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«Stealing Spree (Web Novel) - Chapter 1307 I'm Satisfied With This

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Chapter 1307 I'm Satisfied With This

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When the excited Chii pulled me down to sit between the two of them, the girl energetically narrated what happened in the more than an hour that they were together. As well as why Hana turned into a pitiable girl who’s about to cry at any moment.

Taking the desolateness of this place as some kind of cover from the public eye, I willingly allowed Hana to grab my arm and seek refuge inside my personal space.

Obviously, Chii didn’t need permission, I was the one who pulled her close to me, close enough that no one would be able to say otherwise that we were dating if they saw us.

In contrast to my closeness to Hana where I put some reservations, I intimately held Chii by her waist and let her head lean closer to my chest while I listened to her narration.

“Hana here has been proven helpless in dealing with an overly enthusiastic person that’s immune to her angelic mask. My Mentor was kind of an airhead. No matter how flawless Hana tried to present herself, that senior simply waved it off, tapping her back with rather excessive enthusiasm.” Chii started while giggling. From the twinkling of her eyes, the girl was definitely still reliving what happened.

Hana reacted instantly to it, murmuring her weak rebuttal, “T-that’s not true… It’s just unexpected that I failed to react right away.”

I guess it’s kind of what I expect from the girl. She’s not great at handling airheads, oblivious blokes, or just people unable to read the room. It was not very apparent back then because she was always surrounded by different types of people. Even if there was one or two of those types I listed, their voices would either just be drowned out or disregarded by the others. In short, they couldn’t even properly reach Hana, allowing her to passively evade them.

“Is it? Then why did you keep on turning into a turtle whenever senpai asked you if you understood her words? Not only that, you’re even relying on me to repeat it for you.” Shooting Hana’s rebuttal mercilessly, Chii smirked.

At that, Hana’s reaction was the tightening of her embrace on my arm. Then, she lifted her head, seeking my gaze which she luckily caught right away. With a look as though asking for a rescue, she implored me with her beautiful eyes. Right, her golden eye was also peeking just enough for me to see.

But instead of taking up arms to her defense, I also put on a smirk and simply averted my gaze from her. I sensed Hana’s body shuddering from that. Nonetheless, it didn’t weaken her hold. One of the girl’s hands simply moved down and attempted to slip her fingers into my curled-up hands. Perhaps to gather courage from the warmth of my palm.

Her attempt failed. I kept it closed, drawing another bout of helplessness on the girl’s face. She’s unaware of that expression because her movements didn’t dull or ever lost her usual confidence.

However, it’s only a matter of time before she became aware of what’s happening to her.

Anyway, understanding my intent, Chii continued with her narration.

After that introduction, Chii’s mentor happily welcomed Hana as her temporary mentee. And so, as though restarting the first day of the Mentor Program, they went around the whole campus - not indoors - to show it to the girl.

The result; Hana’s stamina almost got depleted that the last half an hour was spent in this same place. I even spied empty cans and a bottle of water at the girl’s side.

As for Chii, well, not counting her clumsiness, she’s definitely among my athletic girls. However, because she joined a nonsense club this school year, she lacked the exercise so… she’s also fairly exhausted from touring the school.

In any case, given that they didn’t look haggard when I arrived, they already got sufficient rest.

Soon enough, Chii finished with her narration. Hana, who eventually managed to open up my palm and fit her hand in, had shrunken in embarrassment.

But even though she’s clearly reduced to nothing but a shriveled-up turtle who couldn’t raise her head to appeal to me, Hana never admitted defeat.

My presence next to her became her pillar to lean on.

Chii soon understood that so… after concluding her narration, she yanked me out of Hana’s hold and declared, “Kii isn’t here to rescue you, Hana. He’s here to listen to what I accomplished. Am I right?”

Well, she’s not entirely correct. I came to check on both of them, after all. Although not what I was hoping to see, Chii sure did a number on Hana. Even if the latter still wouldn’t acknowledge their friendship, this past hour truly reduced the distance between them.

