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«Rebirth of the Nameless Immortal God (Web Novel) - Chapter 2204 Never mind

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Chapter 2204 Never mind

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Void beasts were broken into tiers of their own that matched the general rankings. In fact, their existence is where the general rankings came from. A Tier 1 General could battle a Tier 1 void beast with 50-50 odds of victory. Of course, this calculation included the warriors under the general's charge as well. This was most definitely not meant to be a one on one battle. Stories of soloing void beasts were few, rare and exceptionally far between.

A Tier 1 General was allowed a million subordinates, ten Junior Generals, a hundred Captains and ten thousand Junior Captains.

A Junior Captain was at worst an Immortal Saint, however Junior Generals were at worst Immortal Celestials. True Generals varied in their ability though they were also Immortal Celestials at a minimum. But, not all of them were powerhouses with outstanding individual strength.

Some of them were great weapon's smith adept at forging war weapons. Some were great tactical minds. Others were figureheads with no ability at all.

This said, there was still a good portion who rose to the rank using their fists.

Tier 2 Generals were allowed a factor of ten increase in subordinates along with the subjugation of two Tier 1 Generals. A Tier 3 General was allowed another factor of ten increase along with two Tier 2 Generals and the benefits they received as well.

This pattern continued up to the Tier 8 rank where things changed. These generals were incredibly valuable, so the benefits they received were manyfold greater than those below them in rank. But, just as well, the difficulty in earning enough merits to form a Tier 8 Line of Succession was obscene, let alone the highest Tier 9 one.

One can imagine then just how powerful void beasts were to require this many immortals to face just one of them, let alone the thousands that appeared during a void surge.

Agit Graveyard 455 was in the process of facing a Tier 3 void beast. They could only consider themselves lucky that this void beast was of the monster category, or else if they had to face one of the elemental category, or heaven forbid the ethereal category, they'd be truly screwed.

In truth, though the rankings of the generals were organized as such, only a foolish commander would ever enter a battle of 50-50 odds unless they absolutely had to. Most generals would target void beasts a tier below them unless left with no other choice.

In addition to this, the Agit Clan was not from this star segment. They had used Graveyard - or more accurately asteroid - controlling technology to move some of their territory into that of the Vio and Dark Flame bubble world's so that they could gain military merit.

However, they hadn't had the intention of actually putting their lives on the line like this. This could just be considered their bad luck. Their radars hadn't picked up on this monster category Tier 3 void beast in time.

"So that's a void beast?" Dyon muttered to himself.

"How gross." Lilith cringed, her little nose wrinkling.

Dyon had put up a barrier so they didn't have to deal with the smell, but she still subconsciously thought back to the initial stench that assaulted them. She was almost scared to have to smell it again.

Currently, the trio were standing on the Dragon King's head. Normally, those below the Immortal Saint realm wouldn't be able to survive on the void battlefield without special armors, but Dyon had a decent comprehension of the void thanks to his wife, Ri. As a result, he was able to skirt around these limitations with ease.

That said, it wasn't as though he was a normal mortal to begin with. He was mostly using this comprehension to protect Saru and Lilith.

"So should we help them?" Saru asked.

"I'm not even sure there's much I could do." Dyon didn't know whether to laugh or cry at the expectant gazes of the two beauties by his side. Did they think he was invincible? How could he alone have more strength than a Tier 3 Legion?

That said, Dyon wouldn't mind scrounging up some benefits if there were any. The real question was there any to be found? Did void beasts have some hidden benefits he wasn't aware of? He wasn't certain…

However, the reason he had come here was because the theories behind how void beasts were birthed intrigued him. If his deductions were correct, it just might be worth it to take a few risks.

The tentacle monster type void beast lashed its boneless limbs against the Graveyard, sending cracks racing across its built-

in windows.

Graveyards were the ideal movement ships of the void battlefield. Only the remnant pieces of a world could produce long lasting cover in the depths of the void. As a result, all 'ships' were actually just modified asteroids from remnant worlds.

Shipwrights were a branch of weapon smiths who specialized in this craft. The skill of a shipwright could often make or break the life and death of millions.

Judging by how many strikes Agit Graveyard 455 had survived, it was clear that their shipwright had some skill. But whether the asteroid could survive to the end of the battle was still up in the air.

Dyon watched on silently, trying to get a gauge of the strength of this void beast. The more he observed, though, the fiercer his heart shook.

Was this really a living creature? How could it be so powerful?

It was taking on the assault of canons, warriors and experts that would be enough to obliterate hundreds of universes of the mortal plane with absolute ease, yet it was barely suffering any damage. Maynbe the most eerie part of the beast was that even when one of its thinner tentacles was cut off, or when a beam from a canon pierced its outer fog and shell to cause a rain of foul blood, it didn't make a single sound.

There were no screams of agony or roars of rage… The only sound that came from it were the slimy, grotesque movements of its boneless limbs.

'This is just a tier 3 one? What kind of monster is one at Tier 4? What about Tier 9?'

The issue wasn't just its power, but also its outrageous size. It was, without exaggeration, as large as a medium sized moon of the mortal plane. Every one of its tentacles stretched for hundred of kilometers, whipping about with insane forces behind it.

"Nevermind…" Saru muttered. "… No need to help them…"

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