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«Stealing Spree (Web Novel) - Chapter 1308 I Won't Stop

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Chapter 1308 I Won't Stop

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If walking next to me was enough to satisfy her, where did the bold girl who declared her intention to steal me go? It’s not even a day and she’s already like this.

Despite her continuous effort to never admit defeat and stand back up, the way she got reduced to this girl devoid of her earlier boldness somehow disappointed me a little.

But thinking about it, it’s the result of everything I did and showed to her. Especially that brief moment we shared before returning to the classroom. My words made her disheartened enough resulting in the girl temporarily stopping her advances.

Nonetheless, I still believed that she needed to hear that from me. Otherwise, she might be chasing the shadows of my past and not the present me.

With that said, it’s also not wrong to say that I got her rather strong advance thwarted on the first day of our battle. Whether she continues in her endeavor to steal me or not, it wouldn’t change my decision to get her back.

No matter what, I’m clear with what I feel for her.

That’s why I welcomed her initiative to hold my hand as we made our way along the wide corridors of the Club Building while evading students and teachers alike.

I thought of dropping her to the Book Club but I discarded that thought. Rather than that, I’d let her decide where she wanted to go. She could follow me up to the Student Council if she so wished. Shizu would surely be intrigued by her appearance.

In any case, before stopping by the Book Club, I picked an empty room and brought her inside.

Although she was kind of surprised, the girl didn’t put up a resistance, allowing herself to be alone inside a closed room with me.

For all I know, she’s probably in favor of this development rather than continuing to give her a cold shoulder. However, I didn’t plan on suddenly making a move on her. Instead, I aimed to probe her current thoughts about me and her goal.

“Come, let’s sit here,” I said as I pulled her with me to pick a chair for both of us.

When I put them next to each other, the girl’s mood drastically improved. It felt like the gloom covering her face instantly dispersed as she looked up at me with the same enthusiasm as earlier.

“Ruki, is it fine for me to think that you brought me here to…”

The girl failed to finish that question. She stopped midway. Perhaps, after noticing how my expression didn’t change at all.

I simply stared at her with a straight face without a hint of my affection for her written on it.

Hana, not knowing how to interpret that, could only close her mouth and wait.

Seconds later, I lifted her hand close to my lips. Not to kiss it but only to caress her fingers with my thumb.

“These are still as soft as I remembered. Either you’re taking care of your hands properly or you’ve never taken up doing chores while you’re in the dorm.” Instead of bringing up the matters of the present, the topic I set was close yet distant at the same time.

At the same time as I said that, I let my thumb feel each of her fingertips before finally pressing on her soft palm.

Feeling a little ticklish, Hana slightly winced before replying, “I’m afraid, It’s the latter. I lived alone while the school provided us with all the necessities. From the years I spent there, the only thing I became capable of doing in terms of house chores is… heating up water.”

Although that should’ve sounded shameful, the girl’s voice had a little hint of pride as well as helplessness. She honestly answered knowing I would accept it without picking on her.

“Heh. Sounds like a school for high-class ladies. Are you actually a princess?”

The class picture that I saw from the albums she sent was filled with elegant-looking girls. Well, compared to Hana, she stood above the rest. Or maybe, their beauties were just a little exotic for my eyes.

“I won’t be here with you if I am. I’m no more than a common girl, existing at the bottom of the rung in that school.” Hana stared into the distance, perhaps remembering her days there.

I tried probing if she was telling the truth but… I found it hard to ascertain considering her standing in that school wasn’t portrayed in those photos.

“Well, I could say that apart from you. I couldn’t care less about the people from that school. Anyway, what about now? Since you admit that you haven’t done house chores at all, don’t tell me you’re eating convenience store foods for the past two days?”

Upon hearing that, Hana’s composure was shaken and she immediately tried to skip that question. However, maybe understanding that she’d just make it obvious if she tried to do that, she simply slipped back to her earlier state as she did her best to come up with a believable lie.

“Not at all. M-my relative, my father’s sister, cooks for me.”

“You said you’re living alone in that house. Is she bringing your meal every day?”