Maybe not today but for sure, it’s also only a matter of time before Hana would turn honest about other things aside from her intention to steal me and become special to me once again.

“Mhm. That’s right.” I agreed with Chii’s words, resulting in Hana lowering her head in defeat.

But before she could wallow in it, I continued, “I don’t mind rescuing you though. I mean, I already allowed you to lean on me and hold my hand. It’s of no consequence for me to favor you again. You just have to remember what I told you earlier.”

Upon hearing that, Hana miserably bit her lips. However, that’s still not enough to break her spirits. As though she suddenly cast off what was weighing on her shoulder, the girl regained her usual confidence. “Go on and put me on the sidelines. But Ruki, you’ll never get rid of me this way.”

“Hmm? That’s never my intention. But let me also say something, you can remain adamant but at the end of the day, you’ll still be mine.”

“That confidence. Should I fall in love with another guy and make you jealous instead?”

“If you can, you won’t need to return here for me. And if ever you truly decide on doing that, who am I to stop you? Make me jealous but that’s just going to push me further away from you.”

“Doesn’t that contradict your earlier declaration?”

“Yes, it does. I’m not going to hold all of you by your necks. Everyone has a choice. Even Chii. As long as it’s something you decide to do, I won’t stop you. I’ll express my regret, sure. However, I won’t run up to you and beg. ”

As always, I’m truly a man of contradictions. I’ll be heartbroken seeing her with another guy. However, who am I to act hurt when my girls keep on seeing me with another girl? That’s just hypocrisy. In any case, once she gets herself another guy, I’ll also stop chasing after her and just focus on who’s with me.

One can say that it’s another contradiction when I’m still going to steal another girl from a guy. The circumstances are too different. Hana is aware of everything about me while Marika only knows me as a very bold junior who’s willing to put himself on the line for her.

Hana's gaze remained still. Whatever was going on in her head, only she could know.

On my side, Chii, who noticed the sudden turn of our conversation, keenly conveyed her support through her gestures.

I patted her head and gently smiled, dispelling her worry.

A minute later, with Hana remaining silent there as though she was contemplating her next move, I stood up along with Chii, “Alright, we’re losing time here. Let me walk you to your club.”

“What about Hana?”

“Do you want to take her there?”

“… Uhm. She’s not suitable there.”

“I see. You’re right. The people in that club will probably be the type who she won’t be able to deal with perfectly. The choice is hers though.” Still with a dismissive tone, I uttered that without even looking in the girl’s direction.

When I heard no reply from Chii and Hana, my feet moved.

Chii naturally followed me. As for Hana, she reluctantly stood up and started following us.

Without exchanging words, we soon reached the Club Building.

Before entering and before running into another student, I put on the armband before continuing to escort Chii. Hana started drawing the other students’ attention. Whether it was 1st, 2nd, or 3rd year, they would stop to stare at her. Some tried to approach her, however, she easily brushed them off.

Upon reaching Chii’s club where An-rin and Kushii were also members, Chii turned to Hana and asked, “So, what do you plan to do?”

“Follow him.”

“Hear that, Kii? Take care of her… But first…” Chii scanned our surroundings. Upon making sure that no one was around, she boldly closed in on me and kissed me in front of Hana.

I welcomed it with open arms, deepening the kiss at every second that passed. I ignored Hana’s presence and simply aimed to satisfy my lovely girl; whispering sweet words in between our gasps for breath.

Our kisses continued for a few minutes and by the time we finished, Hana’s back was already turned to us. Most likely, she couldn’t stand how passionate we were for each other.

Whether that cracked his adamantine resolve or not, I had no idea.

Nonetheless, with Chii going inside their clubroom, Hana daintily took my now-freed side, acting like nothing had happened.

I glanced at her but that’s it. I didn’t make a move or say anything to her. However, as if trying to sound me out, she reached for my hand and grasped it tightly as she matched my pace.

And in a mellow, doleful tone, she said, “This may sound like I’m admitting defeat but it’s not. I just want you to know that I am satisfied with this; being able to walk next to you again…”

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