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«Rebirth of the Nameless Immortal God (Web Novel) - Chapter 2206 Elf

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Chapter 2206 Elf

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The momentum of Dyon's qi accelerated and shot to another level. In an instant, Dyon no longer gave off the aura of a mortal, and neither did Saru or Lilith. In fact, their presences as immortals were so suffocating that after touching down on Segment 232, many gave them a wide berth.

"This is nice." Lilith said with a smile hidden behind a veil. "Being looked down on for being mortal was getting annoying."

If the bazaars of the mortal plane's ancient battlefield were clean of dust and replaced with better dressed merchants, it would be the identical queen of this place. Furious shouts over bartering, cheap men and women looking to sell themselves, and even the occasional fist fight were all present.

At this time, tensions were incredibly high. Who knew when the next void surge tide would hit them and it would be this bubble world's turn to join the graveyard? It was simply impossible to know.

Due to this, Segment 232 might look classier on the surface than the mortal ancient battlefield's bazaars, but it was arguably even more rowdy and primitive.

It wasn't much of a surprise then that Dyon's royal presence along with Saru and Lilith's hardly veiled beauty became a center of attention.

Of course, the words they spoke were protected by Dyon so no one could hear their words but them no matter how much attention was paid to them.

Dyon smiled bitterly at Lilith's words. He knew that this was her way of telling him that he should be more flexible. Since he knew he could hide his fluctuations as a mortal, he should do so and stop being so stubborn. It was just that Dyon didn't like that idea much.

That said, being the center of attention in this way wasn't so bad. It would help him in what he needed to do the most right now: make money.

If he wanted to make a graveyard capable of contending with void beasts alone, while he definitely had the knowledge to do so, what he didn't have was the funds.

But what he did know was that elves might have been nearly extinct on the mortal plane, but they were a mighty hegemon on the immortal plane. Impersonating one of them wouldn't be so bad. At the very least, for once, Dyon wouldn't be targeted for his identity, or rather, lack thereof.

That said… Dyon should have known by now that he wasn't ever allowed to have a moment of peace.

"… A high elf with a perfect Eostre Clan bloodline?… Here…? How is that possible?"

In a distant tower, a man eating at a high rise restaurant turned a sharp gaze of curiosity over. What he saw left him baffled, causing his own sharp ears to twitch slightly.

He hadn't expected to find another elf here…

"The highest quality talismans and pills of this bubble world can be found here."

Lilith's words were astonishingly simple and carried none of the air of a proper saleswoman. What it did have was a shockingly sharp qi behind it that tore through the air, carrying her voice for hundreds of kilometers.

Dyon didn't know whether to laugh or cry at her words. She was clearly stirring trouble again. Dyon hadn't had any intention of advertising, he was going to simply sit in place until others came to him. But the hyperactive Lilith didn't seem to have this patience in her.

Dyon could only shake his head, his eyes flashing with a golden light as he formed a stall of precious star grade Soothing Root. In line with the fondness of nature elves had, the root weaved to life like a gorgeous work of art, making it stand out.

Star grade materials might have been more frequently seen on the immortal plane, but that didn't change the fact it was quite expensive for a star segment of this level.

That said, this wasn't the reason why it was all so shocking… what shook them to the core was that Dyon was capable of forming this expensive material… from thin air!

"Innate aurora!"

The words shook the bazaar unlike anything before had.

'What a troublesome girl…' Dyon thought to himself bitterly. '… Now I'll probably have to deal with all those protocols earlier than I wanted to. If not for that, I probably could have lasted a while first.'

It was only common sense that not just anyone could set up a stall and do business here. There was paperwork to fill out, taxes to pay, vetting processes to pass through…

'It's fine, I'll just be a spoiled young master for once. I'd like to see them try to make a prince of the elven clans follow rules.'

Dyon calmly sat behind his stall and closed his eyes in meditation, Saru and Lilith to his left and right sides, the latter of which was clearly trying to hide a happy giggle.

"Good sir, I would like to buy a few talismans, might I ask about the prices?"

Dyon nodded faintly, his eyes still closed. He seemed to have slipped into his role as a young master far too easily to claim to be someone who had never acted like this before. It was all suspiciously natural, causing Lilith to have an even harder time holding back her laughs.

"My prices are exactly ten times normal market value. I will create any talisman or pill you have needs for below the higher empyrean grade. The materials must be provided by you. Those are the rules."

The man sucked in a cold breath, as did many others. Maybe if this young man wasn't an elf and hadn't exposed the legendary innate aurora, he would have been laughed off of Segment 232 entirely.

Still, as a few seconds ticked by with the man still struggling to decide, his face continuously grew redder.

"… Please don't take offense, high elf. It's only that I don't have much money. Is it possible to see a sample of your work first…?"

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