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«Secret Marriage: Reborn as A Beautiful Model Student (Web Novel) - Chapter 940: Xiao Yi, How About We Do A Paternity Test First ?

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Chapter 940: Xiao Yi, How About We Do A Paternity Test First ?

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That explained how, when she first went to look in the mirror, she found that the face in the mirror was not hers.

It turned out that this person had stolen her face.

“Xie Yi, calm down, she didn’t steal your face.”

Ye Linlang believed what Shi Han said.

Ye Linlang examined Tianxin’s face blankly and whispered, “Her face is the same as mine. If she didn’t steal my face, why is her face the same as mine?”

Shi Han hesitated for a while and said gently, “Xiao Yi, She is your daughter.”

Ye Linlang shook her head violently, “My daughter?”

“Yes, she is your daughter.” Shi Han replied, “If you don’t believe it, we can do a DNA paternity test, then you can see the results, okay?”

Ye Linlang nodded.

Her daughter…

Was she her daughter?

Her daughter had the same face as her.

“What about my face?” Ye Linlang asked Shi Han. If this face was not hers, what about her own face?

Where did her face go?

Why did she become like this?

Why was her face … like this?

Shi Han wanted to tell Ye Linlang that her original face could not be recovered after she had been in a car accident.

Later, her face became like this after undergoing cosmetic surgery.

However, it was obvious that she seemed to have recovered some memories, but lost some, too.

“Xiao Yi, how about we do a paternity test first?”

Ye Linlang looked at Ye Tianxin’s face, then glanced at Grandma. She looked at Grandma’s face seriously.

Grandma was old.

Grandma was quite young when she left…

However, Grandma was old, and her face was covered with wrinkles.

“Who are you then?”

Grandma reached out to hold Ye Linlang’s hands and softly said, “Linlang, I am your mother. Do you remember me?”

“No, I don’t.”

Ye Linlang drew out her hands quickly. How could she be her mother?

Her mother was still very young.

Her mother wasn’t this old, was she?

“You are not my mother. My mother is not as old as you. My mother is very young, and my mother can embroider…”

Ye Linlang thought about how her mother’s face looked 20 years ago.

Grandma was rather young at the time, so she didn’t have as many wrinkles on her face.

Her brain ached as many scenes of being with Grandma also emerged in her mind.

“I am your mother, Linlang. It’s just Mom is getting old”

Ye Linlang didn’t believe her.

She believed in Shi Han more than Grandma and Ye Tianxin.

She looked at Shi Han with uncertainty in her eyes. She seemed to be… very confused.

“Xiao Yi, why don’t we do a paternity test first? We can talk some more once we get the test results.”

Ye Linlang simply answered, “Alright.”

She sat next to Shi Han obediently. It seemed as if she completely believed in Shi Han.

Xie Xuning leaned at the door, and his deep eyes firmly locked onto the image of Ye Linlang

She was afraid of him, but why?

It was clear that he had never done anything to hurt her.

“Tianxin, ask someone to come to draw your blood. Let Xiao Yi do a paternity test with you.”

Shi Han had calmed down and thought about it. It would’ve been considered an improvement if Ye Linlang could regain her past memories.

He had to think about Ye Linlang’s future.


Ye Tianxin called Qie Wenyang.

Within ten minutes, Qie Wenyang came to draw their blood in person.

He drew a tube of blood from Ye Tianxin’s arm, a tube from Grandmother, and a tube from Ye Linlang.


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