just silently listening from the side, her eyes a twinkling mess. It shouldn’t be wrong that she’s holding back on her curiosity but it wouldn’t be long until it explodes.

Let’s just hope Hana can survive that… Too bad, I wouldn’t be able to see it. But that’s fine, I could ask them later and laugh along with them.

With that, I resumed my busy day and arrived at the Student Council Room.

Upon stepping inside, the first thing I noticed was obviously my lovely Shizu, patiently waiting for my arrival.

Even before I could approach her, the girl crossed her arms as an amused expression covered her face, “So? How is that transfer student girl? I heard she’s bold enough to kiss you in front of your class. Seems like I underestimated her threat.”

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