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«Rebirth of the Nameless Immortal God (Web Novel) - Chapter 2067 Subtle

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Chapter 2067 Subtle

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What he didn't know was that the Ancient Battlefield was Dyon's constitution world. They were all essentially tenants in his abode. How could it be as difficult for him to fly as it was for them? Not only was Dyon stronger within the Ancient Battlefield than he was on the mortal plane, he was especially strong in his wills.

Just as Dyon was about to soar over and enter the city walls, the very entourage he had been expecting this whole time finally appeared.

At the helm, there was a middle aged woman with a mature beauty to her. Her hair was a delicate light red, almost to the point of being pink but not quite. Her gown fluttered like wings to her back and her pupils shimmered with an intelligent and soft amber.

Much like the others, she had dragon-like scales just below her eyes and upon her cheeks. However, they were far thicker and brighter than that of the commander below. In addition, hers were the same gentle red color as her hair.

There was a small shock in her eyes when she saw just how high Dyon had flown, but it was covered by a thick veil of calmness. If it wasn't for Dyon's right eye, he would have completely missed this subtle difference.

Dyon gazed upon the middle-aged beauty with an indifferent expression. In truth, for her to look even the slightest bit aged with her level of strength, she had to have lived for several million years. To maintain such allure after so many years was truly a feat.

If Dyon was an unmarried man, the idea of being with such a mature beauty would be quite a temptation. Unfortunately, the current him didn't allow oxygen to such thoughts.

"It seems… I've grown old."

Elianora gazed upon Dyon's strength and indifference with a curious eye. She truly meant these words. She had never seen a youth on this level.

As a resident of the Ancient Battlefield, she could immediately tell that Dyon had the aura of an Invader. This meant that he was at most 1000 years old. Yet, he actually had the strength to stand with her in the skies, not to mention carry four beauties with him, without the slightest issue.

"I presume you are the 'higher ups' he referred to?" Dyon asked.

One of the elders behind Elianora frowned.

"Boy, even if you have some strength, haven't you understood the benefit of respecting your elders yet? In addition, our City has rules. Only those who can raise into the skies under their own strength are allowed to fly through the air."

"A single hair on the heads of my wives is worth more than anyone below. If you're asking them to lower themselves, I advise that you rethink your words."

Dyon's sharp eyes caused the elder's soul to tremble.

Elianora watched on with the curious light in her eye growing fiercer. It seemed she had no intention of interfering.

"Isn't it just flying through the air?" Madeleine said lightly.

Before the elder could sneer, feeling that he had been let off, there was a sudden change that caught them all off guard.

Madeleine's body was suddenly wrapped by a violet flame. The call of a phoenix shook the skies, elegant wings of purple adorning her delicate back.

As her body strengthened, so did the phoenix blood coursing through her veins. After all, the basis of normal body cultivation was found within the blood.

On top of this, though only three facet Overlords could soar through the skies with ease, was Madeleine not already no weaker than a two facet Overlord? Coupling that with the legacy of an emperor of skies and the result was easy to guess…

Ri smiled lightly, seemingly finding this change to be interesting. Without hesitation, she stepped out from Dyon's gentle whirlpool of wind qi, flying through the air with absolute ease. While Madeleine was a two facet Overlord, Ri had already stepped into the third. From the very beginning, this wasn't a massive issue to her.

"Damn, I was having a leisurely ride to now. Why do I have to start putting in some effort because some dogs can't shut their mouths…" Clara mumbled this under her breath, but who here wasn't a high-level cultivator? Her words made the elder's face no different from a liver.

A raging wind erupted from her body. Suddenly, she weighed no heavier than a feather. She swayed in the air as though she commanded it as she pleased. Clara had an even easier time standing in the air than even Ri did.

Amphorae indifferently watched this scene and hadn't planned on taking action at all. But watching on as these elders immediately turned their stunned gazes toward her, she could only sigh.

In that moment, a sharp aura of slaughter enveloped the outer city. A state of panic immediately ensued, it was as though purgatory had descended upon them.

A blood red light swept through the surrounded, completely enveloping Amphorae in a cocoon of crimson.

Slowly, this cocoon unfurled, revealing six pairs of blood red wings. A single gentle slap sent baleful winds in every direction, stifling the air with a bloody scent and oppression.

The more the elder watched on, the paler he became. Of all the things he thought would happen after he said those words, let alone this being the last thing he thought of, he hadn't thought of this possibility at all!

One young man capable of flying through the air on his own was devastating enough… But for there to be four others, just as young, capable to this level… It was too much!

Suddenly, Dyon's words of his wives being worth far more than those who were below echoed in their ears once more. In the martial world, strength ruled above all. Even when they learned of science here, strength still prevailed above everything!

The elder gulped, unable to meet Dyon's gaze.

"It can't be that our Mist Clan produced five such geniuses even after so many years… can it?" Elianora's gaze flashed, her eyes sparking with a far more intense light.

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