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«Rebirth of the Nameless Immortal God (Web Novel) - Chapter 2207 High Elf

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Chapter 2207 High Elf

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It seemed to take the man all of the energy he had to eek out these words. He was nothing but a normal warrior of a Tier 1 legion. He had been conscripted like many others here as this star segment was his home. Running meant death for not only him, but his family as well.

If he could buy a talisman and a few pills from this high elf, it would be worth it if he could preserve his life. But if he was scammed… who was he to seek reparations from an offspring of a hegemon?

Dyon slowly opened his eyes, causing his aura to multiply many times over. In that moment, the bustling bazaar became eerily quiet. Some even looked toward the man with eyes of pity. Who asked to say something so foolish?

Dyon smirked. 'High elf, is it…?'

High elf wasn't a term used on the mortal plane since the elves had declined. As a result, there was little use to separating high and low elves. However, things were different on the immortal plane. The elves were flourishing so there was a stricter hierarchy between them. High Elves were the noblest of elves and had the most powerful bloodlines.

Since Jade had perfected her Eostre bloodline, allowing her silver hair to become golden, her primordial yin of course gave Dyon the aura of a High Elf.

"Sure, why not." Dyon suddenly said. "In fact, I will give you one talisman and one pill for free as long as you provide the materials."

The man was astonished before his face turned flush with excitement.

"Yes, yes! I would like to ask sir to please concoct a void mending pill and a void shield talisman!"

Dyon nodded, accepting the man's materials.

Both tasks were exceptionally difficult. It was clear that the man wanted to take advantage of the situation, but Dyon didn't mind. After all, he hadn't placed any restrictions on him.

A void mending pill was a special pill needed to deal with void qi related injuries. Void was incredibly difficult to dispel, so these pills were specialized concoctions targeted toward both healing injuries and dispelling said qi.

The void mending pill came in several grades, and judging by the materials this man gave him, he wanted a lower empyrean grade pill.

The void shield was a talisman that was useless outside of the void battlefield. It also had several grades within it that went by the same name. It harnessed void qi to form a shield of high potency.

It might have been useless outside the void battlefield, but on it, it was the most powerful life saving treasure one could have.

Dyon smiled and his soul qi suddenly surged. A powerful presence wafted out from his, suffocating the entire bubble world.

The crowd could only be left in awe by Dyon's level of skill. Something like seeing an alchemist or a talisman inscriptionist was absolutely impossible. These sort of experts were extremely high maintenance and were quite finicky about their work environments. Having one work in the center of such bubbling chaos was like ascending past the heavens.

Yet, this high elf, who arguably had a higher standing than many of those inscriptionists in question, was doing exactly that before them all. It was truly a shocking event.

However, maybe what was even more shocking than that was Dyon's execution.

Inscriptionists and alchemists were well known to take hours to complete their work. It was in part for this reason that their services were so expensive. With Dyon not being shy about charging ten times the normal price, they had even expected for him to take much longer. However, the truth was far outside of their expectations.

In just 30 minutes, Dyon drew a perfect grade void shield talisman. Though it wasn't reinforced, it was still better than anything this star segment had seen in countless years. Those standing around could only look toward the man with undying envy in their eyes. Why was it that they hadn't stepped forward first?

To make matters worse, the void mending pill was also the topmost of the top grade, reaching the perfect grade as well. It was simply too enviable. Maybe the most shocking thing was the fact that the creation of the pill took even less time than the talisman!

Dyon handed the man what he had asked for. "I can guarantee perfect grade products. If you'd like reinforced products, you'll have to pay extra…"

Dyon's words were faint and calm, yet they were like a massive stone falling from on high into a calm lake below.

A guarantee? It was even possible to pay for reinforced products? Wasn't that as good as guaranteeing them as well?!

It was suffice to say that Dyon's business took off. As time passed, the aversion toward Dyon's prices dropped to nearly 0. In fact, many who had been there earlier felt an undying regret for not acting sooner, because now the queue was mind numbing even for immortals who had a distorted sense of time.


"What did you say? Someone is running amok in my territory without paying the appropriate fees?"

"Noble Earl, please hold on a moment, he's a high elf."

At that moment, a petite woman kneeled on one knee before a man so large he waddled when he walked. Unfortunately, his large size didn't remind one of a powerful, overbearing warrior. Instead… he was more akin to a marshmallow crossed with a balloon than anything else.

This large man's office was located atop a tower in the distance. He was simply known as Earl, a moniker he took both as a title and a name. He wasn't the most powerful expert on Segment 232, but he was the most intelligent and cunning. Very few on the immortal plane could make a name for themselves purely with the use of their minds, but the Earl was one of them.

That said, despite his mind being responsible for his climb to the top, he knew the value of having a large fist. Clever schemes could only get you so far on the immortal plane, and as a man born as the lowest lower immortal essence expert, he valued it even more.

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