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«Rebirth of the Nameless Immortal God (Web Novel) - Chapter 2066 Purpose

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Chapter 2066 Purpose

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As the warriors were jeering, one of them stepped forward. There was no doubt that he was the undisputed leader, because the moment he took action, no one dared to speak anymore.

Dyon, though, hardly paid attention to such things. Instead, he was lost in his own train of thought.

Who said that the mortals were the only ones who could make advancements in science? He had always neglected the possibility because of the special circumstances his ancestors were under…

In a world of cultivation, what was the point of science? Though Dyon didn't prescribe to such thoughts, this was a reality he saw being played out everyday. There was no point in delving into this unconventional path, especially since the rewards were so little in the beginning, if one could progress through cultivation.

However… There was something else he hadn't thought of until now.

What if you could progress in cultivation any longer? What if you knew you had reached the absolute extremities of what cultivation could provide to you? What if you lived in a place where you knew it was impossible to transcend or take another step forward in cultivation… A place where the absolute limit was the Overlord Realm…?

Would you start caring about science then…?

'… How interesting…' Dyon's lips curled into a smile.

"State your name and purpose." The commander of the squadron of blue armored warriors finally spoke.

His steely blue eyes seemed to try and bore into Dyon's soul. On his cheeks, just below his eyes, there were scales the shimmered a beautiful bluish green. In fact, now that Dyon looked, all of the warriors had this feature. Maybe this was the 'adult patterns' that guy referred to…

"My name and purpose?" Dyon tilted his head slightly. "Who are you exactly? Is your clearance high enough to know of my purpose?"

The commander's gaze narrowed.

His eyes shifted from Dyon to his four wives behind him, then back to Dyon. They truly didn't look nervous about being here.

Did something go wrong? Their branch Clan on the surface shouldn't dare to betray them. On top of that, they should even have a bit of fear toward them. After all, they were their ticket to rising up in the world.

After trillions of years, what level of deterioration had they faced? Or rather, should they have faced? The fact they could survive now could only be due to measures provided by the main clan.

On top of that, how could there not be contingency plans put in place just in case they decided to rebel? Any fool would be able to understand that no plan taking over so long would be without such a thing. Yet, he still dared to act so brazenly?

If the commander was stunned, much less needed to be said about his subordinates.

Their formerly playful demeanors turned to frowns. It was only then they realized something that had made their own commander apprehensive.

Why was it that four supreme beauties had been standing right there… yet they seemed to only be able to see Dyon? As though their instincts were screaming at them to not focus on anything else but him…?

Dyon's gaze swept around the general area once more. Seeing that there was nothing left to analyze, he took a step forward.

"Let's go, we may see something interesting."

Dyon smiled, the gentle curve of his lips seemingly dissipating all of the pressure that had been building up in the room. The only problem was that this smile wasn't for them, but rather, for his wives behind him.

The commander was startled awake by Dyon's sudden movement.

"Please wait. The appropriate authorities have been contacted already. They should be on their way now."

"A pity." Dyon said blandly. "I don't feel like waiting. I believe that they should have known that I would be arriving long ago, yet they still haven't. If I continue to wait for them, doesn't that mean that I've accepted that they look down on me?"

"This…" The commander suddenly felt uncomfortable.

He had been supremely confident just moments ago, but this boy seemed to have taken control of the situation in an instant.

Dyon continued to walk forward, passing by the commander without much thought and directly out toward the city beyond. It wasn't long before his eyes landed upon exactly what he had seen before. However, the great city was obstructed by a high city wall, cutting the barren wasteland they stood in from their civilization.

Clara sighed. "Why do you insist on angering everyone you come across?"

Dyon laughed. "Who asked them to look down on me?"

"They weren't looking down on you, they were looking down on Valen." Clara rolled her eyes.

Dyon only grinned, pretending not to know the difference.

Since he was here in Valen's place, he might as well fight for some of their dignity back. Weren't they a Clan of his Kingdom? Infringing on the dignity of his Mortal Empire was a big no. Until he personally kicked them out, they couldn't leave even if they wanted to. For now, their face was his face as well.

Dyon lifted up into the air, completely oblivious to the shocked gazes of the warriors who had rushed after him.


The warriors suddenly felt a cold sweat pour down from their backs.

Flying on the mortal plane required the strength of an Essence Gatherer… On the Ancient Battlefield, the requirements were so stringent that only Higher Existences had the stamina necessary to sustain it… But in this place… Only Overlords could barely lift an inch off the ground! Yet Dyon was already several dozen meters in the air!

Suddenly Dyon paused, he looked back, a sweeping wind qi surging from his body as he brought his wives along.

To be able to lift so high into the air… Only three facet Overlords could do so!

'This is impossible… Impossible! He was definitely only a Dao Expert!'

When he saw how easily Dyon raised his wives into the air, the commander almost passed out.

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