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«Secret Marriage: Reborn as A Beautiful Model Student (Web Novel) - Chapter 939: Give me back my Face!

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Chapter 939: Give me back my Face!

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Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Ye Linlang stretched out her hand and took the bowl. She smiled sweetly at Grandmother, “Thank you Ma’am.”

Grandmother could not help but feel very dejected. This was her own daughter, yet she had no memory of her mother.

Grandmother consoled herself by saying that it was all right if she could not remember her, just as long as she was alive.

“Eat slowly. Be careful, it’s hot.”

Ye Linlang looked at the bowl of soup and took a spoonful.

“It’s hot!”

Ye Linlang looked at Shi Han, waiting for some comforting words.

Shi Han smiled and coaxed, “Didn’t you say you want to have some soup? If it’s too hot, don’t drink it.”

Ye Linlang had been unconscious for a long time. Her body and digestive system may not be able to handle such food quickly.

“I’m hungry.” Ye Linlang insisted before sipping a spoonful of the soup.

Grandmother and Ye Tianxin worked together to cook this soup. That was why it was very fragrant and tasty.

“Shi Han, when can we go home?”

Shi Han carefully stroked her hair and answered, “Xie Yi, do you know who you are?”

Ye Linlang replied confidently as she drank the soup and confidently replied, “Of course I do. I am your sister, his wife and Mo’er’s mother.”

Shi Han and Zeus exchanged glances.

Shi Han asked again, “Well, other than that, do you know who you are?”

“Shi Han, Zeus, do you two find me bothersome? Do you not want me around anymore?”

Ye Linlang looked so pitiful that Zeus shook his head vigorously and said, “No, Xie Yi. It’s not that. We are not abandoning you.”

Grandmother and Ye Tianxin were standing near the three of them. However, Ye Linlang did not seem to notice their presence.

Ye Tianxin knew Linlang had gone through a traumatic ordeal. She did not dare speak to her, for fear of aggravating her condition.

Grandmother gently pulled Ye Tianxin’s hand to join them at the table. She smiled fondly at Ye Linlang.

This was her daughter.

Although she did not recognize her, she was still her daughter.

Ye Tianxin and Grandmother sat down and looked at Ye Linlang. Ye Linlang felt a little uncomfortable when she noticed that they were seemed to be gazing at her intently.

“Who are you? Why do you keep looking at me? What’s wrong with me? Is there something on my face?”

Grandmother smiled bitterly, chocking back her tears. She tried to explain, “You are very pretty.”

Ye Linlang was a little taken aback. She then beamed and replied, “Thank you. Now that I think about it, you look very familiar.”

Grandmother asked, “Oh? Is that so?”

Ye Linlang nodded and replied, “I find you very familiar.”

Ye Tianxin quipped, “Then what about me? Do you find me familiar, too?”

Ye Linlang’s stern gaze turned toward Ye Tianxin when she heard the question.

She rushed up to Ye Tianxin and held up her face for a closer look.

“It’s you. It’s you right? You are the one who stole my face…”

Ye Linlang took a close look at Ye Tianxin’s face. That face… it was her real face.

Grandmother asked softly, “Linlang, this is Tianxin. Don’t you remember her?”

Ye Linlang looked confused on hearing Grandmother’s words. She turned to Ye Tianxin & questioned her, “Who are you? Why did you steal my face? Give it back to me!”

Shi Han started feeling sorry for Ye Tianxin; the poor girl’s mother was accusing her for stealing her face.

“I didn’t steal your face.” Ye Tianxin looked straight into Ye Linlang’s eyes. She said in an honest yet thoughtful tone, “This is my own face. Mother, I am your daughter, Tianxin!”

Ye Linlang took her hands off of Ye Tianxin’s face. She walked over to Shi Han and said softly, “Shi Han, she took my face… she is a thief…”


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