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«Rebirth of the Nameless Immortal God (Web Novel) - Chapter 2203 Ghastly

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Chapter 2203 Ghastly

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However, disappointment aside, Dyon really looked forward to the day he could do so. He was eager to see just how much his power would increase.

"This yin wind had quite good corrosive properties, almost as potent as death of the same grade. Might be interesting to combine them" He mumbled to himself.

Dyon opened his eyes amid the now calm world core. His body was decomposed in several places, but the absorption of energy quickly healed him at a pace visible to the naked eye.

His body, despite its seemingly half dead state, was brimming with vitality and power. He was like the center of a sun or the core of a nuclear reactor, overflowing with untold energy and strength.

Soon, his body was back to its pinnacle condition, pulsing with a faint light. There was something about him that seemed beyond humanity, but it was difficult to explain in any sort of tangible way.

"You already finished?" Saru's voice drifted into Dyon's years.

"You could say that I'm a little bit of a genius." Dyon said with a grin.

Saru and Lilith looked at each other, shaking their heads while they giggled.

"Come, let's go."


The void battlefield was maybe exactly like one might expect deep space to be like. The only difference here was that instead of planets, there were what looked like snow globes, housing countless bubble worlds that could both be frequent and infrequent depending on where in the void battlefield you were.

The military bases of the void battlefield were housed on rock formations that looked no different from asteroids, floating around in irregular orbits that were impossible to predict without certain extraordinarily expensive tools. Of course, it was theoretically possible to complete the necessary calculations in one's mind, but it would require secrets these military bases kept very close to their hearts.

On the mortal plane, asteroids could be formed in all sorts of ways, but there was only one way they appeared on the Immortal Plane: the death of a bubble world.

Void surges were cataclysmic events. To put things into perspective, the actions of the Dark Phoenixes left an erasable blight on the mortal plane. However, a single void surge could eradicate one or in more severe cases, multiple star segments. Just one star segment was comparable to the original mortal plane in size!

This essentially meant that the immortal plane faced world ending events of that scale a few times a millennium.

Of course, not all of these void surges would end in the destruction of a star segment, but they would all leave devastating effects regardless of the ultimate outcome.

In the end, the destruction of a few bubble worlds was inevitable. These asteroids that floated around without rhyme or reason were the remnants of these bubble worlds, acting a graveyard of times passed. And maybe somewhat appropriately, they were titled as such rather than being known as military bases.

The location where Dyon, Saru and Lilith were approaching now was known as the Agit Graveyard and was controlled by the Agit Clan line of succession.

As described previously, the coalition army wasn't controlled by any one clan, sect or power. However these so-called Lines of Succession were what could represent the power of any one clan.

Depending on a power's influence, the number of lines of succession under their control and the number of 'roots' these lines of succession had could vary.

The Agit Clan controlled three lines of succession, each of which had 5 roots at a minimum and with its best controlling 7.

In layman's terms, this meant that they controlled a stream of military professionals capable of producing up to the 7th Tier General title, with its lesser two lines of succession being able to produce two 5th Tier Generals.

Lines of succession were completely independent from each other. So, this meant the Agit Clan could have 6 5th Tier Generals, 2 6th Tier and a 7th Tier all at once.

These lines of succession both acted as a reward for clans with outstanding achievements, but also acted as a cap so that no one clan could have too much power. Since each line of succession could work mostly independently, it was hard, in theory, for a more powerful line of succession to influence another. However, in practice it was another matter entirely… Nothing was perfect or incorruptible.

This aside, the Agit Clan was quite powerful being able to control so many lines of succession and even being allowed to raise a 7th Tier General. It should be noted that only Hegemon level powers could produce Tier 8 and 9 Generals!

Of course, there was still a massive gap between this Clan and existences of that level. A true Hegemon controlled at least 10 lines of succession, for one. And, secondly… the story behind how the Agit Clan managed to earn a Tier 7 line of succession was quite a dubious one…

That said, Dyon hadn't come here for any such reasons, he had only wanted to come and take a look and see what these void beasts he had been hearing about were like. After all, where there was danger, there was opportunity.

And as expected, the void surge was in its full, violent swing.

"Work faster you fools! You call yourselves immortals yet you can't even load a crystal energy canon properly?! Put your backs into it!"

A Tier 3 General roared at his subordinates, looking toward a looming beast with a hint of graveness in his eyes.

Void beasts came in all sorts of shapes and sizes. However, if they were to be described in a word, it would be: ghastly.

For lack of a better descriptor, the creature before the Agit Graveyard 455 was like a chaotic tentacle monster. Its center was a massive blob of black fog that would be almost indistinguishable from the void battlefield's darkness had it not been for the several stars in the distance. Its arms, countless in number, wiggled about seemingly aimlessly, but still managed to cause unending horror and destruction. As if this wasn't bad enough, its smell was particularly terrible. It was like a mixture of sulfur, sewage, and puss filled bacterial growths come together to form a stomach churning odor.

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