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«Rebirth of the Nameless Immortal God (Web Novel) - Chapter 2068 Why

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Chapter 2068 Why

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It simply didn't make any sense. By all rights, their current Mist Clan could sweep through the whole Ancient Battlefield barring that singular Clan. Though that Clan seemed even with the others on the surface… even they didn't dare to underestimate them.

However, even they didn't have a single genius on the level of these five. How was that possible?

Her first instinct was to think that these were spies. But… Any Clan these five came from should be far more powerful than them, right? How could they care about them?

She could have never guessed that Dyon built his own Clan from the ground up.

"Why not?" Dyon asked.

"I think you know the answer to that question even better than I do." Elianora said with a smile.

"Then I guess the real question is whether or not you really care about the answer to that question."

"Oh? And why wouldn't I care exactly?"

"Simple, really. Our Mist Clan has waited so long for this exact opportunity, yet we know so little about it. Do you really expect me to believe that my ancestors waited trillions of years just so that I could give you a progress report of the outside world?"

Of course Dyon wouldn't say this, but the true reason he was so skeptical about all of this was because he knew what happened in the future. Not only did Jade not mention this underground world even once, she didn't even have the faintest mention of the Mist Clan either. Both fizzled out as if their goal never had anything to do with the mortal plane in the first place.

The problem was that anyone on the Ancient Battlefield, especially ones as powerful as this Mist Clan, would never miss out on this opportunity.

Just for a casual meeting with Dyon, they had brought out not only a three facet Overlord, but three two facet Overlords! Who used such an entourage for an escort party? Yet, Dyon was supposed to believe that such a powerful Clan simply gave up on the idea of ever returning to the mortal plane? That was ridiculous.

"Is information not the most important factor in who wins and who loses a war? Why wouldn't we invest so much into it?"

"If you understand it's so important, then why are you keeping it from me exactly?"

"Isn't it exactly because it's important that I would keep it from you?"

"Maybe if I was an outsider…" Dyon's gaze flashed with a faint sinister light. "… Could it be that you're treating our branch Clan as an outsider Clan?"

Elianora's playful appearance turned serious toward Dyon's accusation.

Maybe in the past, the Mist Clan didn't have the right to say such words before her, but considering the strength these five had, she didn't have the confidence in saying so anymore.

"… Let's speak on such things in the future. For now, welcome to our underwater City. We've never given it a name because we don't want you to think of this as a home. This is nothing more than a stepping stone!"

Elianora's forceful tone caught Dyon off guard by a bit, but he still followed her.

The sight of a group flying over the city was a rare occurrence for even the people of this underwater city, so it wasn't a surprise many pointed and stared. Though, the bloodthirsty aura given off by Amphorae caused many to do so while shivering.

Soon, Elianora had led them to a grand palace, albeit one of only two stories. Still, what it lacked in height was more than made up for in grandeur and width. It had a grand soft edge structure that was both pleasing to the eye and architecturally sound.

Not long later, Dyon and his wives were placed into a luxurious room.

The square footage along was much larger than even six homes spliced together. It was bathed in warm colors of blue, violet and green, giving one a comfortable feeling.

"Is it really supposed to be so easy?" Ri's flopped onto the massive bed and asked curiously.

"Maybe they just don't care." Dyon said thoughtfully, looking out of the window.

"If they really didn't care, why invest so much over trillions of years? If it was only about having someone from the outside, they could have snatched up any one of the invaders that entered this time." Ri responded.

"Maybe… Unless they already expected this Era to be exceptionally weak…"

"You mean they expected our Era to be weak and wanted to raise up their own representative to use as a result? How could they be so sure of such a thing? And even if they were… Is Valen really so powerful?"

Dyon's gaze flashed with a murderous light.

After learning about the possible deeds of the World Tree, he had begun to take in everything with a skeptical eye.

The dwarves had said that only the foremost race of an Era was able to know of this secret, but was this really the case? How could such a secret be perfectly kept?

On top of this, even if lower level Clans wouldn't know, just how powerful was the Mist Clan? They were capable of guaranteeing the survival of a branch Clan of theirs throughout who knows how many generations?

Even if they weren't a pinnacle race… Were they far from it? Who's to say in that case that they weren't the next most likely to know such a secret?

If they were aware, they could most definitely plan for such a future… And in that case, if they knew what was happening to the mortal plane, why would they be interested in returning to it? Why would they ever care to step foot upon a dying plane?

If Dyon were them and knew of such a secret… Wouldn't he do everything he could to bring him and his people as far away as possible?

"As for your first question… I'm not really sure." Dyon said honestly before giving his wife a teasing grin. "Looks like my little wife has gotten incredibly spoiled. Valen may be weak to us, but in regards to the normal standards of the mortal plane, was he?"

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