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«Rebirth of the Nameless Immortal God (Web Novel) - Chapter 2205 Never

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Chapter 2205 Never

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Dyon laughed. Though they seemed 'close', they were easily the distance between planets away. This wasn't so that they could remain hidden from the warriors, but rather to stay out of the path of rampage this void beast was on. Dyon didn't believe this tier 3 legion had anyone capable of finding him if he didn't want to be found.

"It seems I was a bit too rash." Dyon said. "Hunting these beasts can't be done alone. Or, more accurately, I'll at least need to build a graveyard ship of my own first…"

"Is it really still worth it… I think we should just let them deal with it all." Lilith said slowly, with a less assuredness.

The last thing Dyon's women were, were cowards. When it came to critical times, it could even be argued that they were braver than he was. Dyon never really considered failure, but his wives were different in this regard. They did… But they pushed past it regardless.

So, the reason Lilith was saying this wasn't out of fear, but rather because she wanted to protect Dyon. She saw how hard he worked everyday and didn't want him to take unnecessary risks. It was impossible to tell what was happening on the mortal plane right now, but rushing here wouldn't make things any better. In fact, it very well might make things worse.

Dyon was about to answer when his pupils suddenly constricted into pinholes.

Without hesitation, he urged the dragon king's corpse to surge to the side, shooting into the distance. It wasn't until they had moved several hundred thousand kilometers away that Dyon finally felt it was alright to slow down a bit, his gaze still narrowed.

Movement on the void battlefield could both be considered more difficult and contradictorily easy. There was less friction from the elements, so even Immortal Essence realm cultivators could cover the length of a universe in just a few seconds, doing what mortals thought was absolutely impossible. But, on the other side of the coin, navigation, even for Spiritual Sages, was obscenely difficult and getting lost was the number one cause of death in this place.

However, Dyon was lucky. Not only was he an elite Spiritual Sage, but he had a comprehension of void supporting him. By combining the two, he could mitigate the void's weird impact on the senses and common sense and pierce through the veil, so to speak.

What he saw this time, though, left him feeling a bit of pity for the tier 3 legion. It seemed that expecting to face just one void beast at a time during void surge was nothing but a failed dream.

At that moment, not just an additional one, but two more monster category void beasts were traveling toward the battlefield. Their movement speed through the void was so outrageously fast that they had almost slipped by Dyon's detection entirely.

"They're screwed…" Dyon muttered under his breath.

Did he feel a bit bad? Yes. But did he have any intention of helping? Not even an inkling.

"Let's go." Dyon said with a still narrowed gaze, a flicker of fighting intent laced within his pupils. "We aren't ready for this yet. I need to prepare some things first."

Dyon turned a complicated gaze away from the graveyard that was now being assaulted by 3 void beasts.

As he was about to urge the Dragon King away, he paused once more.

'Why don't they fight each other…?'

Dyon never got the answer to his question. The screams of the Agit Clan warriors seemed to drown everything out.

This entire time, Dyon had subconsciously thought of void beasts like a different, more powerful version of infernal beasts. Or, more accurately, embryonic infernal beasts who had no real consciousness of their own.

Dyon wasn't sure if the immortal plane had embryonic infernal beasts, but what he did know was that their kin on the mortal plane would never work together to eliminate an enemy. As many attacks as they sent toward the graveyard, they might send twice as many toward their own kind.

They were ultimately meant to be mindless beasts. This was what embryonic infernal beasts were, and what Dyon had assumed void beasts were. But…

On the outside, it looked like a coincidence. The void beasts were chaotically fighting and some of their strikes even landed on one another. However, Dyon's keen senses almost found this act insulting.

In reality, it was very much possible that it wasn't an act. Maybe void beasts had an aversion to their own kind, but felt even more strongly about taking out those that weren't of their species.

Regardless of what the truth was, Dyon learned a valuable lesson he buried deep within his mind. If he had chosen to treat the void beasts like mindless animals, he would have most definitely suffered for it.

Finally, after casting one last glance, Dyon turned to leave. His destination was a nearby bubble world that was known as Segment 232. Sometimes, bubble worlds would be known by a generic number like this if they were merchant hubs rather than territories of notable clans.

Segment 232 perfectly fell into this category as it was a well known center of commerce.

Dyon tapped into Jade's primordial yin, becoming a handsome man with long flowing gold hair and opal eyes that looked like two shining nebulas. His ears grew pointed and his features became sharper. Not long after, he looked no different from an elven highborn prince.

Before, Jade's primordial yin had been chained up by his manifestation due to the fact it had been too powerful for him to manage. But, the Dyon of now had long since surpassed the Jade of back then by several times, so it hadn't been a problem in a long while.

Still, this was actually the first time he had ever made use of it, causing Saru and Lilith to send a knowing glance and smile toward each. Though, neither said a word.

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