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«Stealing Spree (Web Novel) - Chapter 1306 Talking To Ogawa?

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Chapter 1306 Talking To Ogawa?

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“Kazuo, I think it’s better for you to look the other way.” Seeing how our moment wasn’t going to end anytime soon, Arisa walked in his direction and advised him.

As if jolted awake from his nightmare, the guy jumped in visible fright before following that suggestion with a very bitter expression.

Lucky him. Because we couldn’t help but notice that, a hint of shame flashed on my girls’ faces which eventually led to them voluntarily stopping after getting a turn when I went into a circle, alternating between the four.

He’s already buried so deep that it should be fine even without stopping. However, my girls were kind enough to give him respite.

Naturally, I still set out to satisfy the girls before I let go of them. Starting from Nami and ending with me carrying Izumi back to her seat.

Following this, I looked at Arisa and approached her, also giving her the same treatment. But afterward, I continued on my steps and stopped before Ogawa.

Even though they had their plan about to be set in motion, I still felt the need to talk to him once more. Who knows? I might be able to properly convince him.

Taking an empty seat and sitting down in front of him, I first sent a signal to my girls, whose attention focused on us, not to worry. Although I didn’t ask for it, they all nodded in understanding and left the room for the two of us with Nami and Arisa in the lead.

“Ogawa. Let’s talk. Man to man. Last time, I apologized to you for what I perceived as my fault. I admitted to it. But at the same time, I asked you to apologize to Hina and Izumi which you never did. I’ll set that aside for now so… come on, man up and hear me out.” I started, reminding him of that last confrontation where he spoke out.

Noticing that the girls left, he looked straight at me, his expression the same as ever. “Hear you out? What for? So, you can laugh at me?”

“Do you want me to laugh at you? I can do that. But you know what? Forget that. I’m not gonna be generous enough to cheer you up or help you move on. You’re a guy as much as I am. If you can pick up on your slack and stop obsessing over Nami, you will have long moved on.”

“It’s easy for you to say that because every girl you approach is falling left and right for you.” He angrily clicked his tongue, the only thing he could do now.

“Heh. Is that how it looks? Can you not stop to think that I also put forth effort which eventually made them fall for me? Do you think they will change their minds just because I approached them? Look, you can hate me for stealing Nami from you but you have no right to assume that Arisa and the others fell on my lap for no reason.”

This guy was only looking at the results, not the process. He’s so far up in his ass for assuming that. Well, at least, it’s an improvement from thinking that I tricked them. Nonetheless, that’s not an excuse for him to disparage them.

I mean, that’s what he’s trying to say with that assumption.

“… O-okay. I’m wrong on that but don’t act like you understand me, Onoda. This talk won’t help me at all. Just go and leave me alone.”

“So, you’re going to be stubborn? You see, I’m even slightly envious of you. You have them as friends and they’re too kind to not give up on you. Yet, here you are. Looking too bitter because they found their happiness in me.” I slowly shook my head as I stared at his expression that remained looking like he swallowed a bitter pill. “Call me a hypocrite or anything. But Ogawa, you’re one as well. If you’re so kind and gentlemanly like they believed you to be, you won’t keep Izumi and Hina hanging for years. Well, no matter, they’re mine now. You can keep your gratitude from me getting them off your back.”

Upon saying that, I stood up and went to the door, not waiting for him to violently react to my last remark.

But before leaving, I glanced back at him whose eyes seemed to bore holes in my back and left behind another lethal strike, “Ah. Right. Please tell Kazuha-nee that I’m looking forward to seeing her again. I'd been crossed out as a little brother. But as a lover, I think I still have a chance for it.”

“Y-you! Keep my aneki out of your madness!”

Even before I could finish that, Ogawa already strongly reacted at the mention of his sister’s name and he probably failed to hear the latter parts.

In any case, I just waved my hand and left the room, disregarding his very interesting reaction. He’s already a little mellow when it comes to Nami and the others but when it comes to his sister, he instantly raged.

I’m not lying about my message though. I’m looking forward to seeing how much more the woman will torment her little brother. I don’t mind becoming her instrument to do that. It will be a win for me, after all.

As I stepped out of the room, I faced an expected sight. The five girls were standing there and from their expressions, they clearly heard what I last said.

Although they’re already aware of that instance last Saturday, they couldn’t help but leer at me with suspicious eyes.

A second later, they grabbed whatever part they could grab and dragged me into a different room. For the next ten minutes, the five girls vented that jealousy on my body… taking turns punishing me.

Well, like the previous instances, the word ‘punishment’ had a different meaning to my girls. My lips became swollen and I acquired a few more hickeys on my neck, shoulder, and chest when they finally let me go.

Perhaps if Izumi wasn’t there, they would probably not limit it to my upper body… Still, Saki and Nami’s hands stealthily made their way inside my pants, leaving me behind with an erection.

Anyway, enough about that heavenly punishment. Before returning to their clubroom, I asked them about the plan that Arisa informed me of earlier.

The other four confirmed it and they’re going to set it in motion soon. Nami, in particular, assured me that she was going to accomplish it in one way or another. From the glint in her eyes, I could somehow sense that she wouldn’t mind being merciless to them if they still acted stubbornly on their infatuation with them.

Drawing the line that they cannot be more than just friends in the same circle was their end goal.



After separating from the girls, I intentionally slowed down my steps to calm my erection down as I made my way to my next destination.

Because of the time I spent with them, the Mentor Program already ended and people were already rushing to their clubs or going home.

I should be making my way to the Student Council but there’s one more thing I had to do… Something I set aside earlier.

“Kii, you’re finally here!”

As I approached the small area at the side of the School Building where there’s a broken vending machine, I got spotted by one of the two girls I was going to check on. Chii waved her hand delightfully as a look of anticipation welled on her expression.

Next to her and seated on the bench, Hana with her hands clasped on top of her lap also put me in her eyes. But even from afar, she’s noticeably meeker than when I left them earlier. Furthermore, when she met my gaze, the girl appeared as though she was about to cry.

I wonder what happened between the two?

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