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«Sis-Con with Dimensional Chat Group (Web Novel) - Chapter 1949: Interesting Experiment

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Chapter 1949: Interesting Experiment

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Asagi had decided to move to Haru’s house, and as expected, even though it was a bit hard to persuade her parents, in the end, they agreed after he directly met her parents and talked with them directly.

Haru had met the parents of his women several times, so it was quite easy for him to persuade them. Still, they told him and Asagi that it might be too early for them to have grandchildren, so they told them to wait until they graduated from high school.

“DAD!!!” Asagi’s face was so red, and in the end, she couldn’t handle it any longer before she pulled Haru to move with him.

Looking at Asagi’s parents’ reaction, Haru didn’t even feel that surprised when they agreed for their daughter to live together with him, considering his identity. If he was a normal high school boy without money and without a future, then, without a doubt, Asagi’s parents would kick him out.

Asagi was a very beautiful girl and a very talented one. Such a girl, no matter where she was, would become the center of attention, and there wouldn’t be any lack of suitors. If the protagonist was still Kojou, then, without doubt, Asagi would still be in an ambiguous relationship with him, and even if she had confessed and kissed him, Kojou would probably think that it was a mistake. He didn’t think that Asagi would fall for him, showing a stupid reaction, etc.

But there was no “if,” and Asagi had been eaten by Haru, and she moved directly to Haru’s house.

It might be because Asagi’s parents, both her father and stepfather, knew that she didn’t really like her stepmother and their relationship wasn’t that good, so once Asagi was very persistent in moving, their parents couldn’t do anything, especially when Haru’s identity was very reliable that even Asagi’s stepmother somehow tempted, but he didn’t even glance at Asagi’s stepfather and helped Asagi to move.

“Finally, I have moved.” Asagi happily raised both of her hands to the sky before she plopped directly on Haru’s lap and snuggled into his body while they were inside the car.

“Don’t move too much, or I’ll react,” Haru said blankly while reading a book.


Asagi looked at the hard thing that pushed her face, which made her speechless. “This thing sure is very lively.” She moved her hand and touched it gently, stroking it as she pleased. She was very bold. After all, and they had done the act, they would be together from now on, so what was the use of shyness and hesitation?

“…You… do you want to play here?” Haru was speechless.

“Well, let’s do it later since I’m afraid I might not have the energy to move later.” Asagi looked at Haru and said, “I hope that Rin will move too.”

“Well, she might move in the future,” Haru said as he caressed her hair.

“How about that Himeragi? You haven’t done anything to her?” Asagi asked with a smile, feeling comfortable by his touch.

“………” Haru.

“No,” Haru said.

“Well, I’ll talk with her first since, in the future, we might be sisters,” Asagi said, lying lazily on his lap.


“You think I’ll eat her?” Haru asked speechlessly.

“You’re not?” Asagi retorted.

“……” Haru.

“Right?” Asagi nodded and said, “From what I know, she’s a bit stupid and doesn’t think too much about her life. I’ll educate her later.”


“You have your job, right? I’ll take care of the rest. You can talk with your hidden lover or something about that Nalakuvera or something,” Asagi said lazily since she knew that this guy’s lust was uncontrollable, and she also couldn’t handle him by herself. However, she had to admit that it was so wonderful to do it with him.


“No problem.”

As Asagi arrived at Haru’s house and moved to her room, Himeragi and Astarte also helped Asagi, even though Himeragi didn’t feel that good toward Asagi.

As for Haru, he went to Mimori’s lab since there were a lot of things that he needed to talk about with her now.

Asagi looked at Himeargi and said, “Say, Himeragi, you like Haru, right?”

“Huh? What?!” Himeragi’s face quickly reddened and denied it. “I - I’m Senpai’s observer! There’s no way that I have feelings for him!”

“Don’t lie, or else you might not have a chance to get him in the future,” Asagi said curtly.

“I…” Himeragi couldn’t say anything afterward since even though she knew that Haru was a bad guy and had a lot of lovers, even so…

“I’ll teach you a trick to seduce him. Do you want to listen?” Asagi asked.

“Huh? What?!” Himeragi was dumbfounded.

“You don’t want to hear?” Asagi asked.

“I…” Himeragi gulped but then nodded gently.

“Good, listen to me, alright?” Asagi then started to explain how to seduce Haru based on her experience.

Himeragi listened thoroughly while writing the important part on her note.

While Asagi and Himeragi talked to each other, Astarte also listened, but no one knew what she was thinking about since her expression was blank, but inwardly, she recorded all the conversation that she had heard since it might be useful in the future.

Mimori’s lab.

Mimori looked at the huge mechanical spider in front of her with amazement. “This… Is this Nalakuvera?”

“It’s a replica, but even so, I don’t think it’s much different from the original,” Haru said.

Mimori nodded and said, “Still, why do you want to collect this thing? Don’t tell me that you want to use it to dominate the world?”

“If I plan to do it, what do you think?” Haru asked.

“I’ll support you,” Mimori said without hesitation.

“Oh?” Haru looked at Mimori curiously since he was sure that Mimori would know that to dominate the world, there would be a lot of people who might die.

“You don’t need to feel surprised. You should know that I’m selfish, Haru. I love you, and I love my children too. I also know that this world isn’t as safe as we imagine. There’s a lot of people who try to destroy or dominate this world. I have stayed with you for a long time, and I know that your personality isn’t bad, well, except for your lustful nature, I don’t think that I can pick anything wrong with you,” Mimori said with a smile.

“…Am I that lustful?” Haru asked.

“Yes!” Mimori said with a loud voice before she sighed. “Still, what do you want me to do with this Nalakuvera? You know that I’m not very good with mechanics, right? I’m more into biology and medicine, you know?” She looked at the Nalakuvera curiously. Even though she was very interested in this thing, her knowledge regarding mechanics wasn’t that good.

“You’re wrong. Nalakuvera uses biotechnology,” Haru said.

“Really?” Mimori was surprised.

Haru nodded and explained how the regeneration of the Nalakuvera was very perverted. With such amazing recovery ability, he knew that this Nalakuvera was related to biotechnology, and he thought that in the past, the Gods might use a giant spider directly rather than a robot.

“Hmm… interesting, if I can get something from it, we might be able to create a medicine that is able to recover anything!” Mimori said in amazement.

Haru smiled and felt that it felt good to talk with smart people. “Well, we can talk about that later. How about we test the interior of the Nalakuvera to see if it can withstand an intense tremor from inside the interior.”

Mimori blushed, but then she nodded. “It’s a very interesting experiment. Let’s test it first.”

Both of them entered the interior of the Nalakura and started their experiment, and it seemed that with Nalakuvera’s evolutionary ability, it was able to withstand an intense tremor from inside the interior.

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