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«Sis-Con with Dimensional Chat Group (Web Novel) - Chapter 1950: She is like Sora

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Chapter 1950: She is like Sora

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The experiment that was done by Haru and Mimori was successful. Then they quickly continued with their next experiment.

The next experiment that Haru wanted to do was to mass-produce the Nalakuvera without the help of his “Kiss” ability. His “Kiss” ability might be powerful since he could duplicate anything as long as he put a sticker of “Kiss.” However, he wanted to own his own talents in this world, and because he owned a Black Clover Group, he didn’t lack such people in this world.

Haru had a lot of talented people under him, and he wanted them to produce the Nalakuvera for him. He knew that humans’ potential was limitless, and it was because of their limited age that they could do something that a demon in this world couldn’t do, such as developing technology.

Haru didn’t want his talents to depend on him, and he wanted them to grow without his help, and to mass-produce Nalakuvera was his test on them.

As for their loyalty, Haru didn’t need to worry too much since the mind-related ability was his most powerful ability.

Haru knew that his domination was still very long, and he knew that he might stay in this world until next year, which somehow made him miss his women in his original world and various other worlds. Anyway, he knew that he needed to focus since he was waiting for this world to be chaotic.

Still, in this way, the terrorist incident of the Black Death Emperor Front came to an end, and Haru could relax, returning to his usual school life, and what awaited him was the upcoming badminton tournament.

Haru teamed up with Asagi, so naturally, he needed to get a good ranking, or rather he should dominate the entire badminton tournament. Still fighting against normal people, he couldn’t see what interested him, but both Asagi and Rin told him that he would get a reward if they were able to get the first place, which made him excited when he thought that it was possible for them to do a threesome.

Looking at how excited Haru was, Asagi and Rin looked at each other and could only laugh helplessly. Still, they had to admit that it might be interesting when they thought that they might be able to defeat him together.

As for Kojou, he felt very complicated when he saw how close Haru, Rin, and Asagi were. He didn’t think too much when there was only both Haru and Rin, but now Asagi had joined, and his relationship with Asagi also felt so distant even though they were so close before.

Before, Kojou was able to ask Asagi to help him with his homework, or she might suddenly come to visit him, but now, they very seldom talk to each other, and Asagi also ignored him when he asked her to help him with his homework.

Asagi had been eaten by Haru from heart and body, how could she have had an interest in Kojou, who was very oblivious and dull.

As for Yaze, he was helpless, and he couldn’t do anything. He could see that Asagi was happy, so what was the use he intervened in Asagi’s matter with Haru, and even he wanted to, there was nothing that he could do.

Kojou’s identity was one thing since his mother was Haru’s lover, but Yaze’s identity was quite amazing since Yaze was the son of the governor of the Itogami Island.

But Haru didn’t think too much about both of them since he knew that besides Kojou, he might not have much interaction with Yaze, and sooner or later, the Yaze family would lose their power in the Itogami Island.

What troubled him the most was probably Himeragi since these days, this girl kept following him from a distance, looking at him with a strange expression mixed with blush, which made him helpless, wondering what Asagi had told her, but Asagi wouldn’t tell him anything, so he also respected her choice.

The mood of Himeragi had always been strange, sometimes low, sometimes high, but Haru wasn’t in a hurry since he was waiting for a chance to take her down too.

As for now, he needed to concentrate on the badminton tournament. With a few days of practice on both court and bed, the tacit understanding between Haru and Asagi was getting better and better, and both of them dominated the entire tournament directly.

The appearance of both of them obviously caused a sensation, especially when Rin was there, which caused the school to think that there was a love triangle between the three of them, and that gossip spread throughout the entire school. Unfortunately, they were wrong since both of them had been eaten by Haru and became his women, though he wasn’t the type of someone who loved to show off, so he had never said too much since sooner or later, all of the students in this school would become another stranger after they graduated, considering the difference in their status in the future.

Himeragi’s mood was complicated, so in the end, Haru asked her to go out with him. “Himeragi, let’s talk.”

“What do you want to talk about, Senpai?”

Suddenly being called by Haru, Himeragi was surprised but then returned to calm. There was a blush on her face, but she quickly changed it to indifferent since her feeling toward him was very complicated.


Just as Haru was about to say something, his phone suddenly rang. Although he wanted to ignore it and continued to talk with Himeragi, his phone kept ringing, which made him speechless.

“Sorry, Himeragi.”