“… Only dinner.” Hana took a while to produce that honest answer.

“What about breakfast and lunch?”

“Convenience store rice balls.”

“Are you planning on surviving on that from today onwards?”

“Is there another option? I can now buy my lunch at the cafeteria. For breakfast. Coffee or tea is enough. Or maybe a toast. It’s easy to make a toast!”

“Mhm. Looks like you got it covered now.” I nodded a few times before releasing her hand.

“Did you bring me here to only ask me about my living conditions?”

“Let’s just say it’s something I wanted to confirm. And I’m glad I brought that up. Will your aunt continue to cook dinner for you?”

“I… I don’t know.”

“I see. Then tell me if she stopped. I’ll bring you home or cook for you.”

Saying that without any change in my expression, Hana appeared confused.

“Why?” She asked with a rather exasperated tone.

“Obviously, I don’t want to see you starving or falling ill from eating unhealthily.”

“Lies. It’s more than that.”

“Hmm? Of course, it is. I already told you earlier. I still care for you. No matter your plans or goals from here on out, you’re still my Hana.”

Seeing how she started to become agitated with the way I answered, I put a hand on top of her head before letting it fall to her cheek. I then looked at her with a gaze filled with my affection for her.

Hana was taken aback and she could only freeze on me. Soon enough, she closed her eyes, savoring the warmth from my palm. Her expression turned from a little stiff to a truly comfortable one that I couldn’t help but worry that she might drift off to sleep.

It’s a needless worry though. Hana opened her eyes soon enough. As if she regained her lost motivation, the girl proudly declared.

“I have no intention to have you worry about me, Ruki. And please, I’m not your old Hana. Like you, I have changed…”

Looking at that proud smile that she first flaunted earlier, I guess she truly managed to pick herself back up.

But is that something for me to worry about? Obviously not.

“Have you? You’ve been culled for almost the whole day. I suggest you better give up on stealing me. Your opening act was splendid and it truly caught me off guard. However, you quickly mellowed down after I told you my thoughts earlier. And this time, I’m not buying that sudden recovery. For all I know, you just cannot admit your loss.”

“You’re free to believe that. But I won’t go down without a fight. I’m still planning to steal. And you know what? Hearing how much you still cared for me is what allowed me to pick myself up. I’ll see to it that you defy the rules and restrictions you set for yourself… Watch me.”

“Alright. I admire that dedication. But Hana, don’t you think this is futile? No one, not even Akane can change my mind regarding my complex relationship with everyone. The choice is only whether you will accept it or not. There’s no third option. So, let me suggest this. Give it up. You’re only going to hurt yourself.”

As I said this, I moved my hand from her cheek, sliding it down to her neck before slowly lifting her chin. With our eyes fixed on each other, it wouldn’t need a genius to understand my intention.

Hana’s expression turned conflicted right away. But instead of uttering her rebuttal with my words, she firmly closed her mouth shut and, even with difficulty, stopped making eye contact with me.

I guess this is now her trying to show how much resolve she allocated for her goal.

It’s just a guess but, Hana possibly decided to actively refuse my advances. And to compensate for that, she’s going to take up the proactive role as she demonstrated right at this moment.

When she noticed me not forcing the kiss on her, Hana decisively lifted her arm and grabbed me by my nape. At the same time, as she pushed my head closer, she closed our distance, initiating the kiss.

Her arms then gradually wrapped around me as she carried herself up to my lap, locking me on my chair. And while a string of saliva stretched in between our mouths, Hana openly acknowledged,

“Ruki, I admit my loss today. But don’t expect that it will be the same tomorrow. I won’t stop until you choose me over everyone even if it means I’ll have to endure seeing you be intimate with them.”

As a response to that, I simply put on my usual smile before nodding my head. Without attempting to return that kiss, I replied, “You see that’s a mistake on your part, denying my advances will only be detrimental to you. But you do you. I won’t actively kiss you again. However, that doesn’t mean I have no other means to court you. Every time we’re alone like this, you better prepare yourself…”

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