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«Stealing Spree (Web Novel) - Chapter 1310 Visitor

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Chapter 1310 Visitor

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From Shizu’s words, she’s also anticipating for the girl to show up with me. Given that she was informed of what happened earlier, she most likely got her motivation to gauge the girl.

Unfortunately, Kana and the others jumped on Hana first. When I told her that, Shizu simply nodded in understanding.

“Are you starting to worry that she’s going to steal me?”

“Not in the slightest. If there’s someone that’s gonna take you down. That’s me.”

“I love that confidence. The two of you are always welcome to try. But at the end of the day, it will be the same. You’re both going to be mine.”

“That cocky attitude will be your downfall in the future, Ruki. Not that I don’t love it.” Shizu amusedly said as she soon opened her arms, gesturing to me to come closer.

It’s a routine by now. Apart from her tea, my presence has become one of her energizers. And so, I approached her table and leaned down, greeting her with a kiss.

Seeing that the other members of the Student Council weren’t present; even Watanabe, I shortened that exchange and slipped into my previous role, leaving the girl alone for a moment.

I walked over to the side to start brewing her tea. Seeing that there was a box of cookies placed at the side, I also set that on a plate before walking back to her table.

Instead of taking my usual place beside her, I made my way behind her and started massaging her shoulders.

Fully expecting what I was going to do, that instantly earned me the girl’s relaxed sighs, leaning back while looking really satisfied. Amidst that, Shizu appeared as though she remembered something.

“Oh. Right. I forgot. You have a visitor in your office, Ruki.”


“Yeah. She’s being accompanied by Watanabe so… hurry up. I’m already satisfied by your message.”

“Well, since she’s being accompanied by that girl, I could still spare a few minutes here. Don’t refuse. I set myself to serve you today. At least wait until I bring you your tea.”

If that person wasn’t one of my girls, no way I would switch up my priority. Waiting patiently was their only choice.

Well, Shizu already expected that answer from me. She pulled on my arms, wrapping them around her before receiving another kiss from me.

After savoring that one, she shook her head as she resignedly said, “Yeah. You’re stubborn as always. Don’t make me love you too much, you might see me visiting you in your classroom every period.”

“That’s not a bad idea, really. Please do so.” I teasingly answered, making the girl speechless.

“You’re getting bolder, I see. Then I’ll surprise you one of these days.” Shizu matching my wavelength eventually came up with that response. And to top it all off, she stood up from her seat to pull me down on it before settling on my lap.

In the following minutes until the whistling sound of boiling tea put us out of our trance, Shizu and I thoroughly enjoyed each other’s company without holding back at all.

When I went to serve the tea and the cookies to her, the girl buttoned up my uniform before laughingly slapping my behind, sending me straight to the door.

Yep. We once again turn that little moment more intimate than we planned to. Since we had yet to go all the way, our options were kind of limited. Nonetheless, it’s not a reason for us to not be satisfied with each other’s company.

Ah. Right. We keep on planning for the date but the days seemingly pass by too slowly. Our anticipation for that day continues to build up. Perhaps when it eventually arrives, we’ll lose control of ourselves.

Yeah. That’s certainly a possibility… Right? My Shizu losing control… I better prepare for that.



Upon stepping out of the Student Council Room and taking one last glance at my girl who was enjoying her tea break, my phone vibrated in my pocket.

Pulling it up, a notification about Satsuki’s message arrived. With the day almost over, Eguchi-sensei finally wrapped up their training camp.

“Big idiot, we’re going home… Buy me lemonade.” That’s the content of her message. Additionally, there’s a photo attached to it.

It showed a tiled room that was definitely the shower room of their camp. Satsuki was standing before a mirror, showing off her body. She’s wearing a pair of sports underwear that stuck closely to her skin. Even though nothing sensitive could be seen, what was hidden in my pants twitched awake.

She’s too sexy… Although her muscles weren’t that defined, she definitely gained some, creating an aesthetic form. Her waist and the curve of her hips were enough for me to imagine my hands sinking into them.

Well, whatever the purpose of sending that photo, the girl surely accomplished more than she planned for.

“Only lemonade? Come on, you can ask for more.” I quickly typed in my reply.

“Why do I have to? Won’t you give it to me even without asking?”

Well, she’s correct. I’ll be giving her more than a lemonade when she arrives and when we go home later.

Anyway, after exchanging a few more messages with Satsuki, I continued to the next door.

Given that it got pushed down for another few minutes again, I guess whoever the visitor was, it’s not wrong to expect their impatience. Hopefully, Watanabe could handle it. That girl is slowly becoming my assistant rather than a member of the Student Council.

Sooner or later, Masato-senpai might reach the limit of his patience and ask us what's really going on. Not that I care about that guy at all but it will surely become an inconvenience to us.

I better tell the girl to handle it soon.

Anyway, with Shizu not specifying who the ‘visitor’ is, I put up three guesses in my mind.

It’s either Komoe, Tanaka-senpai - the one who set me up last time with Marika, or somebody else I have yet to interact with.

However, taking into account that Shizu almost forgot and only said that in passing as if it’s nothing important at all, I should keep my guess close to reality.

It’s someone not important… Or maybe she just didn’t really care at all since she knew we’d have our moment together.

Taking the few steps towards it, I straightened up my back and posture before opening the door to the Disciplinary Office.

With my eyes quickly scanning the room, I couldn’t help but be surprised at the sight.

Sitting across from Watanabe who was already sweating from trying to make excuses for my late arrival, my eyes landed on the visitor.


“Onoda-kun, you’re late! Did you take your sweet time catering to President’s needs?” While puffing up her cheeks, Watanabe acted upset but deep within her eyes, a sense of relief flashed across them.

Ignoring Watanabe’s outburst, the girl I addressed looked up and set me in her sights. Looking a little unenthusiastic, she faintly nodded before greeting me, “It’s nice meeting you, Onoda-kun. Forgive that girl for shouting, she’s kind of related to baboons, after all.”

That last part was still told without any energy but she just uttered a joke, right? I mean, I could see her lips showing a small smile.

In any case, Watanabe quickly rebutted before introducing the girl again in fragmented sentences.

“Kaede! What are you saying?! Onoda-kun… Uh… This… is my friend, Yanagi Kaede. You already met her before but… she asked me to introduce her to you.”

Her friend…

Is Yanagi-san the friend she asked me to motivate? Isn’t she doing well in the track club?

Oh. Wait. That club should also be in their training camp, why is she at school?

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