Haru looked at the ID who called him and was surprised when Nagisa called him. He had to admit that his relationship with Nagisa was quite good, but their relationship was quite complicated when Nagisa knew that he was dating Rin and he also had a good relationship with Himeragi, so in the end, he maintained their relationships like a brother and a sister, but if he considered his relationship with Mimori, then Nagisa should be his step-daughter, which made him strange since his step-daughter was only a few years younger than him.

Still, Haru was wondering why Nagisa suddenly called him and wondering whether there was something serious, so without hesitation, he accepted the call, and he heard Nagisa’s anxious voice.

“Haru, not good!”

“What’s wrong? Calm down, and speak slowly.”

“I have something to tell you. Hurry up and find me in the middle school!”

“What? Hello?”

Haru didn’t know what had happened to Nagisa, she called him so suddenly and hung him so quickly before he asked anything, but he knew that she was anxious, so something must happen.

“There seems to be something wrong with Nagisa. Let’s go to the middle school quickly.”

Although Haru wanted to talk with Himeragi, Nagisa’s situation was more important now, and he could only smile apologetically to Himeragi, then his expression became serious.

“Um!” Himeragi knew how serious it was, and hearing Haru had said so, she nodded, and the two went straight to the middle school together.

Ten minutes later, on the top building of the middle school, looking at the cardboard box on Nagisa’s hands, Haru was speechless because, on Nagisa’s hands, there were two kittens, one black and one white.

“What’s wrong?” Haru rubbed his temple and had come so quickly, but what was this girl doing with two kittens?

“These two little guys are sick! What should we do, Haru?” When Haru came, Nagisa quickly asked him. Before, she might have called Kojou, but she knew how unreliable Kojou was, so she directly called Haru. She knew that he was dating someone, but it didn’t mean that she should give up, right? Especially when her mother had supported her, and she wasn’t sure why after their first meeting, he became a special existence on her mind since somehow he had saved her.

When Haru looked at Nagisa, he also noticed a beautiful girl with dazzling silver hair similar to him standing not far from Nagisa with a Saikai Academy uniform.

With white skin, lake blue eyes, and delicate facial features, Haru felt like this girl was like a doll. He was a bit stunned for a moment, but it caused Nagisa to feel dissatisfied. It might be his first time seeing someone with a similar hair to him, and somehow, this girl reminded him of Sora who he hadn’t seen for a long time, which made him miss her.

“Haru, are you listening to me! Don’t just stare at Kanon-chan!”

“Sorry, sorry, what’s wrong?”

After hearing Nagisa’s words, Haru came back to his senses since he really missed Sora and somehow this girl reminded him of Sora. There were many beauties around him, although this girl was also very beautiful, it wasn’t enough to make him lose his mind. Still, her resemblance to Sora somehow caused him to be distracted for a moment.

“Huh? Isn’t it because you can’t take away your eyes from a beautiful girl? You’re the worst, Haru!” Nagisa snorted at Haru and complained at him since this guy was too lustful! Which was why when this guy didn’t take an interest in her, she felt very annoyed! She looked at the chest of the silver-haired girl, and Himeragi then looked at her own chest. ‘Is it because I’m flat?’

Haru could only show a wry smile, he just looked at the silver-haired girl, but well, it couldn’t be helped if he was misunderstood. However, after Nagisa finished speaking, he found that Himeragi also showed dissatisfaction, which made him smile inwardly since he knew that this girl still cared about him.

What does Himeragi’s dissatisfaction show? It shows that she still cares about him, and there is still room for improvement. If she ignores him, then this matter is a major crisis.

“How can you still laugh!” Watching Haru, who was laughing, Nagisa became even angrier, but before he said anything, her head was patted, which made her blush.

“Okay, okay, calm down. What we need to do is to take care of those kittens first, right?” Haru said, which quickly awoke Nagisa. He then turned his gaze toward the two kittens, and although both of them were quiet, they looked quite listless, which made him wonder whether they were sick.

“Let me check it.”

Picking up the kittens from the box, Haru felt the body temperature of the two kittens and could feel that it was very low. He knew that this wasn’t good since such a kitten which had just been born like the two of them, couldn’t have such a low temperature, and if this continued, the two might die.

“Let’s take them to the veterinarian.” Haru wasn’t a veterinarian, but he knew the cat’s symptoms, but he wasn’t a professional, and rather than showing his power, bringing them to the doctor was the best choice.

“Okay, let’s go now!”

It might be because Nagisa was very impatient that she pulled both Himeragi and the silver-haired girl hurriedly went downstairs. Haru could only smile bitterly and followed the three girls. They left the gate of the middle school together, took a taxi, and went straight to the nearest pet hospital.

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